6 Things Pastors Do To Kill Generosity

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    How To Make The "Big Ask" With High Capacity Donors

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    The One Thing Most Churches Don't Do To ACCELERATE Generosity

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    How To Build The Systems That BUILD Generosity

Jerry Lawson
Lead Pastor: Daystar Church

Richard Chancy
24toDouble Online

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[00:00:00] Hey welcome back or welcome for the first time if you've never been on a training with us before. I wanted to say welcome if you're back. Thanks for coming back. I am really excited about what we're going to dive into today these ideas about what we need to start doing or start doing to get our church in or the people in our church to be more generous. So we're going to be together today for about an hour or an hour and 10 minutes. And here's what I want you to get out of this pastor. I want you to get something really tangible out of this what I've asked Jerry to do any time we get on these trainings. I've asked Deery to really dive in and get practical about the things that they did in their church to help people be more generous. And Jerry's got one of the most generous churches in all of the land. OK so if you're thinking now I wonder why these guys do this here. Here's why we do these trainings we do them for one reason we want to be able to add value to it to you in such a way that we can build influence with you so that we earn the right to talk about this whole church discipleship model we call 24 to double so we can earn the right to talk about that for about eight or nine minutes with you today OK. So here's what I want you to do. Get your pen and paper out because we are going to deep dive into this.


[00:01:09] There is a massive amount of information we're going to cover here in the next hour. And what I want you to be able to do is to take one or two or three things a way that you can go back in your church today and implement. OK. So before I get Gerry on and unleash him on the I want to give you a quick rundown of just some of Jerry's history and his background. Jerry is the lead pastor Daystar church over in Coleman Alabama. And Daystar when Jerry took it was a 60 year old church with 60 60 year old people I've heard him say that a number of times which is just amazing because now they're worshipping in three physical campuses and one online campus with more than 3000 people every week and he has assured me that he has committed all 50 of the six things pastors do to kill generosity so. Gary thanks so much for taking the time to be with us. Looking forward to what you've got to share with us today.


[00:02:01] Thanks so much Richard and thanks to every pastor staff member everybody who volunteers is on today. I am so passionate about this because I have I have gone through the financial woes of church our church. Before we relaunched it as Daystar church you know our entire annual budget only 16 years ago was sixty thousand dollars. All that came in in the first year. And today it's in the millions. And we have learned how to grow our giving and grow our generosity nurture givers through the process as they need to go through a I've been through the wars I have struggled financially as a church and personally because of that. And I can tell you stories about going through economic crises as a nation and how it affected our church I can tell you about having hives on my back. We're just stress related because of the finances. But here's what's bigger. We've been since we've been tracking the per capita giving per person per capita giving we have more than doubled that. Now some of you right now are listening is not your living track that you don't even know what what each person gives per week or per month. You see if you're not focused on it there's no chance you're going to fix it. So we started focusing on it we realized how terrible it was. We increased we were we were 60 percent of the national average. Now we're 40 percent better than the national average. And you know we're largely in Alabama where we're in Alabama.


[00:03:34] Most of our campus is in rural settings and you are giving is above 40 percent above the nationwide average. That's through hard work and focus determination. And I only share that with every person listening today Richard.


[00:03:47] Yeah. That's awesome. JERRY And before we move on just so you guys know Jerry is he is the subject matter expert when it comes to church growth. My role in all this is to build the engine so that you know about the training that that Jerry's doing.


[00:04:00] So Jerry when you talk about the national average forgiving I know that when I was doing church construction consulting the national average was somewhere around 11 Twelve hundred bucks a year is that is that the number that you're talking about somewhere about there it still is you know about a hundred dollars per person per month and that's when you include all or so you include children in that number is do a simple one way you can figure that out at your local churches just just take what came in this month take what what what the attendance was for the month the average. Do the math and you'll find out if you're at 80 or 100 or 120 or 60 or where you are yeah.


[00:04:38] And when I would go into a church to consult with them on a construction as soon as they told me how many people they were worshiping with I could get a good idea about where they should be. And then we would we would basically determine overall readiness for building a building based on where they were in relationship to that one metrics because if you got $800 per person in giving chances are you're not about to build a building yeah.


[00:05:00] Yeah. And that actually is when I have found this all out rich and we're growing rapidly we're putting systems in place that that we'll talk about later that made our church explode. And before long you know we're having multiple services five services a weekend we need. We need space. And I find out giving is orrible. I mean everybody's excited. We're growing we're getting lost people say people who've never been in church and giving is horrible and I start talking to people like like you and your former life and they start talking about per capita giving and giving units and words I never heard before and I got a quick education. And you know you can get the education but then comes the hard work you know now that I know what I need to do. How do you make that happen. So you know the cool part is like you said I've done it long enough I've done it all the wrong ways and several of the better ways. And so we finally got it going and it made a huge difference in where we stand as a church.


[00:05:53] That's awesome and that that is a perfect lead in to what we're going to talk about today. Pastor if you're watching this what we did was we get to the process of outlining as many things as we can think about for a training like this and then we come up with the things that we think are going to give you the highest return on your time investment. So with that being said Jerry let's not talk about the six things pastors do to kill generosity and the first thing is they don't tell the why of giving.


[00:06:19] Yeah. You know you could probably give any topic that we want to talk about today and the number one problem is we don't tell them why we don't tell why we worship we don't tell why we give we all all the things because we have what I call the curse of knowledge. We know all this stuff. We live this stuff. We watch webinars. We were you know we're professional you know Richard you always call us professional Christians our staff. So we know all that kind of stuff and we forget that the average Joe out there has no idea why we're doing that so.


[00:06:52] So make sure we're in announcements when you receive the offering and when you teach them when you send out letters and when you're having conversation with Elgar's you're reminding people why giving is important tell them about Jesus and that we want to be like him and that he's a generous person explain that tithing began before the law. It was endorsed during the law it happened after the law. Jesus personally said you ought to tie the church court and talked about giving in connection with your income. It's just been a it's not a law practice it's not an old test. It is a god practice and talk about how that Jesus raised the bar in everything that he did when when when the old testament said if you if you commit adultery with a woman it was wrong. Jesus said If you look at a woman with adultery in your heart it's wrong. The old testament said give 10 percent. Jesus said Start with 10 percent but then give your whole life. And so you know give the white talk a lot about why don't just get up and say well we're supposed to try and quote Malikai three but talk about the wine. And when you're talking about the wine the wine must always be filled with vision if you're keeping notes man. Right. The word vision down because you've got to cast vision people are drawn to a clear and compelling vision they are inspired by it. But where there's no vision you know people says they perish but it means they cast off restraint.


[00:08:12] So when you're trying to get them to go in one direction they're in all kinds of directions. Think about a car going down the road with no guardrails. That's what they're doing they're not following the direction that you have for them. And that includes And they're giving So you know you want to tell your people that hey we are changing the world and here's how we're changing the world. And you know what you're giving is a big part of that you know so you're casting a clear and compelling vision and you are giving them the privilege of helping you to participate in that vision with your time and your talent and your treasures. And last thing I'll say about the wine before we move on is make sure you detail all the whys OK. Because there's a thing different pockets people in your church have different pockets. Some people have a the World Missions pocket. They love to dig into them they love to give to world leadership. They feel like Americans are polluting it and just messing up the Gospel and that we should be investing in foreign fields. Other people say things like you know what. I'm all for sharing the gospel in Africa but there's a lot of lost and hurting people right here in our town. So that's a different part of that outreach or local missions pocket and then there's a children's and youth pocket. So when you receive an offering or when you have a promotion make sure you're thinking in your head. How often have I talked about debt retire. How often have I talked about evangelism.


[00:09:37] How often about talk about education or you know all the different ways that you can motivate people to give because there are people out there that say well here's the problem with the church and they've got their opinion. Well you give them a chance to put their literally their money where their mouth is and say you know we're going to fix that problem with the local church. We're going to you know we're going to we're going to give to that area. So tell the wise and don't don't just put it in your head OK it's a good idea here I'll start telling the why no get a systematic approach where you you know regularly that you're going to tell the wife tell stories tell the why with videos put it on your to do list that you know just like you know there's going to be sermon prep day this weekend as have a giving talk prep this weekend. What's the story how am I going to tell it you know is there a video way that I can tell it.


[00:10:26] We don't cast a clear and compelling vision and so people are not motivated to give Yeah and I think Jerry to be in the god it's the in the crowd God the only one on the call the day that sits in the crowd watches everybody else. Here's what I would say if I had to learn to be generous as an adult. That wasn't something that I picked up in my childhood. I think my parents probably taught it but I didn't really it didn't click with me and I'm like everybody else who graduated from college started spending more than I was making and thier kept me from being generous. So as an adult I had to learn to be generous but my church taught that to me. Now I already knew Jesus. So that's the number one thing that I've learned from my church pastor. Don't forget you're not asking them to do something for you. You're asking them to do something for them. And that is a huge reason to tell a lot. And I think you can't do that. You hit the nail on the head with the video. I think Pastor you absolutely can get testimonies from people. They all have to come on and say I gave this amount but I can come on and say hey we weren't generous we started being generous heroes. Here's how our life got better. I think that's absolutely right. Number two this is a big one to the number two reason that churches kill generosity or pastors generosity as they don't celebrate the wins.


[00:11:36] Yeah just like number one. Number two we could probably talk about that in so many different areas we are so focused as leaders on the next hill we need to climb now we never you know stop this deal and get excited about it we're you know we scored a touchdown. We want to go score again.


[00:11:51] We never spiked the ball and jump up and down with the team and so even if you do a good job of that are you doing that in the area of generosity specifically because this is an area that pastors struggle in and you know we don't tell people that hey you're giving allowed us to do this because you are generous. We were able to do this and tie those things together don't don't make assumptions that they're figuring it out you tied together. There's kind of been a wall of separation in the church and there's like the spiritual things. And then there's the financial things and you need to just get past that pastor. You need to realize that our financial things are spiritual things and Jesus said that's what your heart is right where your treasure is you cannot separate those things. So let's don't for instance if you have an annual business meeting oh my god I've been in some of those where you all you do is talk about numbers and so people's mindset is they're trying to figure out you know what's wrong with the numbers. To understand the number. Did they spend too much here. Could we do a better job of that. So what you need to do is you need to quit that process and you need to start looking. Publishing an annual report and it basically is a celebration that includes the financial numbers but it's more than that.


[00:13:05] So all the numbers that matter the numbers that are important things like how many people were saved how many newcomers came to our church how many social media interactions we had this year. If you're doing an online campus or if you just live streaming your video how many people are watching online. How many baptisms. All those numbers how much did we give to world missions. Because we'd done them differently every year. A lot of time to print. When we first started doing it we would print them out and you know probably 25 pages and hand them out at the door and I would say things like hey we want everybody to see this. We're not going to have some secret business meeting take this home show it to your neighbors grab one for your nosy neighbor who keep asking you questions about our church. And one to him we're celebrating what God has done. And that gives people the impression that this church is transparent it's a safe place to give. We can have confidence in this.


[00:13:55] There's a reason why when you go to a bank you know it's built with stone columns or it looks very solid tall Corinthian type look they're trying to tell you symbolically that you can trust this house you can trust this place to that point the guy receiving the offering needs to be trustworthy. Listen we've got a guy leading worships tattooed from one end to the other he's got gauges in his ear. But I don't let him receive the offering. He has a long way away from that offering bucket cause I don't want anybody to think that you know you can't trust or that you don't have maturity handling those finances. So you're showing them when you throw out an annual report that hey this is a place that can be trusted. So you say it's a video. Just click on there and we did a video report and underneath you can see the PTF copy and there's a lot of different ways to do that. But basically that is celebrating that God has done something amazing and it and the truth is we publish less details probably about the finances than maybe your church does but nobody ever asked for any more details because the fact that you made it so public just gives them the confidence that hey they're not hiding anything you know and of course we're not hiding anything but we don't want people digging in the minutia and you know creating that kind of a hassle. So you change the way you look at financial reports and turn them into a celebration not just a detail of numbers.


[00:15:19] Yeah. And a couple of things Gerri. Number one I will put a link to that report in the follow up e-mail for the pastor so you don't have to worry about going over there right now.


[00:15:29] Number two I think you're indicating a bigger shift right here some of these guys may not be aware of which is how you lead in an organization especially as it relates to finance because the old school is people that knew this much about what's going on in your church or trying to help you make decisions. The new school is people are giving in expecting that you know what you're doing and making decisions with your church. Is that accurate.


[00:15:50] It sure is.


[00:15:51] And you know you need to you need to present that kind of image you need to if you're you know a lot of people are being much more conversational and mean much less for professional Church High Church looking which I'm totally into aren't preaching bluejeans and I'm sure often but when it comes to giving and I'm straight laced I'm presenting in a way that gives assurance that you can depend.


[00:16:19] You can count on what we're doing with these finances you can there can be no daylight between you and your image of responsibility as it comes to a nurturing giving or if you didn't hear what he just said right there you need to really dial back in right now because as a person a layman in my church and a business owner you've got to know that I look at every single thing that I perceive my church knew and and it goes through my filter of am I given to that. Is that what I was doing. That doesn't look efficient that looks like a waste of money. Absolutely the people in your church that are responsible with their money are paying attention to everything. Every image you put out every dollar that you spend that they can see they are paying attention to it. Don't fool yourself into believing that they are not.


[00:17:06] And before we before we get to number three let me say this. There is a group of church junkies that surrounds every pastor. You know they're there early they're late they're hanging around their high flying and they're telling him he's awesome. And I don't mean to offend anyone but many times those are not business owners those are not people that are Type A's they're not running big things.


[00:17:28] They have a lot more time. And so if you're not careful you'll you'll build your message to that group. And I'm telling you that they're not the people that can take your church to the next level in generosity. The people who can take your church to the next level of generosity are very busy people. They're very professional people. They don't have meaningless conversations. They're late to come in. They are the first ones out the door. You're going to have to search them out or talk about that a little bit later. But don't forget that the messaging matters every time you get in front of people and talk about finances even if you've got you know a whole group of your fans Hi5 and you in a very you know loose kind of way. Don't get loose around this topic.


[00:18:10] Great stuff. I thought you're about to give away the last bullet point or stress and for a minute here Pastor hang on we're going to talk about how you deal with those high impact givers. Towards the end of the training. So was not them to the number three thing Gerri which is this is another thing to kill generosity is that we don't nurture generosity through follow up talk about how you guys deal with follow up at that store. Yes.


[00:18:32] So again someone gets say gives their life to Christ. We have a follow up process someone comes to the doors fills out a guest card we have follow up. Are we following up on people's generosity or we nurture and generosity and come on now. Jesus said that generosity is so important that it affects every part of your life. We know that it's one of the seven functional gifts the gift of giving. So it's a big deal. Are we taking discipleship. We think about discipleship in relation to you know I'm a praying and reading the Bible and I stop doing all the bad things I used to do. But it's nurturing you in all the areas of life that matter. And so we take a very serious approach to nurture and generosity. Give you three different categories we put people in and that is first time givers when a first time giver gives to our church we take note of that and we we respond with a thank you a personal thank you card from the pastor hand a hand written of course you know there should not be any follow up any more that's not handwritten unless it's just like a good report of what you gave. And even then you ought to put some handwritten note on it. So it's a handwritten note thank you for giving. And we also published a little book called What happens when you give and we tell it's got a little bit of the details of our most recent annual report. It's got Scripture in there it's inspirational.


[00:19:55] It's got a handwritten note again from people in leadership and it's a pretty big deal. You give us one dollar and we mail you something in the mail that probably cost us $4. It's going to get your attention. And so that's that's an investment in their future. So that's the first that we nurture generosity for first time givers now we want to nurture you when you become a tither. Although we can't know if your tither we can know if you're consistent giver. And so at that point there's another letter we send out that just so it doesn't say hey you crossed the threshold. Here's the second letter. It just says something like Hey I just want to thank you for being a consistent giver like my family and this is for me. I'm like hey my family knows how valuable and important giving is so we've made it consistent too and I just want to let you know that givers like you people who are tithing like you are. Again I don't know if their tithing or not but I'm going to say it to inspire and encourage them to do it. People like you who are tithing or why we're able to do what we're able to do. Thank you for joining my family and being a tither and a consistent giver at this church is kind of a little boy again to say hey we are watching we're paying attention and we're in we're thankful for what you're doing so we're going to nurture first time gifts. We're going to nurture consistent gifts then this is very important. Extravagant acts of generosity.


[00:21:13] So if a big check comes in $10000 $20000 you'll have to determine what that is for you when a big one time check comes in. I'm going to personally follow up with a card and a personal interaction. Phone call go to life something like that. I want to get to know that person. People who have gift of giving. Here's what I know about them. We do some training about this in our system when we train on the seven gifts do the people with the gift of giving. They have a different kind of mentality. They want to be involved in what's going on. They want to know that you're taking care of the gifts that they don't want to bash you. Most of the time don't want to boss you around don't want to micromanage you because they know how to run their own stuff. They know that you have to handle it but they do want to know you're paying attention and they do want to be appreciated. They don't want to be appreciated publicly do. Don't get up and make a big deal of it. But a card in the mail a little phone call or text. Huge difference so I'll say something like Hey while I don't personally handle the church's finances to an act of extreme generosity comes in you know they let me know and I just want to send you this card. Thank you for helping us fulfill that vision of this church.


[00:22:22] Yes that's huge. JERRY And the question that's on my mind as you're talking about that is this I wonder what percentage of those big checks were a stretch in generosity. And here in here's what I mean by that. It's not 100 percent of them. Some of those big checks were just somebody leaving a tip. And Pastor Here's what you need to know. The people that and I know my friends that write big checks to my church and to other churches. There's a lot more where that came from. There's a lot more generosity in there. The crazy thing is somebody else has beaten their church to it. Another ministry organization that's doing a better job of telling his story using about doing a better job of showing the impact on those people's lives and their. And they don't even get to stand in front of these people every week. And you know so. Go ahead.


[00:23:05] Just jump in here. Here's your problem pastor. You are consumed you're probably like me you're saying we can do so much more. We have a bigger probably if I ask you to name the top three things that would make your church grow all of them have to do with more more funds. My question to you is what do you do with your time. Are you addressing the funding issue with your time where you are right now. And God bless you for that with you when I found out I was doing. I was on the frontline of ministry too often I was counseling drug addicts I was counseling you know struggling teenagers I was counseling and spending my time with you know people at the bottom level.


[00:23:40] And here's the deal. We need to counsel them but there's somebody else that can counsel them true discipleship means that I replicate myself and let them do that. But there's only one person who can go talk to that extremely generous person and nurture more generosity. Remember I'm squeezing him. I'm not I'm not trying to manipulate him. He's been given a gift and a responsibility from heaven with that financial ability that he has. So actually I'm serving here. I'm giving him an opportunity to serve in his gift. I'm not nervous about it at all because you're going to have to create time for that to happen.


[00:24:16] Oh Pastor I hope you heard that because for some of you Jesus just set you three free through what Jerry just talked about right there. You don't have to do everything but you got to do the important things. That's for sure and nobody else in the church can do what Jerry is talking about it Daystar. But other people have a better gift of counseling than Jerry does in his church.


[00:24:34] I promise you that's true though. No doubt no doubt.


[00:24:38] We've had this conversation before and there's a lot of you go on. Is that true. Let that be true. Let that be true that I'll have to do all the counseling. What's driving it number for Jerry the fourth thing we do that kill generosity is we don't build momentum and increase givers that into that force Yesso momentum fixes almost every problem in your church.


[00:25:00] Think about moments like this. I've been out on the West Coast and enjoyed the beautiful seems of the waves coming in.


[00:25:08] Think about a surfer when the tide is high riding the momentum of a wave. Well underneath them are sharp rocks and jagged edges and all kind of problems. But because he's on momentum he just flies right past them. When when the momentum is not there and man is dangerous and so it's so important for you to have a church where it's happening. I would recommend the book it Makarenko show where he talked about. Do you have it. What is the it factor when you've got the it factor going on in your in your church. It just helps everything. And the fastest way to grow generosity is just to grow the number of people that are giving. And that's what our system that we teach is so important we show you how to do that through big events and small rooms and all the different things. But let me just give you the crux of it. Think about lightness. When a person is personally engaged they're serving when they're serving it becomes my church and I'm talking about at work. And there's just this this momentum in my own spirit. And so I'm inviting people because I'm it's you know it's my church I'm serving them singing and greeting them welcoming them. I'm doing something also. When people are engaged they're giving you probably already know this pastor will you pay attention at all to your givers the people who serve in the church are the people who give in the church.


[00:26:28] So the fastest Why was this the fastest way to grow the church is to grow the number of volunteers and the fastest way to grow giving is to grow the number of volunteers. And that's why it's so important and that's why I don't believe in church growth. I believe in church health. I believe in church discipleship. It just so happens that when you do church discipleship it will grow. Discipleship is not come and go to Sunday school. Jesus said Come and follow me. Discipleship is when you get people serving. You get there and they can learn as they go of course which you get their hands on the plough and they start to serve when they start to serve invigorated them. By the way whatever truth there is to this statement for the whole church double it when it comes to millenniums. If you're having a hard time engaging millennials they want to do something they don't want to sit. So let them serve take a risk. When people start to serve they talk about it at work it becomes what they are a part of they want to help out is talking to a young engineer in my church as well. And one of our campuses and we had a little glitch in the live feed and man he got so excited that maybe he can help us fix our live feed issue. Man I'm like go at it. I mean I'm not sure he knows more about it than the people we got only about I want him engaged because then he's going to tell his friends about it and he's going to be a giver. He's going to find solutions.


[00:27:50] And so we want to show you how to get people involved get them on the bus and when they do that your church grows faster people are talking about it and they're giving. And everybody wants to be a part of something that's big and something that's happening. And so if you can create an atmosphere through the help of the Lord in my working hard to just generate momentum and get the church to grow you're going to see that not just there's more people giving but your regular givers that you already have. They're going to give more because they're seeing results so build momentum. Increase the number of givers.


[00:28:27] Man that's huge. Jerry I've always realized or thought and I know this is true for me that money follows my time so wherever time goes the money flows.


[00:28:38] So if somebody spends a lot of time on the golf course they're spending a lot of money on golf it's somebody spent a lot of time in your church volunteering. There are going to be more and more generous. And that's a way better investment than being frustrated on a golf course. I can promise you hey that's probably a good place for us to just pause right now and give a rundown of this. This whole church discipleship model is what we call 24 Adegbile.


[00:29:01] Before I dive all the way in and give you the details about 24 to devil let me tell you three things that we know about you. Number one you're still here. Now I'm not talking about just on the web or I'm talking about you're still here trying to learn and reach people who are far from God. We also know that because of that you can grow your church. We've seen that happen in every situation all across the country and all across the world. We also know you wouldn't be where you are right now if God wasn't about to do something through you. And that's why we created 24 to double specifically for people like you men and women that want to reach people who are far from God but right outside the doors of their church. So what is 7:36. Well 7:36 elbow is a step by step plan to double your average weekly attendance in just 24 months. Four is a whole church discipleship model we also refer to it as an inverse conference model. You know what I'm talking about you go to the conference you listen to some super pastor who's got it all put together and nothing ever fails for him tell you how to run church and then you go about your church and try to figure out what the heck he was talking about and how you can implement 10 percent of that. Well we flip that model on its head instead of bringing you to a conference and your team were bringing the conference to you all 25 modules of 24 to double are delivered through our membership platform.


[00:30:27] Each month you'll bring your team together watch the module and then take action. Each module contains the module video. We also have it at two times speed. Now the other thing to know is each module is about 43 minutes long so about an hour hour and 10 minutes you can get a lot done in the way of putting systems together in your church. You're also going to get audio of the module as well as the presentations and hand outs of all of the modules. It's important that you be able to engage with the information as you move through. You're going to learn how to build the seven teams you need to grow your church. Here's what those teams are. Team number one is the outreach team pastor. Just imagine if you had a highly qualified and skilled group of people and all they did was think about how to reach out in your community and bring people in for the first time. You got team number two which is the wow team. Those are the people that are charged with the responsibility of making sure that people that come to your church for the first time say wow this is church team number three a shock and all those are the people that deal with facilities drama dance everything that goes into creating the right experience for people to be able to worship and engage with the message that you're going to bring to them. Team number four is the worship team. Now one thing we don't do in 2014 is we don't tell you how to do the style of worship that you're most comfortable with or that resonates with your people.


[00:31:47] What we will do is help you take that worship to the next level whatever that might be. Team number five is a big one the follow up. We do so much to get people to our churches for the first time and then almost nothing to make sure that they come back. This team is going to focus on nothing but what happens after somebody comes for the first time after they come for the second time after they come for the third time. That person those people on that team. Their responsibility is one thing that's to follow up and make sure that we make the most out of those invitations that the people in your church work so hard to make. Team number six is children. Can't say enough about children's ministry. If you don't have people that are focused on children's ministry in your church let me tell you what's happening. Other churches that are doing children's ministry better than you are if nothing else in their church is effective or efficient. Chances are you're losing people you're losing opportunities to reach those people into effective ministry with them because children's ministry is the lifeblood of any ministry. Number seven is small groups. Let me tell you this pastor most of the time when people come to your church for the first time they are not coming to hear you preach. I know that's a shocker. They are also not coming to get to know Jesus for a lot of reasons. Sometimes people just want human connection with other people that are the same live stage and that's what team number 7 does is help people get out of those and into circles.


[00:33:10] You're also going to learn how to use spiritual gifts to build your teams. Now this is a big deal the cornerstone of what we do in 2004 to double pivots around this idea called a spiritual gifts and passions test. This is an example of that you're going to get access to the free version of this. It's about 27 questions and what it does is helps people understand who God created it to be. And it also lets you know Pastor what areas of ministry they're most passionate about serving in. And when we combine those things together you find a holy matrimony of passionate volunteer ministry. If you don't hear me say anything else today hear me say this. This is what's missing in most of our churches. Most of the time we're just trying to shove people into the seats on the bus so that we can get our volunteers done and move on to the next thing and we're totally missing the fact that 80 percent of people go work everyday and they hate their job and we have a solution for them we have a passionate volunteer position waiting for them. All we got to do is help them identify it and then move them into it because one thing we know is when volunteers are in the wrong seat and they burn out they don't go backwards. They go away. You're also going to learn how to leverage big events to deal with your church. Now most of you listening to this are doing two big events a year. You're doing Christmas and you're doing Easter.


[00:34:25] You and I both know a lot of the people that come to your church for the first time or come back that haven't been there since the last Christmas or Easter service. Those people are not going to come the following week sometimes they're from out of town. Sometimes they're just bonfire fire insurance. You know how that is. We're going to teach you how to do for big events a year not just Christmas and Easter but two other events because we know that big events are the source of new people in your church everything in 2004 to double is delivered in the same way that you're consuming the content that we're on right now. We deliver all of it online. You can use it on demand. Plan the meetings on your schedule. We also do a live monthly Q&A with Jerry Lawson the pastor at Daystar whom we're talking with today as well as alumni that have been through the 24 to double process. Here's the bottom line. We know that the most effective way to create momentum in your church pastor or hear me say this the most effective way to create momentum in your church is with you leading the conversation with your team inside of your church. 11:36 was also incredibly cost effective. Let me give you a rundown of how we got to where we are with this 9:36 process online iteration number one was Dr. Owen westing consulting live with Jerry and his team. Daystar Jerry told me they were running about 500 people. Dr. Weston was charged in about thirty five hundred dollars a month plus his travel and the total for that got to be about $5000 per month.


[00:35:51] And let me tell you this Jerry just told me this before we started the training today that $5000 a month. They invested. That was the best money that he spent. Absolutely worth that. But for a lot of churches that's just not possible. So interation number two Jerry went to Dr. Lawson and said hey how do we take this information and put it in such a way that more churches can benefit from it without the high cost. And also how do we make it more scalable so we can teach a lot of churches at one time. And so what they did was 24 to double life. They did 24 events month after month for 24 months sequences and they do a 24 month loop and everybody listen to this as in the event as we all have a big event that's coming on Sunday. You know many of you are cringing going oh my gosh that's a lot of work to be able to do 24 Live events and it absolutely was. Plus the cost of it was only $200 a month. But when you put in travel and hotel eating and travel gas that kind of things we're looking at about $540 a month. The passer's were spending month in month out which adds up to about $13000 over two years. Still a great deal in fact it was almost a 90 percent reduction from the $5000 a month but still puts the training just a bit out of reach of a lot of churches the average church in America just can't afford to spend $13000 over the next two years on training.


[00:37:09] So iteration number three what we wanted to do is we wanted to be able to come back in and say hey can we do it again. Can we reduce by another 60 70 or 80 percent to get that cost down where it's manageable for literally any church and I'm glad to say that we were able to drop it another 81 percent and offer it to you for just $99 a month. But it even gets better than that. If you get involved in 24 to double today you can try out all 25 modules for 30 days for the grand total of seven bucks and after that 30 days it'll be just ninety nine dollars a month. In fact we'll even send you an email on the 25th day that says get out because pass or this is what we know for certain we won't pastors that are either all the way in or they're out we're not looking to just get you into this program we are trying to keep the church alive in America by putting some quality training out there that's going to help you build the systems to grow your church and all you've got to do to start that process is click the button below and get started. Now let me tell you what our promises to your first promises this 60 day money back guarantee no questions asked. You can kick the tires on 7:36 Elbel for 60 days after that period of time you'll be charged a couple of times. We will gladly refund your money if you call us back up and say we think you guys smell funny. We'll give you your money back. The other promise is this.


[00:38:30] Now this is the some questions asked promise if you implement 24 to double in the next 24 months and you're not satisfied with the results will refund your entire investment. Pastor That's right. We will give you every bit of your money back. Now let me tell you this one caveat to this. We've been doing this about four and a half years so far not only have we not refunded anybody's money after the 24 months we've not even had anybody ask every single person every single church that has engaged this process has seen significant results. Our last promise is this. There is no contract you can cancel any time. We're not going to hold you to it because we want you use this to impact people and reach people who are far from Christ in your community. Now real quickly let me tell you this. Let me tell you who 24 it is not for is not for the easy button pastors. This is real work. There is no easy button in growing your church. And I should say this if you're this far into this training today I know that's not you you know hung around this long learning if you wanted the easy button OK so it's not for the easy button. Pastor it's also not for the lone wolf pastor. This is not something you sit in your office and do by yourself. This is training that is meant to be consumed with you and your team and that we put it together that way so Pastor you don't have to be an expert in 24 to double to walk through this with your church. Let me talk about who a double absolutely is for it's for the Gap pastor.


[00:39:51] No I'm not talking about pastors that shop at the Gap. I'm told that pastors that know that there's a gap between the ministry you were called to and the one that you're experiencing and they're ready to do something about it. It's for the pastor that's tried everything else. I know there's a million different ways to do things out there there's a million different people teach in church growth systems. We get all that. So let me just tell you this I'm going to peel the cover right now just so you'll know what our secret sauce is our secret sauce is helping you refuse to do it all and partner with people in your church to reach lost people. This system is a whole church discipleship model because we are encouraging you and forcing you to engage people in the process of discipleship and all you've got to do pastor to get started is click the button below. Now let me talk to you about a couple of different bonuses we're going to throw at you if you get started today. We're actually going to give you eight sermon series notes. Jerry is incredible at sermon preparation. He might have eight to 10 to 13 pages of notes for every sermon. You're going to get those notes from eight different sermon series as well as his stage notes which is a massive amount of information. You've got the 30 days to live. Got junk crazy love. Miss Fortune cookies warrior generosity. And there's a few others that you're going to get just for signing up a bonus.


[00:41:10] Number two is you're going to get the free version of our volunteer gifts and passions test. Again this is the cornerstone of what we do with 7:36 helps us really understand who the people in our church are and where they fit on those teams you're going to get access to that for free bonus. Number three is we're going to throw a few labs at you. The first one is the worship lab. Again we're not going to teach you how to do the style of worship. We're just going to help teach you how to take your worship to the next level. You're also going to get a bonus lab. The church facelift loud. One of the things that Daystar has done a great job over the years is Pincian a penny in figuring out how to create unbelievable environments on a tight budget. We're going to teach you how to do that in this lab and then the last lab is the pastor's breakfast lab in this lab we're going to walk you through how to use the gifts and passions test and how to use this environment to get people to go from rows into small groups and from rows into volunteer positions in your church. So go ahead and click the button now and get started. Now the last thing I want you to know about is this. We understand that we would be asking you a crazy ask right now if we were saying hey we want you to commit to doing something for 24 months. That's not what I'm asking. All I'm asking you to do is to call a meeting in that we know that you need to have a meeting to engage this process.


[00:42:25] So what we did was we went out and created a team meeting agenda for you. So this is the agenda along with the investment schedule and team handouts as well as a video with Jerry spin in about 10 or 12 minutes talking to you and your team about the 24 to double process. We wanted to take the weight of explaining this to other people off of you put it squarely on our shoulder so you can make a good decision about 24 to double. So let me give you a quick rundown of everything you're going to get if you sign up today. Number one you're going to get the twenty five modules of 24 to double where we teach you how to do the gifts and passions test build all those teams reinforce those teams and staff those teams with staff and volunteers. Secondly you're going to get eight free sermon series I mentioned a moment ago. You're also going to get the free version of the gifts and passions survey you're going to get live monthly Q and A's with Jerry myself and then alumni of 7:36 double will and then you're going to get all the bonus modules that we mentioned the one on the face lift for your church the worship and the one on the pastors breakfast. But more importantly what you're going to get is a scalable model for reaching people who are far from Christ but right outside the doors of your church. And you can get access to everything I've talked about all 25 modules or 24 will plus all the bonus information for 30 days for just seven dollars and all you got to do is click the button below to get started.


[00:43:49] Hey Gerri before we got back to the six things passer's do to kill generosity. What would you say to the pastor who says you know what I would love to try this but you don't know my church or you don't know what's going on in my church or somehow we've got a special circumstance that you've never heard of.


[00:44:05] Yeah. I almost laugh at the special circumstance because everybody's got special circumstances but here's where I was pastors. This is going to be stark. OK. But if you realize the age that we live in as ministers of the Gospel and the place that God put us in most of you guys although a lot of folks are from other countries but most of you right now are from the United States. There is a steep decline in the.


[00:44:32] Impact the church is having on our culture.


[00:44:35] So sometimes I think about it like an old digital pager salesman. You know when he saw his you know you say everybody had a pager doctors and you know everybody and then all of a sudden cell phones came about and the his industry was in steep decline. You know what I don't believe the church is in an industry and I don't get me wrong.


[00:44:58] But the numbers were going back to the great awakening something like 70 to 80 percent of Americans were in church on Sunday. You go back to World War Two About forty two or more percent of the church where people were in church on Sunday. This past Sunday something like 20 percent of the Church of the world of of America was in church by the year 2050. They're predicting eleven point seven percent. It's a tough industry. If I can just use that term man the way we've been doing church is not been working. Hey it worked for me because I got saved. Don't get me wrong I thank God for that preacher that led me to the gospel. But the truth is if we're honest with ourselves something has to change. You know what I don't care if I had everybody fighting me in my local church I would personally want to learn. I would personally want to know how to do better how to engage.


[00:45:52] And so that's my will pastor to do this. We've been doing this for a long time. More than 1000 churches have had to learn from us. And so you know there are some pastors that have jumped on board they've seen it happen. I just talked with Ashleigh the other day said it's taken him longer than he thought but it is really growing.


[00:46:06] I talked to another pastor told me he doubled in six months. I know a pastor who learned the system in one church it didn't work there. He went to another church it worked there. I didn't I would just say this. Invest in yourself invest in yourself. I'm going to encourage you. I'm never going to beat you down. I'm going to try to inspire you. It's going to work for you personally. And if your church will buy and there is a 100 percent chance it will work for them because it's not my system it is straight up the way Jesus did his model. So I know it will work. And you know what if it doesn't if they won't buy in you by then you will learn you grow personally. I promise you you will not regret. You can't find anybody who's done 24 to the evil and truly body and regrets it. It worked for you. Bless you. So that would be my answer.


[00:46:55] Richard Yeah and the last thing I'll put on that is just to say this and I didn't say this before the biggest changes that we're seeing are not even in the growth some of the growth is crazy and the churches that are doing this they're definitely having an impact there. But in the spiritual and emotional health of the pastors that we're partnering with us when we did all of our testimonies that was the thing that impacted me the most is these guys were not necessarily just talking about their church or talking about their their career and their ministry and how they're rejuvenated. Time magazine are in their 70s in some cases that are as fired up as I've ever thought about being so great. Thanks so much for that Gerri. Let's dive back into these last two issues here and really nail them. So the fifth reason or the fifth thing we do that kill generosity is we fail to give the big ask. That is that's huge Jerry. Talk about that and how you do that.


[00:47:47] De-stocking it is. And I will attack one more thing about 2040 though before I get to number five. And that is one of the reasons why people are refreshed.


[00:47:56] I believe pastors are refreshed in this teaching and training in what Richard was saying that you know not only is the church from a pastor to feeling better is I'm not going to step up on the platform like all these conferences I go to where essentially those many of those speakers give an illusion of what's going on and make you feel terrible about what's going on here church. I've been there too. I call it comfort speak. You know because I speak in a lot of these conferences too. And you know you give this image of these just everything's perfect and you know that leaves the rest of us sitting around feeling like Well obviously I've denied the faith and God doesn't even know my name anymore. That's not what sort of word is. This is a real guy pasturing real people every week. I've had everything you've had to work and fight through and I don't have it all. God has graced us with a lot of knowledge we can pass. I also must say that last thing now we failed to give the big Ask man as the biggest mistake maybe of all. And it happens in every aspect man. Salesmen who are just trying to sell their product talk and talk and talk and talk about Prada and ever look first in the eye and say all right now let's you and me get down to the basis of you getting in this product. Here's the deal. I do not feel guilty. I'm not going to apologize for what we're doing. I'm giving you the rare privilege of doing what you were meant to do.


[00:49:23] You are not put on this earth to go drive a forklift or to go even just to run the business that you are.


[00:49:29] You are put on this earth to advance the cause of the gospel. You get to do that through generosity. So I'm going to ask people to look them in the eye and say man. Another reason why I don't feel guilty about it because I'm generous. I put my money where my mouth is. There's been years that I gave more than half of what the church gave me I gave back to the church. I personally believe in generosity. And so it's easy for me to talk about generosity to those guys. I mean you two areas that you need to get the big ask. And number one you need to preach about generosity and don't apologize for it don't get up and so of your guests today you know we never talk about finances. But today's the UP MAN If you're a guest today hey you came on the right day because I want to talk about Jesus is number one subject in all that he talked about. He talked more about generosity and giving in our you know our view toward material things than anything else so in that truly Christian way we're going to talk about Christ top Sunday. I mean think about that for a minute guys. If Jesus gave about 30 to parables about 16 of those were were about generosity materialism. About half of his parables were about that. And now what if you gave 26 sermons this next year on generosity. I know what you think and they run me out. No you're probably right but you'd be all about the same pace that Jesus was.


[00:50:54] So it matters to it matter to him and it should matter to you. There are creative ways to do that. 24 The devil has some ways to help you with that which you find a way to give the big ask. Talk to them about generosity. Challenge them to be generous. Put a card in their hand and ask them to make a commitment to be a tie. Their commitment to give to this or that kind of program that you have here is a second way you need to give the big ask and that is through special projects every year. You know we announce our missions initiative. We we preach I've got a weekend sometimes two weekends in a row vision weekend and I'm doing the big ask but I'm not just getting up preaching you know.


[00:51:36] You know Malikai three if you don't give to God you're robbing God. You know if that's your effect your annual sermon on giving throw that away. OK. I love you. It's not going to work. All right. You need to inspire people to give in the 1960s people did the right thing because they feared God and they want to make the preacher happy. You know what that's gone. And if you're preaching your whole sermon is if you don't tie your robing got this that's a true statement. I get that. That's a true statement. But if I'm talking to a Chinese man I can tell him the truth in English and he's not going to receive me because he needs to hear it in his own language no matter how true it is in English. It doesn't connect to him because he's Chinese. All right you've got to find a way to can teach Malaka three teach it all teach and teach Jesus teach every bit of it.


[00:52:22] But connect with them with an inspiring word tell them how they can add value how they can advance the Gospel. So you know to talk about that now when you have a special project set aside people call in your key givers and have dinner. Feed them you know blow their mind by saying hey guys you guys have been so generous this year we decided to spend some of your money and buy you dinner with your money that you gave.


[00:52:50] You talk about getting the attention of a business owner that kind of language. Yes what he's thinking anyways. I mean can I get an amen Richard. That's what they're already thinking anyway. Hey I gave that money anyways. What about you about your dinner with that money so that I can tell you that you know here's what you did.


[00:53:08] Here's how you gave. Here's the big picture and to ask you to do more to tell you that we had this amazing vision. I like to tell my people like this we have enough vision that will reach from here to the moon but it's going to be your generosity that determines the pace that we fulfill that vision. If you had no generosity we don't get off the ground. If you have some generosity We'll get to the clouds. But our vision reaches to the moon and back and we want you to you you have to fund that that generous vision with your generosity. So tell them the white cast vision to that select few then tell the same story to the whole church on a vision weekend. But you feel you help people to feel special when you call them aside.


[00:53:53] Well if I do that people are going to talk. That's right. What would you rather deal with the fact that people are talking a little bit or the fact that you can fulfill the mission of God because you don't have enough generosity in your. You have to pick your poison sometimes and there's going to be some of that at some point you're going to invite people into a room and other people don't get to be in that room and that's going to be difficult. My guys that's why God called you such a high calling because he knew you could do the difficult things. So that in a nutshell is the big ask. We could talk a whole lot more about that. But you know what. You just have to look people in the eye and say hey I'd like to ask you to do this that the idea of generosity is really twofold pasturing Church number one is should you be generous.


[00:54:33] I think we all know the answer is yes. The number two question is should you be generous here. Right so you have to make the case for that. And I'll tell you. So I give automatically every month to my church and I give automatically because I want to be generous in my life but I just wrote the biggest check I've ever written about church because they're building they're adding on to the student ministry area in my church which have led a small group in the church of high school boys for seven years. That sounds where they had been in high school for seven years almost second round with these guys. But the reason I wrote that check pastor is because I didn't want to miss out. So I give monthly because I want to live a generous life. I gave to this project because I didn't want to miss out on what God was doing. And somehow my church was able to create that emotion in me. Hey you're They ask and they did a very pointed ask. And the bottom line was this. Are you in or out. You know. And you can be at different levels and here's the levels. Like I was. But you're either in or you're out on that. There's no gray area like yeah I'm part of what the church is doing there. You either gave to this or you did not give to this.


[00:55:36] And I think that's a huge tension if you will to be able to create in people generous people to be able to be more generous and I love the fact that you talk about getting face to face with people and asking them because generous people will respect that.


[00:55:50] They will. And actually that story you just shared Richard is a perfect segue into this last number six we failed to target high impact givers. See here is what you need to know in your church the most effective leaders the most generous people the most wealthy people in your church are the most lonely people in your church.


[00:56:13] Stop for a minute and realize that it's not my opinion it's a fact. The most principles. Business owners politicians people who really are high impact that people are afraid of them.


[00:56:28] They're nervous around them. Their interactions with them are going to be guarded. They need somebody like you that will sit down in front of them let them talk about their problems. I just had breakfast with the president the city council in my town a high impact giver and our church. You know I sat down I talked with him because those are the kind of people listen I'm not I'm not manipulating that guy. I mean we we've we've developed a close bond and I love that guy but I recognize that those are the kind of people who have a million acquaintances that very few friends. And so I wouldn't target them because I can understand some of their issues and because I'm a shepherd and they need a shepherd. So I'm going to target those guys and go right to them and talk to them about their lives and about what's going on. But I specifically asked them to give because they have the potential to be a high impact giver. And one of the things when you when you ask somebody to give you help you need to understand their mind.


[00:57:24] Richard just told you that he gave an outside of his normal giving big big big check of his life to student ministries and he said that I've been serving for seven years in student ministry. So that's his lane. He's passionate about that and he's giving in his lane. You need to know what the links are in your church and you need to talk to high impact givers about their lane.


[00:57:47] You know we have a guy in our church who is a high impact giver and we recently needed to upgrade a lot of video stuff I need to I need. Tens of thousands of dollars. And you know this guy happened to actually own an NBC station before he retired. I went right to him and said hey we need new cameras. I need $25000 for new cameras. Would you be willing to give $25000 for the cameras you really did. You gave me $25000. I wish I'd asked for $35000. Know it's super. I just couldn't do that pasa. I mean it just feels weird. It felt weird to me too. Boy it felt different when he handed me the check though so I will let you jump in Richard. I got more to say. I feel like you want to add to this. Jump in and talk about the same number six.


[00:58:37] No. So I don't want to say a lot here because we're we're running up against our clock right here. But but the guy and me that's always been a business leader or a sales leader all that kind of stuff really just wants to communicate he passed or you need to do this and let me. Let me give you a simple exercise to get the ball rolling on this because you're all going to do this in the next 24 hours. You know walking somewhere and you're going to get a cup of coffee. I know this is a weird transgression here. When you walk in just ask for a 10 percent discount wherever you go Starbucks McDonalds start developing that muscle of asking that awkward question so that when you sit down with somebody it's not the first time you've ever done this. Just ask people in all proportion you chances are you're not going to get a discount. And if it's a $2 cup of coffee you're only going to get a 20 percent discount anyway. But it's awkward and what I'm telling you is get over the awkward part of that because you're not doing something for your you're doing it for what God has called you to do. And these big these high impact givers have the potential to fund everything you've ever prayed about in your ministry. Hey Gerri let me let me do this. So since we're right up against the hour here let me do this. Let me give you guys a quick rundown of what you get if you get involved in 7:36 double today and then you and I'll wrap up. Sounds good.


[00:59:46] So here's a quick recap if you get involved in 2014. Today you're going to get all the 7:36 double module's you're going to get the eight free sermon series that's 34 messages that we talked about. You're going to get access to our gifts empassioned survey to be able to help you use as a catalyst to get people to move out of rows and into volunteering in your church. You're going to get access to our live monthly Q&A with Geria myself and our alumni. And then you're going to get the bonus modules that we talked about and more than anything you're going to get this scalable model for reaching people that are far from Kreiss but right outside the doors of your church I hope you go ahead and click the button below and get signed up today.


[01:00:26] OK that's it. Gerri thanks so much for taking the time and putting some soul into this today. I know that the pastors that are with us if they stayed this long you and I both know these are the guys the men and women that you and I were called to impact with this thing called 24. And so thanks so much for taking the time to do that.


[01:00:44] Hey guys I'll read to you too. I love and appreciate you for what you do. I believe in you. I know you have your critics which you just need to know. You know I walk with you through it and I know that you didn't do it because you wanted to be famous or rich. You're doing what you do because you heard from God and that puts you in very elite company for me so I love you and I appreciate what you're doing and I'm praying for you.


[01:01:05] Super. We hope to see you every one of you inside of the 2014 platform. If not we'll catch you on the next training. Thanks so much for taking the time to be with us.