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Mike Bennett – 24toDouble Review

About Me

I’m the pastor of First Baptist Church in Medicine Lodge, Kansas. My family and I came about two years ago in 2015. Going on year number three, and we’ve seen God bless since we’ve been here. When we first came, the church was about 50 people, and they were struggling financially. Hardly any children or young families. Then since we’ve been here, we’ve been able to see some church growth. About 80 people on Sunday mornings now. Where there used to be about 20 Sunday nights, we have about 40. Then we have more children, and the nursery’s packed on Sunday. Just started a Wednesday night program as well, so we’ve seen God bless in a lot of ways.

I Found 24toDouble on Facebook

We’re thankful for 24toDouble. I actually just found it looking on Facebook one day and just clicked on it. I was kind of discouraged in the ministry, and was wanting to figure out a way in which I could try to help our church. This 24toDouble has helped me personally, and also, it’s helped our church in some great ways as well.

The reason we tried to get into 24toDouble is not because there was a problem in the church, but there was a problem with me personally. I came as a 24-year-old pastor having no idea what I was doing. Came from a job in Florida where I was teaching in a Christian school and never really was mentored by someone. Went to Bible college for four years. Got a good theological basis, but my philosophy of ministry, I really had none. I was trying to figure out how I could get a good philosophy, a good basis of that.

Structure for Church Growth

24toDouble really was my answer. I was trying to find something where there was a good structure of the church. Couldn't really find anything, and then I came across this. Jerry really taught some things that were from the word of God, something that I’d never heard before, sadly, being in a Bible college and some backgrounds like that. He gave some great resources that have helped me personally. Just me personally, I didn't have the philosophy, and it helped me out tremendously in that way.

I would say the biggest thing that I’ve been able to take away from 24toDouble is leadership discipleship. Oftentimes when we talk about discipleship, we think of new believers going through a curriculum or course for several weeks. Then we just leave them there to hang out just to do nothing and grow sour in their walk with the Lord and such. I have learned that what we need to do is we need to take them to the next level, and Jerry has taught and brought forth the teaching of equipping the saints for the work of the ministry.
Church Growth Review
I never really thought about that. All the churches I had been in, the pastor was everything, and he did everything. Me personally, I saw how I was limiting the church growth of our church because I was trying to micromanage everything. 24toDouble has taught how that we need to have different leaders in ministries and how that the pastor needs to equip them. It has helped free me up. It’s helped my stress. It’s helped my anxiety and fear and being able to shove some things off on people and let them actually be a part of the ministry. I think it’ll really help. If you personally would get into 24toDouble, it could help you be able to see how that you can grow leaders that can teach others also, as Timothy tells us to do.

What You Need to Know

If you're considering 24toDouble or wondering if this is a good fit for you, I would challenge you to really pray about it. I believe the Lord would have you to do this, first of all, to help you in your own walk with the Lord. Each pastor needs a pastor, and we all need to continue to grow. This is a way in which you can be able to grow in the Lord, be able to grow in your ministry. I think it’d be a great help to you in that way.

Also, it’ll help you to with church growth. 24toDouble is Bible-based. When we do things according to the word of God, I believe that God will bless that obedience and our faith in him upon acting on His word. If you're looking for a program that is Bible-based that is going to encourage you and strengthen you in that way, then 24toDouble is great as well.

Another thing is I’m a traditional Baptist pastor. With that, we use hymns. We have pews in our church, and we dress up nice on Sundays and such. One thing with Jerry that I appreciate is that he doesn't try to push you to change a bunch of things in your church, but he challenges you to do it with excellence. He’s not there to try to make you change your beliefs, to change the DNA and uniqueness of your church, but he’s challenging you to do things Bible-based to change some things in your church that need to change, that people need to see a difference in your church so it doesn't grow stagnant and cold.

One thing I do appreciate is the liberty in this program. If that’s you, you're wondering, “Is this just one of these, another church growth programs?” it’s not. It is different because it’s Bible-based, gives you liberty. I believe it will be a help to you. Just try it out and see what the Lord would do with it.