24toDouble Members Live Q&A – October 2017

24toDouble Members Questions asked:

  • We’re in year 2, how do you keep things exciting and keep the leaders engaged?
  • If someone is not in the right position, how do you remove the members without causing a fallout or issues?
  • We aren’t launching immediately.  What do we do in the meantime?


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[00:00:02] Well hey this is Richard what 7:36 Number one I've got my partner and Pastor Jerry Lawson on the line with me if this is your first time with us. I want to tell you two things. Number one welcome. We're glad that you are here we're glad that you are in 2040 and you're getting ready to start something in your church. The second thing I want to tell you is to ask your question that works just like a radio show. You hit star six on your phone and you'll get prompts as to what to do and when it's your turn to talk you hear a little prompt that says something to the effect of ask your question or that kind of thing and then we'll be ready to go. So the key was open now you go ahead and hit store six and get that. We've got a couple of people already. But before we got here and Jerry and I were talking about just before this you know what he does in preparation for sermons. And we were talking about his year out plan and then his quarterly plan. So first of all Gary thanks for being with us today. And then why don't you dive in and just kind of talk about what your strategy is to make sure you're ready for the upcoming year and that you don't get behind instrument planning.

[00:01:07] Hey Absolutely Richard. Thanks for hosting this call for 24toDouble Members and thanks to all the pastors and staff members that are on board with us right now. I just finished my message for the weekend. I'm excited about that. I know a lot of you guys have already taken down your notes. You still have that on your agenda. It always feels good when that's finished. But let me talk a little bit about this time this time of year is actually a wonderful time to plan your entire calendar and I'm going to get two things really quickly. And anyone who wants follow up questions I can can get jump in the queue and we'll talk about that.

[00:01:45] But just real quickly. You ought to plan your entire calendar not just your sermon calendar right now. And by that I mean to go away and get to a coffee shop go out of town do something that kind of breaks don't do it in your office do something that kind of makes your brain reboot and think clearly. You go out great time to go outside too cold where you are and start planning your entire year. And I think you should be should schedule your priorities first. If you would list your prior priorities I think your list got first you'd put your your wife and your kids like to a B and then you would put Of course your church or ministry you're calling. I think your calendar should reflect that. So right now go in and look at what's different in your flow of life what your responsibilities are and scheduling your time with God. I mean Daily Times as well as a quarterly day where you just take off and you spend time in the word prayer. Maybe an annual prayer retreat. I try to have a weekly prayer walk that is extended. Robert Moore truly helped me understand this when he told me once that you know God has an intimate relationship and so many of your relationships. Your and only really other truly intimate relationship is with you or your wife. And you know even though you're very close to her on a daily basis you're intimate with her on regular occasions and you should look at your prayer life like that. Stay close to God. Read His Word daily talk to him daily.

[00:03:24] But schedule intimate moments there may be spontaneous moments that happen but intimate moments where you know for me every Monday morning I'm going on a prayer walk my schedule into my time with God. So all of that and for the entire year. Secondly put your vacations your family time your wife I have a day of the week that I say is less sleep time my wife's time on Friday. So so put that in as well. And then lastly you want to schedule your church or ministry events. And so what I do is I work on my sermon calendar I got ideas obviously I know what I'm preaching Sunday I know what I'm preaching to the rest of this year. You know I've got several sermon series loosely placed on next year's calendar. But then I meet with the team and I've done this since before I had any staff I would meet with volunteers and let them help me craft sermon ideas you know this is what I want to preach on. How does this sound a little more trendy.

[00:04:25] I'm going to bring in positive illustrations that would make this land to my target audience my target audience is you know 18 to 35. And so I want 80 to 30 mostly 35 year olds in those meetings with me.

[00:04:41] And when I tell them what I want to pretend you know honestly it sounds like you know a title that might fit for middle age guy. And they changed the title. They changed the illustrations. I hold on to the content the passion that I want to present. And so this is a great time to work on that. I lay out the whole year at this time of year just kind of roughly but being quarterly we get together and we examine the next quarter so that we get really good details on what the next corner isn't going to like it really takes a lot of pressure off of you as a pastor and it invites others into your circle if you want them to help you and you're not trying to dig up some illustration on Saturday night but you given them time to help you feel have freedom to move things around us to have freedom to be spontaneous. But by getting out in front of it I give them my team members some are volunteers from our staff at this point but I give them time to go help me. And they feel more engaged they feel like they would contribute to the message and it makes my message easier and better. So great time for that to go on. Richard Yeah that's awesome.

[00:05:49] Hey one thing elsewhat on top of that just a tool and maybe I'm different than other 24toDouble members on the call because I'm the only non passer on here. But when I go through seasons where I'm struggling of making time for my quiet time I have to really get engaged and I use an app called your chain Y O U R chain and it's basically really simple app I just mark on there the days in a row that I've done something so I can like right now I just looked at it I've done a quiet time 88 days in a row and once you start kind of getting some momentum behind that chain it makes it hard to break the chain. It's a psychological technique I use it for a few things in my life that I want to keep track of. But my quiet time is definitely one of them because I don't know if you're this way. But for me I consider my quiet time or time and it's because of the parable of the Soward that seed Sonal fertile soil will produce 30 60 or 100 times what was sown in my mind there's nothing else I'm going to do today that's going to produce those kind of result. So my time with the Lord focusing on what he's put me here to do is is critical to the work that you and our do and with 24 to double and beyond. So that's a huge deal. So and every answers. Go ahead.

[00:07:06] I could jump in and say that something that was a big wakening for me and even you saying it now it just reminded me I always felt like I had to do my reading any kind of leadership books inspirational books Bible any kind of reading. And my prayer time early morning or late in the afternoon and reserve that sort of 8 to 5 as work and I was talking on the phone with the coach a couple of years ago and he said essentially what you just said Richard that you know this is who you are.

[00:07:36] This is the job you do. So it's that time. And so what I found was I do a better job of it. I'm more likely to engage with. I put it on my calendar and it's not always like 5:00 a.m. You know it's sometimes right in the middle of the day and I just gave myself permission that that's a part of my work life and that's a great example. I'm glad you brought that up.

[00:07:59] Yeah. I mean yesterday I had a meeting at 6:30 yesterday morning. So when I got up and by the time I got go and I just couldn't I got up early enough to do my quiet time but I could not get in the rhythm of it. But when I got back to the office about 9:00 I just sat down and I did my quiet time and I read and you know not to go out but when I struggle with my quiet time all I do is I get the Bible out and I start transcribing Scripture until God starts speaking and that I mean just as simply as I can put it that seems to work for me everything's different for different people. So we've got a question in the Q and A and again if you came on late which quite a few of you did Star 6 will get you in the queue. Let's go ahead and answer. I think this is John era. Morning

[00:08:42] guys. Good afternoon. Man.

[00:08:45] Jump on here from newcomer Casto and you're going to hear from me again like the fateful things though go on from there. But my super question we're in a second here guys and our meetings we have monthly the excitement on that kind. Not the most exciting because most of it's more textbook kind of thing. We have developed all the teams already and now a lot of people that are in the monthly meeting for the first year or so most of my workers are not the leaders. My question is do we as leaders come in the second year where they can in turn can model and then teach these things to their teams. So the leaders can then spot maybe the potential leaders in their teams and invite them to their monthly meetings 14:24 and expose them to the whole program or whatever and to help develop future leaders. So what did you do in your church after you went through so many things and then you get new people coming into the church that might be the potential or the development of the leaders. That's one question.

[00:10:04] OK John thanks for that question and congratulations on being this fall in the process. You don't get there without some hard work and determination and prayer. So I'm glad you're still on board. It's great to talk to you again. And yes your instinct I think your instincts are right on about keeping those leaders engaged because there there is there's something contagious about you know you can get the right people in leadership to get your leaders who the people who are passionate and they're very positive in their body and to the beat and then you absolutely need to create that positive momentum. You know if you think about it it's the same way if you have a church service and you're preaching and you know you kind of give that that really positive flow. You might be vocal Guinea Amen's or you know clapping when you make a great point or whatever. But that always comes from your body and people that comes from your leaders. And that same energy needs to be at a double training sessions so I would absolutely engage them keep them keep them in the know of what we're trying to do what we're trying to do. Concreate make sure they know what the challenges are and when you know they feel like they're really on the inside and they have your heart because when they do you still have monthly meetings with just your leaders.

[00:11:32] Then you have some way and they transmit the information down to the work or the pencils or how do we be beyond the initial stages Yeah we do we have we have monthly meetings with the with the other teams you know the administrators and we share with them you know what the vision is you know who do we where we're going right now. You know and it is so so important that you continue to cast vision.

[00:12:07] You talk about it all the time because vision leaks you feel someone with vision you are so sure they're on board they caught your heart and then they go to work and then they have stuff and then they miss church a couple of weeks and then they just they forget what you know they're not always call with you right now so they're doing something else. So recast vision with them to know tell them why not the plot. Don't don't talk a whole lot about what we're going to do. Here's why we're going to do it and challenge them to pass it on to their team when they meet with their members. That's the part that I think pastors overlook.

[00:12:41] I did for many years still have to remind myself of it is that the first time I cast vision or something you know they're bought into it they're excited about it and I just assume that's checked off that you know I've got them but I've got to I've got to do it again and again and again and again because these leaks and get a past me. And so yeah just just be very very aware of that that you want to push these and bring them to for the rest of the team.

[00:13:08] And one more question quick I'm sorry. How do you as far as people that are in a position of leadership if they're not in their right position and they're really good people and they've been with you they just happen not to be the right first steps you do to either remove or laterally individuals so that you don't cause a fall out or problems of that nature. And so what kind of ideas are you having.

[00:13:38] Yeah John that's a that's always a good question from 24toDouble members. And let me just say this that what that is is running to the top. You know you're running to the problem because you're the solution of the problem. I believe the great leaders run to the problem poor leaders run from the problem.

[00:13:56] I have a close friend who did a Ph.D. in church leadership and his research he had to do the research for 100 pastors on their conflict resolution style and the number one style for pastors in his research was conflict avoidance. And I think that's why pastors and organizations have such a hard time gaining momentum is because you don't run to the problem. So a couple of things I'd do and I still do it to this day I mean even full time paid staff. I have to redirect them. So I do a lot of trial types especially in these volunteers your placing.

[00:14:33] I like to say hey we're in a new place. This is a new season. Jump in here for a while listeners do try we even talked about that in the training. You'll hear us ask people to do something for a year only and then I'd like to accentuate the positive with them. You know I'm recently talking to a staff member and I'm talking about how you had a hard time initiating change but he's really good at transitioning teams that are already developed and so I try to emphasize that for him. I think you're really strong in this area. This is a place I think you could really help us in even more in the areas that you've done. Thanks for your commitment here. Clicheed the effort that you brought I think you could even be more effective in this area. And so it's really important to tell them the why the why that relates to them you know not only the why of what we're trying to accomplish but the why of why we need you and this other this other place. And sometimes those go super well and people are very firm because you handle it well. Sometimes they want to dig their heels in but I think you have to go into it as a leader with you know non-negotiable attitude.

[00:15:40] We have to get the best product out here. We can't hold back the mission of this whole church for one or two people that are in the wrong. CC We want you on the bus using the wrong seat on our bus.

[00:15:53] Thank you very much guys. Appreciate it.

[00:15:57] Hate star six on your phone if you want to get in and ask a question we don't have anybody else in the queue right now. Somebody was in but dropped out let me say one more thing too about that. You guys are in a unique position in the organizations that you're leading because a lot of times people come to church and say they get in a role that has some significance to it. And they begin to develop an identity around that role. The only reason that somebody would want to be in a role that they're not good at is because of the other things that come along with the identity. So I think there's this identity versus calling thing that's present with a lot of people. They don't want to give up the role they know they're not good at because of the accolades or the exposure that comes along with it. Do you see that. I mean does that make sense.

[00:16:43] Yeah it is.

[00:16:44] I mean you'll never get away from that first reaction that everyone has to change whatever change is happening in your life or whatever change you propose to someone. Their first response is going to be what about me that is not selfish. Well it's selfish but it is not personally selfish. It's a part of the human condition. Human beings see things through the lens of what about me. And so I think you have to approach it that way. You do have to make it about them. You know I was most of you guys know I'm from Alabama and I was at a fundraiser with Nick Saban the Alabama football coach and people were talking about you know there's no i in team. He said there's no i in team but there's a one in win. And right there in the middle. And he said and what I've learned is that you don't make the team you don't make the team effort and the winning of the individual. You can't get the most out of that individual. Yeah it's about the team Yeah you want everybody to serve. But every person sees life through. How does this affect me. And so we have to go into it knowing that we have to talk to them about what they want to see ask questions. What were you trying to accomplish work and here's how you can best fit in your part really matters and I don't think we'll ever get away from that because that's that's kind of the human condition this side of eternity.

[00:18:07] Yeah.

[00:18:07] And in John's case the U.S. is there an opportunity for John to maybe leverage the gifts and passions past the circle back with that person and have them take it again and just and then have a discussion with him about it. Do you think that that will last for years.

[00:18:22] Well you know now we recommend in the training that you do that every year because of a number of things. First of all while your gifts and your talents from God are without repentance he didn't change his mind about that call and face the same for you at the same time. I feel like they kind of roll over. You know you might be really strong in the administration a little bit weaker but still strong and teaching or whatever. And a different season of your life. You know you may roll around to really having a passion in your gift test proves it in teaching rather than add meaning. So that's one good reason the other reason is that people often don't take the test Well they don't you know I like to say that the speech will get passed and you don't win. You can't fail but actually you can because if you take this path and you're trying to answer it the way you think people want you to answer it which is what a lot of people do.

[00:19:16] That's why I try not to personally ministry because if I get the pastor handed to you the whole time you're filling it out it seems like he's looking over your shoulder. And so you're going to answer the most spiritual answer you think you can answer rather than being honest. So for that reason also I want people to regularly take that at anytime I get someone that comes back with a well rounded school. You know we have that spider graph in the upper right corner of the group to get the test results. They think that things should look like you know like in a weird contorted start date you know just much at weird point. It kind of looks like a circle because that person answered almost the high and almost everything or medium and almost everything that they didn't answer that well we try to tell them. Answer 1 or 4 if you can only use two or three if you have to try to get your most honest and most extreme answers to get the most accurate results in both a lot of time people get that wrong too.

[00:20:19] Yeah and let me just say this to any 24toDouble members before anybody emails in and asks about the spider graph that was on the old Excel document it was. We weren't able to incorporate that in the online version of it. Hey let's we got another question here. I think this is Adrian Davis.

[00:20:34] So Adrian how are you.

[00:20:39] I'm good.

[00:20:43] Hey we can't hear you very well Adrian if you're away from the mike you might need to get a little closer.

[00:20:48] OK. Can you hear me now.

[00:20:50] Oh man. Yes like you're sitting next to me.

[00:20:52] I'll catch up. Adrian Davis was living water and Sylva North Carolina. And we have just recently signed up for the 24 to double. And so a couple things. Number one we're heavily considering waiting to officially initiate the program. First as a gear just because of the holidays. And and you know and things of that nature. So one get feedback on that. First of all and and if that is the right thing to do. What can we do up to that point.

[00:21:33] Get that welcome aboard agented you say Selma.

[00:21:37] Caroline Silva. Silva North Carolina. OK.

[00:21:41] You have heard of say that. Yes. So that's probably a good idea. Adrian maybe we could push it back.

[00:21:49] You're you're kind of in that if the spot if we were if we could launch it at the beginning of October I'd probably tell you to go ahead but you're just at that spot where it might do well to hold back.

[00:22:03] But in the meantime I would you know I would go ahead and sign up. Are you trying to get ahead. You go ahead and be training yourself watching listening to the trainings and you sort of get yourself indoctrinated. And I would just start preaching some of the same stuff you listen to my teaching on there. There's actually a lot of stuff you preach and little little nuggets little pointers about the state of the church in America and the need for change and how important it is to to have a strong compelling vision and why we are who we are. So I would say that you could take a couple of months incorporate some of the teaching into your own teaching that you write those sermons and also let it be a prayer point for you because when to kick right often in month one with the big time vision questions you know who are we. You know why. Why does living water what is fill that need living water is church. And what if this church went away. What do we do.

[00:23:08] Well you know I point out to 24toDouble members in the teaching that your personal gift and passion has got to be at the heart of the whole mission of the church because you were the leader of the Senate appointed leader. So that's a good that gives you some good time and if you have a few people that are just really really close to maybe elder crusties or somebody on staff or whatever.

[00:23:30] Just really really close to you you might hear some of that teaching with them please let them you know put them in and say hey I want you to be ahead of the curve when we start this and have a few discussions in advance before things kick off in January. Hancock.

[00:23:47] Yeah and I would tell you this to Adrian we we get the question two questions a lot in the first three months of 2014 is customer service part of that. Number one is how do I go faster. And then and then about two months and they go hey I don't have to get this done in 24 months. Do I mean like if we're a little bit behind so it's going to feel like you want to go in really fast in the beginning and then you're going to realize there's you know there's a lot of meat in there and a lot of practical activities that you've got to be able to participate in. And you know Gerri I always tell people hate pace yourself. The point is not to get the 24 to double in two years. The point is to reach people who are far from God but right outside the doors of your church. So I would say exactly what Jerry said you know do the work starts spinning the flywheel or getting the ducks will and the water. And then be ready to jump in. I agree. I mean not the beginning of the year beginning of the year the beginning of the school year. Those are great times to really dive in because people get more excited about evangelism those times a year.

[00:24:51] OK sounds good. We've already signed up. And so it was just a matter of you know where are we. Are we going to be productive in trying to kick it off a fish way and you know I've already started going through some of the material things of that nature didn't know if there was any activity that we are involved with leaders and you know leading up to January.

[00:25:20] Yeah. You know nothing other than what I just said and how I think that education is so important it's so valuable and you know I went to Bible college in two seminaries not the education that I received this training 24 the devil was more beneficial to me than anything I got in bible college and so to Richard's point about you know finishing it in 24 months even if you don't get everything done all that to do is in 24 months you can get the education in. You can listen to learn pray share it with other people. And so that's where everybody is listening right now. You know stay motivated to learn even if there something in your way you can't quite implement everything on the pace that we that we share it out and I think I think you'll see that also even though you guys haven't got started yet you'll see that as you get into it it's kind of a quick pace even though it is stressed out over over two years.

[00:26:25] Time fresh. I'd like to start again at again at six if you want to get in the queue.

[00:26:31] The queue is now empty This is one of those rare occasions where we don't have as many people today so if you've got questions I guarantee other people have them too. And we'll be sending this reply out when we're done for all of the pastors that can't make it with us at 2 o'clock on a a Thursday afternoon or one o'clock here in central Finner time.

[00:26:52] Yeah go ahead. I mean talk about this a while we're waiting to cue the question. This is also a wonderful time of year to catch the vision for big goals next year and to do what I'm trying to do.

[00:27:08] They and what I encourage you to do is I want to beat out a clause for that generosity. OK so people are going to buy all kind. I don't know how to say it but it's just crap. They're going to buy all kinds of crap that they don't need that no one else needs and they're going to give it to someone else. And we call that the Lord's birthday. I want to be ahead of that and give people a reason to give. And so I'm casting vision you know in the month of November I'll have dozens and dozens of people in my home that I can cast vision probably over 100 in my home. He was I can cast vision and hey this is what we want to do. He's our vision if you guys could imagine sort of a bar graph there here's our vision and that bar reaches all the way to the top of the page. That bar goes all the way up and it's got a dollar figure to it. And here's the amount of budget we have to reach that vision and that you know maybe that goes 25 percent of the way up the page. And then I call that the remaining 75 percent division gap and I say guys we together. I'm a giver you're a giver. We together will have to close the gap if we're to reach the harvest.

[00:28:24] And so I start talking that way this time of year not only with our staff and the elders of our church people who should be the most bought and then I get key leaders key givers in my house and I'll have multiple nights for the month of November to run them all through here and cast that vision and then I'm pushing that all toward Vision's Monday we're in November November 12th we will have vision Sunday and we'll say hey this is our vision for 2018. And you know the we've got vision that reaches to the moon but we will get off the ground until you give in so our vision moves at the pace of your generosity. And so will cast a clear and compelling vision for big time giving and we'll have that first kick off giving Sunday the next Sunday after vision Sunday. That would be the 19th. And we asked people to make a big sacrificial gift thanks to God for you know most of what we'll be casting vision will be like human trafficking missions orphanages things like that. And basically what I'm able to say in the month of Thanksgiving is you know what probably none of you here are in human trafficking. None of you here are orphans without a parent. Let's give thanks to God by reaching out to those who are in those conditions. Let's have a big Thanksgiving offering. And so then you know we will at least once a month remind people throughout the Empire 20 18 and recast vision and ask people to continue their giving. So again this is the time of year to be planning all of us.

[00:30:10] If I get really excited because it's about you and when I you know I get the casket and wonder you know like I wonder and wonder into my life.

[00:30:23] Yeah. Now now we have quite a few 24toDouble members in the queue and I don't know what you said right there that made me look the stats up all you're talking but I think this is important to know Pastor did you know that 64 percent of the people in the United States have a problem account with Amadan over 50 percent of people in America have a Netflix account. Here's why I think that's important to you. These people are spending money online to do things that aren't nearly as productive as the things that you're trying to do in your church. And I think understand those I mean like you could do sermon series with both of those titles prime or networks and you could talk about how people are spending their time and their money in it how to change it because I bet that 64 percent of the people in your churches are not given anything. I'll bet you don't have 64 percent of people in your church that are giving regularly and and Amazon getting them. Another interesting fact is you know 40 percent of 22 percent of everything that's sold online is sold through Amazon. It's crazy. I mean it's taken over I don't know what that has to do with the content of what we're talking about here. But I'm just telling you people the dynamic in the culture has changed and you definitely can engage people with a bigger vision than what the world is putting out there that's for sure. OK let's let's jump in to some of these questions. If you just got prompted in your number is 7 5 7 you're all right.

[00:31:48] Hello my name is John Moore pastor in Suffolk Virginia. And we are church really just started pointing devil. This coming Sunday at the service will be doing a module one and I've just started. I just got the book Simple church and I have a small congregation so on Tuesday night and I'm in chapter one of several church and I was wondering how to get more of the leaders involved the ones who have the gifts to teach. If I said get each one of them to take a chapter and maybe teach poems from a chapter on one chapter on Bible study night to get them more engaged and involved and excited about a simple church does that make sense to do or do I just need it.

[00:32:40] Yeah it really does John. And welcome aboard as a new 24toDouble member. Now I'm excited for you guys getting kicked off. So yeah I think it does engage people when obviously when you've got a piece something you're going to learn better. The only place I would caution you is to make sure you because you're the primary communicator and you're the guy who's going to be probably the most gifted one in the room. You make sure that you're ready to teach it. And so whatever they do you're able to step up the side behind that and you know bring it home with vision and energy because you know why you want to engage other people let them serve and help. They may not be as capable of communicating as you are. So I would tend to sort of take my bet a little bit. I'm a I'm going to use you to do this but I'm going to be ready and I'm going to make sure it's a slam dunk at the end of it at the end of your teaching. So you just stay engaged and make sure as well that you make sense.

[00:33:45] Thank you. Yeah. And with us. All right let's move on now we got a full queue. I think this was robot Robinson.

[00:33:55] Hello. Good afternoon.

[00:33:56] My name is RONAN ROBINSON. They rely on that.

[00:34:02] Yes. Well we we have started a program here. I actually just saw it maybe about a week ago and you know we've just been browsing through and looking at the information that we signed up for the trial. But the question that I would like to X is our ministry is very small and it has been very stagnant. We pretty much started about eight years ago at this current time we have had these 20 at least 20 members that are faithful. Now the spot where we are right now we are actually moving from there in December. And the cause is very small and it doesn't have adequate space for families and children and so on and so that's where we are going to be able to provide that type of space for us. How would you go about as far as trying to get a renewed sense into ministry in the heart of the people. How would you go about starting off in December so that you can start off at a high point and to continue or continue that going. So that we can be more effective.

[00:35:19] OK. Real humble that's an exciting opportunity. You know in time you can relocate is a great just a great opportunity to remind people of who we are and why and what we do matters. And I don't know if you had a chance yet to look into the vision module but I have.

[00:35:42] OK so in that one you're going to hear. You're going to hear very clearly where I talk about the why. And you've got to answer those questions. You know why does our church need to be here. You know there there are many many answers to that question in terms of why a church needs to be here. And that's where you start. You know that Christianity is failing in America. I decided it's hard to leave those words to come off my lips. But the facts are that by the year 2050 only one out of 10 people will even attend church in person or online. That's a terrible indictment. And you know our ethics them just turn on the news you will see why we need a church which you need to add to that why we need this church and why this and this community and let your teaching be about the why. There's a lot of what I was going to get over here we did invite our friends. We're going to do some new marketing. Let the community know that we're here. That's that's very good. But talk a lot about why you do that first cast vision talk about you know what God put in your heart the the promises he's made to you in terms of changing the community blessing families then then at that real. Then the meetings come where you decide how do we best make ourselves known in this community. And I'll just go and tell you the cheapest way because you can send them out mailers and they cost you know $20000.

[00:37:08] But the cheapest way to get known in this community is engage everybody in your church to do serve projects just you know I'm speaking at two high school football teams next week has already spoken several weeks. And the reason we get to do that is we serve them you know really serve them food and you know we go to Chick-Fil-A Chick-Fil-A gives it to us at half price we pay the other half. We feed that team and we gone in and cleaned up some of the schools with playing that nursing home. We've cleaned up an abandoned park in our community that can just kind of forgot about it. You know we just we just serve serve serve it every way we possibly can and that is far more valuable than you know some Facebook marketing that cost money or something like and and.

[00:37:56] OK. OK.

[00:38:00] Just one more one more question for in home. As for going home Bible studies I thought that came to me. ARM is two different individuals that are in the church arm utilize them but we're better able to teach utilize them and put it in their hands where they would be responsible for for going back to back in Athens. I if I may say that it's like treat it like it's your business so to speak and you are responsible for growing it. So I was looking to do that at least three times out of the week my band like on the fourth month. Then perhaps everyone come to the church where I can do it like I can. You know I mean that's Bible study even to make sure that everyone is meeting together. What do you think about that or just be consistent with doing that doing it at home.

[00:38:57] I like that role on a couple ideas. I would give you is to maybe do a unified curriculum for this thing but that everybody is doing the same thing there's a lot of that stuff. Rick Warren pastors dot com has some you know 40 days of purpose and many other things like that a lot of different ways you can do that Frank we've done some Francis Chan stuff that unified curriculum and there's a lot of good stuff out there. And then if they're doing the teaching in their homes three times a month and then they all come together. Then what you're teaching is not random or out of step with them but it's the exact same material. So I would say that first the second thing is the heart and you'll learn this as you get into on to the heart and go to devil is making sure we don't put anybody in a position they're not gifted and rational. So teachers tend to be the people who clean most churches they're the most passionate about God and so we assume they can teach. You know in Scripture the Bible tells us that God gives out the gifts as he sees fit. So a lot of times the person that is the loudest and most vocal is not a gifted teacher. So that's why we give you the spiritual gifts test that you can test your test all of your people find out who comes back. Gifted as a teacher and let that be the girl who does your teaching Okay.

[00:40:21] And if if if I find out that the majority are not. Are it would be possible that those people buy it at the church on pill.

[00:40:35] I would say so now. Be aware that when you do spiritual get passed you're going to have about out of the seven possible gifts you're going to have two or three streets. And so you don't have to be like number one your number one gift doesn't have to be teaching but it's looking to shift up you know somewhere in the higher two to three gifts. And if it does then then that person could use that. You know I'm I'm I consider myself very very capable teacher. But it's not my first the first year of his administration. And so you know that so it doesn't have to be their number one.

[00:41:14] OK. Understand because that is something that may come to the battle to become better. Yes absolutely. OK. I appreciate it.

[00:41:26] On his watch and I haven't Hey roll on your it's hard pressed to hear you I think your mouth might be a little too close to the mike.

[00:41:34] Yeah I said I have one more question I'm not sure how many people live on the line.

[00:41:39] Really there's a few behind you but I think we've got time go ahead.

[00:41:43] OK. You mentioned I think you put that on. Also according to Beijing as for finding out who you are you are supposed to reach specifically and can you expound on that. Because right now I think my box is pretty much all over the place. But as for being specific where I can drive toward that specific goal. Can you expand on that a little.

[00:42:11] Yeah I think you have to be very clear on what you're trying to reach and the preacher answer.

[00:42:17] You know this is going to reach everyone I would be great if that were possible but that's not possible. It's kind of like when you're running and you know it doesn't and birds fly at one time and you said so I'm just going to aim up there and pull the trigger because surely all you want and you won't you won't get anything. You can of picked out. You have to say this is who I feel like we can and we want I mean I like for me. We aim at 18 to 35 year olds.

[00:42:46] But we're were thrilled when a 55 year old comes in because you know they need Jesus and they can pay the bills. OK. You know what I do when I sit down I think about my sermons when I think about you know how the building looks when I think about how this age looks now what worship songs we choose. All of that runs through the filter of what is an 18 to 35 year old like I'm going to be teaching more for instance on relationship things early marriage parenting issues and end of life problems and things that maybe you know if you live in an older community and you need to target only the elderly or whatever you know one of our mentors lived in a in a North Carolina town that had just lot of military use said I'm atrip military and I want to focus that so that that's what that to.

[00:43:43] Ok ok ok. Understand and I believe based on the type of sermons that I have been preaching I should be able to look at those to see if they helped me to develop or get an understanding of folks who are acts exactly trying to be sure and looking in neighborhoods looking your town get busy get out there make sure you know people in and find out where the greater good needs in your community.

[00:44:09] And that is first OK.

[00:44:11] All right. I very much appreciate your answers and thank you very much.

[00:44:15] Thank you Microsoft.

[00:44:16] Hey a couple of things just to responding to what Roland said we just walked through this yesterday with my church and I do remember Avatar. And one of the big things that came to light and I think this was huge it was for me anyway. There's a difference between who you're trying to reach and who you'll serve. So you'll serve anybody. As Jerry was saying who you're trying to reach is a very specific demographic. Now we're going to come up with three or four with my church with you know a primary secondary really trying to figure out how to respond to this messaging and how do we reach those people. The other thing that I wanted to respond to that Rob was talking about I think it's brilliant that he's trying to get people in small groups to reach people in their community because you basically skipped a step of having to come to church before you get into community. You can go the other way you can come into community and then be at the church. But when it comes to teaching one of the things that we're doing was pretty formidable is we've been trying to hire people to manage the Facebook app forever. And what I realized is I need to create a training for that person that shows them how we do it. And so what happened in that Berta's is the skill level that we needed in that person. I thought it was nine or ten. But when we created the training now we can get by with somebody who's just about six.

[00:45:28] And I think the same thing is true or if you've got somebody in your church a solid teacher that person one of their roles might be teaching other people that aren't as high on the teaching gifting but with solid training they can date you can you can get away with people that are in lower on that teaching scale if they're trained really well you know effective technique for teaching and leading discussion.

[00:45:53] So I think that's something to consider.

[00:45:57] All right let's keep moving JERRY We've got three more questions than a you here. Think this is Tim.

[00:46:03] Hi. My name's Tim I'm from Indiana and we've done we're in module 15 will be doing it next.

[00:46:11] And since module 13 we've opened up our modules watching the modules with the whole congregation.

[00:46:21] The problem is only the leadership team. We were the ones who are coming and some of the spouses. Have you had the problem before or is there a way I can look at addressing that or.

[00:46:36] Well yeah you know obviously if you're 15 months into something year you're past the sizzle and you're down to the stake. You know you're not selling the sizzle anymore you're into the meat of this thing and so there's going to be a little bit of attrition. But what I continue to try to do is get newcomers on board. So I would empower my team those leaders to shoulder tap. We did it. We use this phrase a lot around the start shoulder to shoulder literally walking up tapping walls of hey come and be a part of this. And we tell you what we're doing at our church this is that this is the new thing we're doing which is you know this is what's taking us to the next level. And so you know you certainly must say you're going to have several people in the congregation who weren't even there when you started. I have no idea about this initiative. So I would be after those people and I would be in you know just encouraging my my leaders to shoulder tap not only their friends but people who haven't been there yet at all because you know they're going to have in your ministry you can have a few just life time life long committed partners in ministry. But for the most part you know you're going to have some ins and outs and you know there's going to be a lot of turnover if if if not just turning over from church attendance.

[00:48:03] At least there's some turnover in ministry not that people faithfully sit on the pew and tithe and they used to be in the middle of the dream team. And I don't like that but I like it better than I'm just leaving the church. So I'm constantly engaging new people new people are more excited they're more energetic they have more friends that are not in church or not in your church. And so that's your last words are really looking for the people who fill out some of the cards or or just that that your core members know. And I would cast vision for them to be shoulder tapping people in those meetings.

[00:48:41] OK. You know we've been we've been getting more people and also the rest of the congregation they've been seeing what we're doing. It's kind of hard to know if you have greeters the need to have them you know kind of hard to hide. They're seeing the benefits of it is that the kind of we're just having difficulties especially we have pulled the younger several younger families into our meetings and not just younger age wise but also to our church and.

[00:49:18] I guess what I'm wanting is to try to get some of the older folk who've been around longer involved as well and they're the ones I'm having a problem getting online.

[00:49:30] Yeah.

[00:49:30] And you know you know I as a student of change and a change agent when I realize years and years ago in the Kansas City classroom passive leadership school probably 20 years ago that the guy who was teaching that knew something that I had not known before and that is that Jesus was the world's greatest change agent and he changed everything. That's why they crucified him that's why the Pharisees were mad at him. Day one. And if you're going to be a change agent you know you're going to have a hard time getting everyone to engage that change. And so you know what I try to do is keep everyone engaged with the church. So maybe maybe you don't want to be a new greeter. Maybe all we need people coming in. What motivates you like ask me maybe the transition in the way with the teams doesn't motivate you but you believe in the overall vision of the church believe in what we're doing. Stay on board stay committed give me high finance ministry and then you know I'll move on and I'll use different people to be not foot soldiers. I think that has to be your approach to people that you don't want to give up on. I'm going to I'll shoulder to shoulder attack people who used to be leaders and they're not leaders anymore. I don't give up on them. But sometimes individuals you have to accept that they are not at the place where they're going to reengage. And I would spend most of my time pulling the newcomers into the fold.

[00:50:59] OK well this seems to be working for us. I'm glad.

[00:51:05] When I first did a 30 day free trial thing I don't even do that still but I did that almost a year and a half ago and it took a bit to get the people to buy into it. And once they did we know it was slow but now we. For Christmas we announced that we're going to have a Christmas play no other way of drawing people in. You know one of our big events and I feel we'll have a meaning at this time and people came up to me afterwards and just wanting to get involved and so I like to change that from that perspective it happened in our church in that moment and can't momentum.

[00:51:48] It is beautiful when you get it going.

[00:51:51] Yeah. Well thank you much for your ministry guys.

[00:51:55] I am going to hear from you.

[00:51:56] Thanks Bill. All right let's jump to the next one. Rahima now. Think this is Clifton Hello.

[00:52:09] How are you. I'm doing well. How are you all today doing very well.

[00:52:14] Good. We are into our third module and of course we have been experiencing some. You know some dropping in drop out. And that's something I really need to be concerned about at this time. Yes. Just keep truckin like I'm trusted you say drop out.

[00:52:38] Are you talking about dropping out of the church or dropping out of the training sessions.

[00:52:44] Well I don't think this sort of dropped out we were face a lot of football season and stuff. Now at this time and so they are not common as regular as they were but we got a steady flow of them.

[00:52:59] That is really good staying with that. And I just listened to you tell the gentlemen do some Shosholoza campaign and we expressed that our last meeting. But I'm getting ready to give the. And do you think it will be a good time for that now.

[00:53:22] Yeah I would I would say you could do that with some of your some of your key leaders is the motivator. But one thing you want to be careful of Clinton is if you don't have names and places to place them can you get on a boat evaded and you know what to do with them. So yes if somebody comes back and says you know hey I've got to you know get the perfect gift. I'm ready to be a prayer leader and I'm most passionate about small groups and you go well we're not going to launch small groups until next year you know. And that that that's kind of de-motivating. So I wouldn't I wouldn't I wouldn't do a church wide yet. I would do it with key leaders that are involved in the training so that you can start out that first impressions team in that big event team. Those first two teams you clearly have to get past your members because you will make sure they are on the right roll on that team. But I wouldn't be one of them it's like I made clips of what I got so excited about the get if I get tested the whole church one Sunday morning and you know what. You know I was we were humming along at several hundred and these people OK you know in my community that I'll probably I do well I don't know. And that certainly didn't make them time to personally get educated on it so I wouldn't I wouldn't do it until I was ready to answer those questions.

[00:54:59] Want phone calls and so I've just heard that live on screen so I can watch for anything. I just purchased it last night. But is that something I can move forward with in the end of the year with anything else that we're trying to do.

[00:55:21] Yeah I created that product because so many people asked for it when Jerry and I did a live streaming live call last month. So yeah they're completely independent. And I created that product for you to hand off to somebody clipping and not for you. So get into it and try to figure it out yourself there's somebody in your church. I don't care what size your church is. There's somebody that loves that stuff. And I think the opportunity to reach people in your community is just too great to walk away from really what is meant to be in a free way to reach people in your city and broadcast your ears. So yeah that's two completely different things.

[00:56:03] OK. So thank you much.

[00:56:08] All right last question I think this is Brenda Allen high.

[00:56:14] So so like Clipperton. We are now supposed to be actually we are supposed to be much further along.

[00:56:24] We have gone to Mars who won and well absolutely monster one and we are to working on modules.

[00:56:38] And we I basically followed your advice and we had all the leaders together made the design decision together to engage in this program. And we've been having trouble gaining traction so I I have a leaders retreat planned at the beginning of November here where we will go away. And for you know the first part of our of our time away we would be looking again at one and two modules one and two because so many people were missing from a swarm that which I thought was very important about laying down the foundation of the of the vision and the and the gift like really understanding how the gift necessary is a leadership. It is in the Constitution of the leadership team for each of these various areas so because there is so much of a change from how we have customarily thought of things. I thought it necessary to do that in a more you know in a setting where there are fewer distractions and we have more contiguous time together. Some of the challenge I'm having is that a number of people are you know sort of as you know they're accustomed to doing saying oh well you know I think I'll be here for this period of time and I won't be there for that period of time.

[00:58:32] And so for the for the hours that I really want to spend working on this vision which is really like one evening and then you know half of the day the following day for that those portions of time I have been really feeling burdened and feeling convicted that I I would rather work with a smaller team that can commit to that full time than working that I'm trying to deal with people who are. COSTELLO You know sort of just possibly not. Not that they partially committed but partially available. What are your thoughts with regards to balancing this whole thing of availability and commitment in order to successfully get to what I consider to be a paradigm shift in order to actually actually work this program in you know to bring about the change that we're looking for.

[00:59:43] OK Brenda It is a paradigm shift and it's difficult. There's a reason why 70 churches closed last Sunday and they'll never open again. And 70 more will close next Sunday and 70 closed to Sunday before because every Sunday in America 70 churches closed their doors because it's difficult. I mean getting people to buy into the vision and getting people to push ahead and make those kinds of changes the whole paradigm shifts is very difficult so here are a few things that you know you know your people and you know are a lot more details and then you're able to share with me in this brief conversation but let me give you a few things I thought of while you were talking. Number one you have to get by hand if it's your vision and not our vision. You'll never get by it. So how ever the whatever you have to do if you have to restructure when you meet so that the right people can be there. Or if you can get the right people there. Just whatever happens you have to walk away with not just hearing from God. That's of course the most important thing that we heard from God and we articulated what he wants us to do. But we have to have buy in the sense that this is our vision not the preacher's vision or just her vision or just his vision but it's our vision. So secondly I would say you have to make sure you make with the influencers you know who is an influential voice in your church. And if those are the people that small group is those are the influencers.

[01:01:27] By all means that's who you meet with meet with that small group. But if you're busy people that can't meet with you all the influencers and see a lot of times that's what it is because people who are influential they have a lot responsibilities. And so if if those are the ones that can't meet with you then I would move my schedule to make sure I could meet with the influencers because they're the ones who are on board with you the rest of the church will follow. So those are my thoughts. Get by and if you have to move things around to do it do it do whatever you have to do to make sure the influencers are in the room when you talk about this.

[01:02:09] OK.

[01:02:11] All right. OK. Thanks Brenda. Hey I'm going to go ahead and close it up because we're right past the hour there so thanks everybody for being on. Gerri thanks for taking the time to do this. Is there anything you get a parting shot or anything you want to say Gerri before we drop off.

[01:02:28] Guys just to say that you are on my prayer list. You mentioned the chad. I forget what would you call it the chain have some kind of. Yeah you're changing your chain. I use an app called prayer mate and it reminds me of all my prayer list and I'm praying for him. You know Richard is on there and I and everybody on the team 24 the doubles named but you guys get only two answers. And so I'm praying for you this weekend praying that you have a great weekend and praying that you know these difficult decisions you have got Legion in this. So I know that you're on my prayer list.

[01:03:07] Thank you. All right. Have a great month and we'll talk to you guys third week third Thursday of next month.

[01:03:14] Thanks. All right. All right.