Church Leadership & Growth Podcast Episode 3: How Pastor Malcolm Carter Grew His Church from 100 People to over 1700 in 3 Years

Malcolm Carter is the Senior Pastor at Temple Baptist Church in Cullman, Alabama.  He has an amazing story of how God has moved in his life at Temple to grow his church from just under 100 people to over 1700 people in 3 years.

“No matter what you've got – God can work with it.” – Malcolm Carter, Senior Pastor

In This Episode:

  • How the church broke through a plateau of first 100 people, and then 400 people
  • God's amazing work in a heart change towards different denominations and local churches
  • Are sacred cows holding you back
  • Willingness to break traditions to reach the lost
  • How far is too far when it comes to reaching the lost and the local community
  • God wants to do something through you


Key Points:

This exciting interview with pastor Malcolm Carter is sure to inspire you and encourage you.  Some of the key points in this episode include how Malcolm and his staff got serious about growth.  He talks about how they tried to cherry pick from several different models (and churches) in the area, but all they saw was frustration.  It wasn't until they decided to dive in 100% with a proven framework that they truly saw a breakthrough.

Malcolm realized that there were several traditions that they held as “sacred cows”.  These traditions had become steeped in legalism and were holding them back.  He talks about having balance between good traditions and those that are not rooted in scripture.  The key, he states, is lining up tradition with scripture.  Malcolm found himself at a cross road of asking, “how far is too far when it comes to reaching the lost?”  After much soul searching, he realizes that the answer is simply – when it becomes unbiblical.

In his typical encouraging tone, Malcolm states, “God wants to do something amazing though you – but you have to want it”.  Do you want it?  Are you ready to see God do a break through in your life?  In your church?  Are you willing to roll up your sleeves and get to work?

What is holding you back?

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