I'm reading a book with my mentoring group right now called “The One Thing“. It's a great book & It got me thinking about you this morning pastor. On Easter you're going to get ONE shot at people who are far from God. This may be the last time for some of them. So it matters what happens.

As you're doing the million other things you've got to do this week I wanted to let you marinate on a great question.

Here's the “One Thing” question:

What's the one thing, such being done, makes everything else easier or unnecessary?

3 Steps To Massive Invitations 2

So, if the goal is to bring people into a relationship with Jesus Christ, what's the one thing you can do this week that will make everything else you need to do easier, or unnecessary?

Here's 3 ideas to get you started:

1. Script Your Call To Action Sunday?
Keep in mind, most people aren't going to be ready to make a decision for Christ this weekend. So if that's your only call to action you'll miss the lion's share of the people in attendance. With that in mind, what can you specifically ask them to do?

That one thing is critical.

2. “Netflix” Them
Neflix your visitor by using and open loop. An “open loop” is when you start a story this week without finishing it. Open loops are the primary method behind a Netflix addiction.

Most of the tv shows now leave at-least 1 loop (often 2 or 3) open every week to suck people back in. You can do that too. It could be a series you start on Easter, or it could be as simple as starting a story and teasing the end of it for next week.

3. How Will You Follow Up?
The future of your church is in the follow up. If you don't know how you'll follow up this Easter, get a sheet of paper out right now and brainstorm 10 ways you can follow up after Sunday. Pick 1 or 2 ideas and absolutely nail them. (Time is short so do it now)

Take a minute and think about it.

We're praying God brings the right people in contact with you this weekend.