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Richard Weyer – 24toDouble Review

About Me

My name's Rich Weyer. I'm the pastor of St. Paul's Church in Milltown, New Jersey. I've been the pastor here now for 22 years. It's a church of about 125 to 150 people on Sunday morning, a membership of about 300 people. We've come to a point of being on a very content plateau for the past several years, and knew that we needed to do something differently to grow our church. It's been a ministry that is a ministry, using the 24todouble terminology, a Ministry of Chaos. The pastor does a lot. The congregation does, but when things kind of fall through the holes, the pastor kind of picks up, and jumps into it, and so one of my major concerns for the church is at the age of 65, I will be thinking about retirement in the near future and wanted to make sure that the church was on very solid ground, that they were more of a lay-led congregation than a pastor-led congregation. When I saw the 24todouble on the internet, I pursued it, and we discussed it, and we all felt as if it was time to really embrace the ministry, and that we all are the ministers, and that how do we get the congregation to become better at ministry?

Church Growth Review

My Big Takeaway from 24toDouble

The one big thing that I've taken away, and it was in the second module, was the four to one ratio. We actually did the math, and how many volunteers we have on a Sunday morning, and multiplied it by four, and it was right on in terms of the number of people that were worshiping. We really have been struggling the last five or six years to, how do we get the lay more involved in volunteering and doing the ministry, and bringing them into worship? Our focus has been, how do we get people into worship, and realized that our focus needs to be is how do we get people into ministry? The more people doing the ministry, the more the church will be filled.

An Opportunity for Church Growth

To those of you that are questioning whether this is something for you, I think it's both for you and the church. I'm sure there are times like myself, you really are ready to just … You've come to your wit's end, and you're ready to say, “You know what. I need to make a change.” There's a part of us that we love to be the center, but at the same token, it gets tiring.

This was my hope, is that this would be a great opportunity for the church to grow and really step up, and for us to really do what we're called to do, to enable, to make ministers, and not be the minister. I'd say bite the bullet and jump into it, because I think it will be the best thing for you, and definitely the best thing for the church.