Spiritual Gifts Test

Spiritual Gift Of TeachingSpiritual Gift Of Teaching

If you have a strong desire to present truth in a way that other people can understand clearly, then you may have the spiritual gift of teaching. Those who have this gift enjoy doing research, including validating the authenticity of the source of their information. Besides a great delight in  Read More…..


The Spiritual Gift Of EncouragementSpiritual Gift of Encouragement

You may have the spiritual gift of exhortation, also known as the spiritual gift of encouragement, if you are interested in understanding how the Word of God applies to you, if you are able to recognize the truth, Read More…


Spritiual Gift Of HelpingSpiritual Gift of Helping

Those with the spiritual gift of helping provide an invaluable contribution to their fellow human beings. They are able to see the troubles others face and are able to provide practical help. Often, too, they are able to help those who are too discouraged or frightened to ask for help. Read More….


The Spiritual Gift Of GivingThe Spiritual Gift Of Giving

If you are blessed with the spiritual gift of giving, you are most likely to be thrifty, resourceful, contented, punctual, tolerant, cautious, and thankful. This is because you are a good steward of God’s abundance, whether it is in the form of money or some other valuable resource. Read More….


Spiritual Gift Of LEADERshipThe Spiritual Gift Of Leadership

If you are one of those rare individuals with the spiritual gift of leadership, you are most likely to be loyal, determined, and decisive. You are also likely to be someone who can assume responsibility with humility. Yet, at the same time, this humility does not Read More….


The Spiritual Gift Of MercyThe Spiritual Gift Of Mercy

If you are someone who has the spiritual gift of mercy, you are probably inclined to be gentle, yielding, and sacrificial. You are most likely to be attentive to the needs of others and sensitive to their limitations and challenges Read More….


The Spiritual Gift Of ProphecyThe Spiritual Gift Of Prophecy

The spiritual gift of prophecy may very well be the rarest gift of all. If you have this gift, you are someone who tends to be both charismatic and persuasive because you love to speak the truth, often to the extent of being willing to personally suffer in your desire to champion what is right.  Read More….