Part Time Director Of Paid Facebook Marketing

We’re looking for a Rockstar to join our team as a part-time Director of Facebook Marketing.  We offer a 2 year church growth program called 24toDouble that’s revolutionizing church training.  The training is a 24 month video driven system that pastors can use to coach their teams.   Over the last 2 years we’ve launched the online platform and now have nearly 400 active churches in the program. Most of those 400 churches have come to us from paid Facebook ads.

Now we need a player who can manage the daily rigors of tracking and implementing Facebook Ads.  (FYI - We’re more interested in A players than Facebook gurus.  So, if you’re an A player we’ll teach you how to click the right buttons.)

If you are:

  • Comfortable with technology (You don’t have to be Bill Gates, but you’ll need a working knowledge of computers.)
  • Focused on outcomes and not methods
  • Like working from home (or coffee shop)
  • Want a role that fits your life versus a job that determines your life
  • Available for 10-20 hours per week

Our team is small, but as we add members we’re super focused on building the right culture.  This is magnified by the fact that we’re a virtual company (no offices; no plan for offices; we don’t even like to visit them). So we’re only interested in people who are:

  • Coachable (We’ll make you better if you let us.)
  • Receptive to instruction
  • Able to handle constructive instruction
  • Motivated by the challenge of figuring things out
  • Can get things done when they aren’t micro-managed, or even visible


  • Run paid Facebook marketing ads & meet pre-determined metrics (I’ll explain this in detail if you’re the right candidate.)
  • Define Custom Audiences
  • Source images for Facebook ads using our outsourced graphic design team
  • Create ads in the Facebook Power Editor
  • Split-test ads
  • Constantly improve your knowledge of Facebook Marketing Strategy & The Platform
  • Track Facebook Ads using the Facebook Power Editor
  • You’ll also be called on to write copy for the Facebook ads. Don’t worry, this is a team effort and we’ll coach you as we go

Can’t Haves

  • If you can’t work without a ton of direction, this isn’t the right position for you. You need to be able to think and make decisions independently.
  • Current full-time employment (This role is too critical to be a side job. However, it’s ok to have other clients.)

Must Haves

  • Modern computer (Nobody with a 386 - That’s funny if you know what a 386 is. If you have one, it isn’t.)
  • 10-20 hours per week to dedicate to this role. (This probably seems obvious, but you’d be surprised.)
  • The ability to work independently and achieve results.

Nice to Haves

  • Experience with the Facebook Power Editor
  • Experience leading marketing projects for small to medium sized business.
  • Experience working with, for, or on churches

This is a freelance role that comes with all the benefits of freelancing. Based on your experience, we’ll come to an agreement for an hourly or monthly wage & bonuses based on goal metrics. As the company grows, other opportunities will be made available based on the results achieved by this team member.

To be clear, we’re looking for someone who’s looking to be part of a new kind of company that operates efficiently in an effort to serve churches. This isn’t a project or short-term engagement. We’re looking for someone we can build around and grow with.

If you think you’re a good fit for us. Click the button below to apply.


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