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Mike Mutchler – 24toDouble Review

About Me

Hello, my name is Pastor Mike Mutchler. I have pastored Grand View Baptist Church in Beavercreek, Oregon. Beavercreek is not even a city. It's just a hamlet, but it's on the outskirts of Metropolitan Portland and a few thousand scattered around a large area.

I started this church 32 1/2 years with just my wife, two children and 50 songbooks. God's been good to us. We have 17 acres of property right now, about 65,000 square feet of buildings, and about 1,200 people are a part of our ministry on any weekend, so God's been awfully good to us.

We've been privileged to reach a ton of people for Christ throughout the years. We have a traditional church, which is a little different, but I've just kept it the same all these many years.

We have aggressive outreach throughout the area, ministering in many different capacities, reaching people on a regular basis. Just last night, there were teenagers, all 34 came to Christ sharing the gospel. We see stuff like that on a weekly basis.

How I Found 24toDouble

What interested me with 24toDouble is, like you, I saw the advertisement on Facebook and I thought, “This might be interesting.” I clicked it, probably, about the third time I saw it, and I was immediately impressed by it.

It spoke to my heart because it had the same vision that I had to reach as many people as possible for Jesus Christ, and I'm constantly looking for a better tool, a way to sharpen my tools. I'm always looking for more information. Reading, reaching out.

I want a vibrant church. We have that, but I want to continue for the next generation, and I want to reach more and more people for Christ, and so this program fit the bill for exactly what I was looking for.

My Big A-ha Moment(s)

There were several aha moments. In fact, we've watched many of the modules with my pastoral staff and sometimes, I've even had them look at a module by themselves and come back and give a report on it, although mostly, we all try to look at them.

One of the biggest aha moments, when it was stated that “You need to look at every visitor as though they're the prodigal son who's come home. How are you going to treat them?” Boy, that took friendly to a whole different level.

When you're thinking that's your son coming home, and you start treating everyone who drives on the property that way, well, that just blossomed the numbers of greeters in the parking lot, in the building, and in all the different parts of the building.

Church Growth Review, Grow Your Church

We went from a few people saying “Hi” to people intentionally working to love on everybody they see, whether they know them or don't know them, brand new people or old-time members, and it's just created a tremendous spirit in our church, and that was a big aha moment.

Well, I guess, every module has one. Every single module is exciting. For instance, the idea of getting more people involved in your church. For every one person you get involved, four others will come.

Now, we all know that we need to involve as many people as possible, but we never knew that involvement gets any more than just people to help them. The idea that it would help others is just amazing.

Since that time, we've taken … On our next video, we'll take several of our millennials, young couples, young singles, and we have them start giving video announcements. I notice every time it's the first time they're on video, they got four or five friends there to watch them. It's just using the crowd that you're trying to reach, and so all of that stuff just struck home. It works. It's powerful, and we are totally sold on the program.

Can You Grow Your Church with 24toDouble?

If you're considering 24toDouble, let me just say that it will fit into your church regardless of what situation you have. You'll always find things that will better your ministry.

If you want to grow your church and ministry, you really have to examine your passion for the ministry itself. We are called to accomplish things for the cause of the Lord Jesus Christ. We're not here as professionals just waiting it out until Jesus comes. We're here to accomplish and occupy until he comes, so we want to reach this generation for Christ. This program will give you the tools to do that.

Now you might say, “Well, I'm not sure our church could go through this total transformation,” but what happen is with the 24toDouble, you don't go through that total transformation in one month. You take a module and you start applying those truths to your church, then you look at the next module and you'll be able to take those truths and make application to your church.

Growing Your Church is Exciting

Will everything fit in your church? No doubt, it won't, but you're going to find there so much good stuff in there. It's going to bless your church. It's going to transform your church. It's going to excite you as a pastor. You're going to want to just tackle your ministry with a whole new vision and a whole new vibrancy. It's going to bless your heart.

When I first saw the program and I watched the, I don't know, 15, 20-minute video, I was so sold on it. I personally bought the program for my church. That's how sold on it I was. If you're saying, “Well, my church can't afford it,” well, you could and I tell you what, it will help grow your church. It will excite you. It will excite your staff. It will excite your laymen.

When you share some of these truths with them, they're going to be so on fire and so excited, and so let me encourage you. There's very few things that you can just take and apply right now to your church, but 24toDouble, you can.

Pastor Jerry is not just selling a program. He's not just saying, “Do this.” He's saying, “Saturate it with prayer. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Care about souls.” Everything that's real about the ministry is what you're going to find. If that's your heart, you're going to love this program.