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Chris Andrews – 24toDouble Review

About Me

My name is Chris Andrews. I'm the administrative pastor at Fellowship Baptist Church. Our church is 51 years old, and I came in just a year ago. I inherited 24toDouble as my project to take the lead on, but our church, we needed something like this because we have 51 years of ministry that had gotten disorganized. We needed to have a plan for church growth.

Pastors Can't Grow a Church Alone

When we came into 24toDouble, it was all new to us. Having the teams for our ministries. Our ministries were pastor led. We had pastors that were doing more than one thing, and they were the leader, and they were setting up, and they were fulfilling all the different roles. For us to come into this, it was something new to wrap our minds around. We didn't really know how to implement it, but as we started watching the videos together, it really helped our staff come together on that plan. It's helped us tremendously get our ministries organized.

The biggest ah-ha for me was that the pastors were not intended to do all the work of the ministry. For us, we're running around like chickens with our heads cut off a lot of times, and we're feeling over worked and overwhelmed. It has helped us to put people into place that weren't already in leadership, and so we're developing these ministry teams with other leaders helping us. It's just been a burden off of our shoulders to do that.

Keeping Up With Church Growth

For small group ministry, I came in. It was new for our church a couple years ago, and that was the ministry that I took over. I was making all the announcements. I was holding all of the trainings. I was coaching all the leaders. It was difficult to keep up with everything because we had a church that was growing. What we learned from 24toDouble was that we have different people in our church and they have these skills already. They've got God given abilities and skills that would help them help me, and all together we'd make the ministry even better. So, right now we just this last year launched our life group leadership team. It's our teams, our small groups team, and we have a trainer, and we have some head coaches we've called them. I have a coordinator, or my secretary, so I've got these people. We're meeting together and they're helping me. It's incredible because we can do more together, and so that's been a really big difference for us in that small group ministry.

Church Growth Review

If you're thinking about 24toDouble, whether you should do it or not. For our church and for our staff, we've got a staff of six pastors, it has been huge to bring us together, to get us on the same page, to set us on a track to see new leaders grow up in our growing church. We've seen people that were coming into the church. They've come to our membership class, and then they wouldn't get connected. They would leave and they wouldn't be serving. It's just helped us, and now we're on a track to where when the people come, the people stay. Would I say it's worth it? It's definitely worth it. It's definitely worth all the help we've gotten, and we very much appreciate it.