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Darin Putthoff – 24toDouble Review

About Me

My name is Pastor Darin Putthoff in Topeka, Kansas. We are a church plant of about six years now. We are kind of a different church. We all come … All of our musicians come from a, let's just say, rock and roll background, so that kind of comes out in us on Sunday mornings.

In our city, there wasn't a lot of churches really designed to reach lost people, and I left a lucrative sales job to start the church from scratch. Everybody thought we were crazy.

After about year six, we kind of hit that lid, we kind of hit that hundred adult lid, and just couldn't break through it, so we started searching and I reached out to Richard off of a Facebook ad and kind of the rest is history.

Why Did We Choose 24toDouble?

Well, when we kept hitting that lid on around 90 to 100 adults. I went before the church and told them I felt like I just wasn't living up to what I was supposed to be doing as a pastor and so I had started seeking out options to just get better as a leader and I thought, “Man, there's no better way …”

We hire consultants for every other thing in life, whether it's our money, our health, our education. I mean, so why wouldn't we hire a consultant to help us break through a lid into church growth?

When I started researching Jerry especially, I was like, “Man, this is our guy.” We just went after it. We had just come to a point where we knew we needed something different, so that's kind of the initial plunge that we took.

How We Started Our Church Growth

We started off by signing up for the seven day … I believe back then it was a seven day trial or maybe it was a 30 day trial. I can't remember, but we signed up for the trial period and had a meeting, had about 19 adults show up to our meeting, and we kind of went around the room and said, “Hey, is this the type of training that we want,” and everybody, unanimously, said “yes” and we took up a little love offering and double the amount of money came in that we needed to pay for the whole program right up front.

We went all in right from the beginning. We've hiccuped on a couple of months due to Christmas and a couple of things, but I think we are in module sixteen now. We just had our sixteenth module last night, and it's been fantastic.

I think the most thing that we recognized after we joined 24toDouble is just the obvious structure that came to our church, came to our staff, came to our leaders. There was an excitement. Our lead team went from around fifteen people to up … We've doubled just our lead team.

We do Sunday nights, once a month, we call it “24D Lead Team Training” and we've doubled even our leaders in the last year and a half or so that we've been doing this.

We just came to a point where we knew we needed a change. We needed some help and there's times in ministry, as a pastor, you can just feel it. You can feel it inside. It's like, “Man, I need some help,” and that's kind of why we pulled the trigger on 24toDouble initially.

Church Growth Review

It Has Changed My Life

As the lead pastor, it's really changed my life a lot to be in this program because it's excited or ignited my initial staff, my initial pastor staff, my associate pastors, my worship team pastors. The guys that have been closest to me, I would say there's about five of us that are on my original staff, and they are all still here intact, but now there's a new energy, even in them.

To get everybody up close to me ignited has made a big difference for me as a senior pastor because now it's like we're all in this at a new level together, and I think that's been a significant change for us.

Man, I would say I've actually referred a few of my friends to 24toDouble, to Richard, to Jerry. If you are in the decision process, this is a great deal. The access that you get to Richard and to Jerry, the contents. If you're sitting on the fence right now trying to decide whether or not you should do it, it's kind of a no-brainer.

We looked at it as we were at a point where we needed a change and to pull the trigger on something like this just made total sense to us. We did not have the money set aside for this program. It was amazing, when I called this initial meeting to get our church's take on moving forward with this, like I said, just in a simple love offering, I showed the initial video that they sent about the breakdown of what the meeting was, and the people were so excited, we doubled the cost of the program just in a simple love offering.

I was to the point I was going to pay for it myself because I knew that we needed church growth that bad and man, I would just encourage everybody pull the trigger, just do it, whatever cliché you want to throw out there, but take a risk. The risk of riskless living is the greatest risk of all, and take a chance and I guarantee you that you're going to enjoy every minute of it.