“Our responsibility is not to just be some type of an inclusive club of people and see only the people that are well.” -Pastor Hal Adams.

This is another outstanding episode you don’t want to miss.  It is an honor and privilege to have Pastor Hal Adams of Radford Worship Center in Radford, VA.  He is currently utilizing all that 24toDouble has to offer. Pastor Adams joins our host Richard Chancy this week and helps other pastors face their fears when it comes to new challenges that arise in the exciting world of ministry.  Please listen to the dynamic conversation between these two pastors!

Some of the things we talk about in this podcast include:

  • Church follow up program
  • Pastor Adams’ background
  • New to ministry, football coach, and teacher
  • What exactly Pastor Adams brought to the church
  • How not to get caught up in the machine, or trappings of the church
  • Going forward to benefit others even though one has fear and self-doubt
  • Reaching out for help to benefit others
  • Applying force to change direction
  • Finding purpose by fulfilling the expectation of God
  • The importance of identifying your demographic
  • Utilizing the 24toDouble guidelines and practices for the benefit of the ministry

Links that were mentioned in this episode:

  • 24toDouble church growth program – Not just for pastors.  Pastoral students and educators will benefit as well.  Great resource, cost effective, awesome connection, and lifeline.
  • John Maxwell – “I’ve been incredibly blessed by God.”  “Obedience.”  “Being obedient to do what God calls you to do is how you magnify the blessings in your life.”

Key Take aways:

Today’s episode was filled with hope and thoughts that will motivate others to move in a forward direction with their own ministries.  Listening to Pastor Adams reminds us that even though we feel like we might have misinterpreted God’s calling, that the calling to lead a ministry is exactly what we are supposed to be doing at this time in our lives.  Pastor Adams talks about reaching out for help after realizing he alone could not bring growth and unity into his church.  He reached out to 24toDouble, and with one simple email to Richard Chancy the ball started rolling toward the growth of his church and believing in his own abilities as well as the abilities of his church leaders.

He utilized the step-by-step process of 24toDouble and has become more focused on what exactly he needs to identify and work on to make his church beneficial to all its members.  He paid attention to those who can receive help and blessings from the church and said goodbye to those who might benefit from another church.  He realized that this is okay, and, in the long run, good for his church.

Pastor Adams talks about using his strengths and skills that he brought with him into the church.  He was a football coach.  He found that while using God’s help, 24toDouble, some motivation and putting teams together, they would enhance the church experience for all.  He has also incorporated some new outlets as well, such as music and media.

The conversation discloses the fact that self-doubt, fear, and the feeling that he needs to do this alone is one that many will identify with.  Listening to his transformation is incredible.  He has put into place tools from the 24toDouble website that promote growth for his church, more quality time spent with his family, and the ability to pay closer attention to the church’s newest members.

Everyone at 24toDouble hopes you’ve enjoyed this podcast.  We look forward to meeting you through our website!  We would appreciate you heading over to iTunes to give this podcast a review.  Don’t forget to subscribe so you’ll never miss a show!