Hey, what was the big take away from your Easter Sermon last year?

If you're struggling to remember, do you think the people who heard it know? Probably not right?

So as you're putting the wrapper on your message I wanted to give you a kick-starter to help make sure people remember your message. In 2014, Andy Stanley's Easter message had this bottom line:

“Nobody expected NO….BODY”

I'm not telling you to be Andy Stanley, there's already one of him.  However, to be the best version of you, you need to make your message sticky.  A great one liner, like this one will give people something they can grab hold of and remember.

Sticky Statements in 3 simple steps:

  1. Finish Your Message Prep  – Don't build your message around the statement.  Build the statement around the message. Coming up with the message “bottom line” is the last thing you do.  Ideally, you've marinated on the message for a few days before you start this process.
  2. Play “Knock Knock” – Imagine your ideal (future) church member is on the other side of the door. Play knock knock with them. When you say knock knock and they answer “Who's There?” whatever you say next is going to be what determines if they let you in or not.  Which means it must be important TO THEM.  We're looking for the spiritual throat punch here. (We all love a good spiritual throat punch.) It must be and idea they'll be thinking about next Thursday.
  3. Make It Tweetable – The final step is to take that idea above and craft a 140 character message out of it.  So people can tweet it yes, but also so they can remember it.  Anything much longer will just be white noise by the time the potato salad is served.

We're praying for you to have your best Easter ever this year!