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Win Anderson – 24toDouble Review

About Me

Hi. My name is Win Anderson, and I'm with Family Harvest Church. I was appointed Lead Pastor just about two years ago, and we're excited about all the great things that are happening at Family Harvest Church. One of the things that's been instrumental is the instruction that we've received from 24toDouble. We were in a place where the attendance was kind of waning. We were seeing membership go down and we started thinking, we need to go outside of our traditional means and look around and see who's doing something that's really got some momentum for church growth. We came across the folks at 24toDouble, and since we've implemented that, we have actually grown and doubled our attendance. We're looking to, in the next year, double again.

Accessible Church Growth Training

Some of the things that have been important to growing our church was systematic, being able to get the information and then assimilate it to our leadership. 24toDouble has made that super, super easy to do because not only are the videos accessible, over and over, you can watch them as many times as you want and you watch them in a group. They also supply a syllabus which actually is sitting right next to my desk and stays with me on my desk all the time –and here's why. I've actually printed this thing off several times because when I need a go-to source, this syllabus is my go-to source. I have found resources there not only just from 24toDouble, but the team actually takes a live Q&A call every month.

If I get into something with 24toDouble content, and I have a specific question as I'm walking it out with my leadership, I can get on the call that month. I keep a notepad next to my desk. I jot that down and the guys are so eager … Not just willing but eager, to answer the questions and to partner with some really great wisdom. I'm really thankful for that. That's why we got involved with 24toDouble. I know if you go forward with 24toDouble teams you're going to be very blessed. You're going to be very pleased with your results. Come on, let's do this.

A Little Bit More About Us

Before we got involved with 24toDouble, we were actually the youth pastors. My wife and I were the youth pastors at the church. Our senior pastor was called to another ministry, a sister church of ours. We were kind of at this place where we were kind of stuck. Our momentum had decreased. Like I said, it was going down, and we had to really look at what God wanted to do in our community. When we were able to get hold of the 24toDouble materials, we were able to look at the content … And by the way, this is nuts to bolts content. This is meaty stuff. There wasn't a whole lot of fill in that we had to do, but what we did have to do is we had to assimilate it for our community, what the Holy Spirit wanted to do in our area.

How We Do Church Growth

It's such a great resource that it lends to that so it's a great place to start. We did adapt it for us but being stuck and going from a maintenance mode if you will, back to momentum, we are seeing excitement. Listen, we had 21 salvations last year. Now, that may or may not be a big number for you, but for us it was huge because the previous years of the entire ministry, we had not totaled that at all. Through this content we're able to get focused, get on mission and be able to lead, not just a small core group, but now a leadership team. That's been the biggest impact for us. We were able to get unstuck and move forward in ministry.

Church Growth Review

For me the win is when somebody says, “Jesus, come be the Lord of my life.” That's the win, that's what I'm going for. 24toDouble has helped us to do that. The other thing that we're noticing with 24toDouble is that now we have resources and a team mentality of teams that we need to fill and appropriate with the right type of people. We're able to qualify our staff. We're able to get them in place and we're able to see them run with momentum as well.

In other words, for a pastor, I don't have to babysit them because they have a resource they can go to. I don't know if you're like me, but my thing is I really only want to do the things that only I can do. To have this resource available to my team, it's huge, man. It's been a huge impact on my ministry and also in the ability to minister to our community. Like I said, the win for me is when all this comes together and somebody receives Jesus Christ. That's huge for me.

A Committed Community

Hey, if you're in a place where you're trying to make a decision to do well, this is an easy decision. The guys at 24toDouble are committed to walking with you. It's a great resource of community of believers that are not only walking with you but praying for your success in ministry. I've noticed one thing in ministry when I'm around other leaders. A lot of times they will do the least amount of things that they can do until they finally hit something that's magnificent. This is one of those times where you're going to connect with a body of believers that really wants the same thing that you do. They're kingdom minded. They want to do great things for the Kingdom of God.

These resources give you the ability as a catalyst and a bridge to bring back momentum and grow your church. I highly recommend it. You have nothing to lose. You can try it. I believe these guys give you a money back guarantee. Still, that's how I got in. They said, “Hey look, if it's not working for you, we'll give you your money back.” The guarantee when I came in … I don't know if this is true. We want to see you double. Well, we did double so I can't get my money back. Let me tell you something. I don't want my money back. Matter of fact, I'd pay them more to get this thing going further. I know God is continuing to do great things as we move together through this.

The Big Win for Me

One of the biggest things for me is the calls that we're able to get on. If I have a question and I can call somebody that's gone before me and done it, I think that's huge. Not everybody has access to that kind of mentorship. These guys are walking the walk as well. They're not just some kind of in theory. These are pastors. These are guys working in ministry that have the pain points that you have, that pray daily like you do, that have a burden for their congregation like you do, and they're going to walk with you for kingdom-minded work. It's a great resource so come on and get with it.