24toDouble Live Q&A

Episode 12: April 2016 Member Q&A


This month we struggled a bit with some technical difficulties, but we got through it to discuss:

  • How to bridge the gap between Easter and summer
  • How to handle staffing for Children's Ministry when everyone wants to be in the main service
  • How, as a pastor, to stay connected with the team leaders
  • How to get new people involved in 24toDouble
  • What to do with people who have gift tested, but you aren't at that module yet
  • How to keep people who aren't your target audience happy at your church
  • Cultural adaptations
  • When to solidify a vision
  • How to do the training videos and if you need to do them as a group or not
  • Thom Rainer and Eric Geiger – Simple Church 
  • How to get your members/volunteers motivated
  • How to get visitors to submit their Connect Cards
  • How to get visitors to return after the Pastor's Breakfast
  • Outsourcing to freelancers – Upwork


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