24toDouble Members Live Q&A – January 2018

24toDouble Members Questions asked:

  • 24toDouble.com/Goals
  • Jerry Lawson Leadership Talks on YouTube
  • Once you have all your teams in place, what kind of training do you do with them in Year 2?
  • I’m expecting an increase in attendance for Easter.  Should I do a second service or pack everyone in?
  • Where should I do the Pastor’s Breakfast if I don’t have the room?
  • Swimming Lessons video
  • How do I establish who should be in the Five Fold?
  • Should we make our Growth Track classes available online?
  • How much time should we allow for each module?
  • What is the best time to go over the module each month?


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Well hello pastors and Happy New Year. This is Richard chancy with 24 to double and I have got my partner in 24 to double with us today Jerry Lawson. If you are with us for the first time here's what you need to know. We run this live. Q and A. Every month on the third Thursday of every month and we run it like a radio show. So you've got to do to get into the queue to ask your question is it star 6 on your phone. And then you'll have prompts and when it's your turn to ask your question it it'll prompt you for that as well. So all you've got to do right now is hit store 6 on the phone and you will be added to that queue. Before we get going today I wanted to do something a little bit unique. Jerry just did a really great training for his staff in his church on setting goals which are so appropriate this time of year as we kind of begin to reflect and then look forward you can get access to that training at 24 then we'll dot com boards flash goals and when you click through all that it's going to bring you right in the middle of the video I kind of jumped ahead from where they did worship and you'll go right into Jerry's training on that.

[00:01:07] So make sure you check that out. Jerry before we get going Why don't you just give us some of the highlights of that talk going on setting goals and getting ready for four this year.

[00:01:17] Yeah. Thanks Richard and thank you to all of you. Pastors and staff people are volunteers that are on board with this day. Yeah here's kind of what I do. At the beginning of every year I try to start said he actually I set my goals at the end of the end of the year and kind of perfect them I'm actually perfecting them now. But I always sit down once a month with my staff. We have a staff of about 30 at our church. And so I sit down with staff and some volunteers and I do some training for them and I do that every month.

[00:01:55] And this is one of those trainings that our 24 double page is going to link you to that. Richardson is sending to you but I want to make mention of one thing for you. This is also for you guys for all of you pastors and your leaders. I mean not only you personally developing but also your leaders. I would love to speak into your life inside set up a separate YouTube page. And it's just Jerry Lawson leadership talks. Jerry Lawson leadership talks. And every month I'm putting new content out there and it's the exact stuff I'm training my staff with. So I know to be great for you as a leader and for your staff.

[00:02:33] It's free all you do is subscribe to it it really do me a favor if you go ahead and go over there today when we hang up this call sign up and subscribe. Throw in your e-mail they'll still let you know when there's new content each month. So let me let me give you a quick highlight this is much much longer. But a quick highlight if you want to take a few notes down a couple of things that you want to do is when you set your goals. Number one begin with the end in mind.

[00:03:00] Don't just randomly think about some things you want to see but ask yourself where do I want to be this time next year what do I want to be different in my life what will I want to have a CI. What will I regret not doing. What will matter most to me. See our big problem is we get what I call tunnel vision and we start checking off little things off the to do list that are easy that make us feel good that we kind of accomplish something but goal setting is about focusing on big things and setting the most important goals in your life so you want to set specific goals.

[00:03:37] Now if they're not actionable goals are they're not something you can specifically say I'm going to do this. That's not a good goal it's not a smart goal. You can google that and learn about smart goals for yourself. But one thing about goals is that you don't want to say hey I want to lose weight this year. You want to say I want to lose 15 pounds or 10 pounds or whatever you're going to lose 40 whatever. This is how many pounds I'm going to lose and I'm going to lose it. You know this many pounds in the first quarter or even in the first month. So make them very specific.

[00:04:05] And when you write your goals down you've just increased your chances of accomplishing those goals by 42 percent. All right so that's a major part another major party has not had too many goals pegging would be your second act not don't take too many goals because the number one reason people report having not completed their goals is they feel overwhelmed by those goals. So be very careful. You shouldn't spend more than seven at the most 10 goals for a year and you ought to be specific about the two or three you're going to focus on in the first quarter and jump on those goals as a major part of goal setting is deciding what you're not going to do this year. Make sure you don't just add a bunch of new things to an already full task load. All right. So a third step would be to set big scary goals.

[00:04:58] You are going to get any fish inside of the shoreline. You catch big fish great fish you mounted on the wall way out in the ocean. Great fish that you talk about for the rest of your life are in dangerous waters. And the same is true about your life. And the big goals you set for yourself. Jackson Brown Jr. once said 20 years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. And I think that's probably true for most of us unless you do something really really dumb.

[00:05:29] At some point in your life you're not going to be disappointed by things that you know did it maybe you shouldn't have done this or that you can really look back and say wow I wish I had accomplished this. I wish I had written that book I wish I had launched that church. I wish I had spent more time with my kids.

[00:05:44] I think that you could write down your goals and work on them right now and back out ask you this question. Have you really lived the past five years of your life. Look at your last five years have you lived five years. Where have you lived the same one year five times. I think a lot of us would have to say you know I keep doing the same things and that's where disappointment sets in.

[00:06:11] Let me give you one more big gold and we'll move on Richard. Make your goals visible.

[00:06:15] Make sure that you can see those goals regularly. The old adage is out of sight out of mind and it's truly true so you need to put though those goals somewhere that you'll see them regularly. You know you could print them and put them on your refrigerator or on the mirror. Your love your vanity your in on your desk or even on your computer screen it's up to someone to put it on their screensaver they'd see it every time they looked at their computer screen. I put it in my prayer app I use an app called Prayer made and it keeps your prayer really your prayer list. So I'm thumbing through my prayer list every day. This one comes up and I remember not only my praying about those things but I've got action items to do so here's a big thing as if you're praying about your goals.

[00:06:57] You know you're going to be more motivated. It's almost like you become an accountability partner with God. One of my big goals this years to write this book I've been working on and to be honest with you I put it off and I put it off. Well now that I'm putting it on pray listen I'm asking God to help me. I can feel a lot of weight.

[00:07:15] You know if you're going to ask God to help but you better do your part to make your goals actionable. You know make a big and make them visible make them what you can see them and you look at them regularly.

[00:07:28] And for heaven's sakes pray over those make a prayer optics. So a whole lot more to this a couple more main points. Five action items I give you I'd love for you guys to go over to Jerry Lawson leadership talks. Click on the link that Richard is providing for you. Subscribe to the page while you're there in youtube and that way you'll get e-mails when I get new content on Twitter.

[00:07:55] Hey yeah let me put it. Let me tell you a little bit on YouTube because I love love love YouTube so you can go to the link that Jerry mentioned or you can go to 24 Dunmall dot com for Slash goals and it's going to take you right to the point in the video that Jerry is talking about goals. We'll take you to three minutes and 40 seconds while you're there click the subscribe button you can go on there. Now if you're sitting in front of your computer when you click the subscribe button the next thing you're going to see is a little great out bell. If you click that bell then every time Jerry uploads a video or he goes live on YouTube you're going to get a little ping on your phone now. I do that with everybody that I follow on youtube that I want to stay up to date on what it is or do it. The other really cool feature that YouTube has is the gear setting on YouTube you can actually click it and you can watch things that one and a half to three quarters to kind of speed which for me is super helpful once you get used to listening to somebody to top speed it's actually a lot easier and you can comprehend more because there's more coming at you and your mind doesn't have time to wander. So that's my my two cents on YouTube go check that out there's a ton of great videos on Jerry's page already and he's constantly updating that again. If you have questions you can hit store 6 to get into the queue.

[00:09:15] Jare we've got a couple are you ready to jump in and start answering the questions. Absolutely. OK.

[00:09:25] Big deal.

[00:09:27] Oh hey I'm so sorry.

[00:09:30] Whoever that was just log back in and we'll get you up as soon as possible. Story six fat things the button you can tell him out of is that we took January off. OK this is I think this is John.

[00:09:46] Hey Jerry. Richard is John Boehner from gas don't you know you guys are doing good.

[00:09:51] They got a good good.

[00:09:54] Jerry I just want to know if you can give me I know asked this question last month I think or one. Now that at your side and you have all your teams in operation. How do you introduce and what do you do with your training for these these individual teams. You don't go through the whole scenario again when what basic process. Now it's kind of put in place so after you get through the first year. And what do you do and how do you. What were some of the things that you maybe helped me grow.

[00:10:30] OK. Yes one of the things that we've had to do is as the team has grown larger and new people have come onboard and so you know they weren't here when we first adopted these kinds of principles. First of all you have to make it a part of your DNA so that they catch it even more than just training it that they catch. This is the way we do things. This is our culture but I will just add to that that we share when you get a little bit higher level might not call everyone in at one time or you know one. One big night. But we'll share this with staff and key leaders maybe elders and then they will have downline meetings so they'll do some of the same kind of training that we're doing now. We'll do it at a different level. And so that's really the only difference and it becomes more difficult because very important that you have champions for your culture and champions for different trainings because vision leaks and you have a thing called Mission Drift where if you're not careful the one person who is communicating it with passion. You know I'm communicating a video for you guys. Then you are driving that pass and recommit to getting it in your own verbiage. Father that gets away from you. The more it begins to drift and so you have to have a lot of quality control you have to you know someone once said to me that you don't get what you expect. You get what you inspect and so you you can't just let it run wild.

[00:11:56] You've got to hand it off to deeper people down your chain. You've got to make sure there's somewhere where a champion of the cause or culture is following them and making sure you're not drifting off.

[00:12:09] Thanks so much appreciate you guys.

[00:12:14] So yeah John I guess John hey.

[00:12:18] One thing I would I would put on top of that. So for those of you that don't that don't know I run the online side of 24 to double and oftentimes find myself trying to go out and ask experts in my world which is these online business you know training experts and I'm in several of these mastermind groups and I find myself asking the question and the answer gets to be man I don't know. Try some new things you know and I think at some point I think Jerry and Lance have done a great job of building a framework that you can build these systems. But but John when you get to the point where you've been in for a year and a half in two years the things aren't going to work exactly the same at every church. So I think it's when you take a step back and make a smart choice about some things to try but then try to make sure that it leads right back into what Jerry was saying the goal is more make sure that you're that you're you have a metric that you're trying to drive and you know whether or not you're winning because it's really easy to convince yourself that you're winning when you're not. So I think you know you set yourself free to try some new things and your way of leading these particular teams.

[00:13:31] OK.

[00:13:32] Let's see. I think this is the person I ejected a second ago.

[00:13:36] Yeah you got me. Perfect guy. I saw the number who is speaking with that.

[00:13:41] This is Chris likes the pastor in Waltham that we found in a couple of months ago. I think I'm that last month but we had a big big Halloween and had a great Christmas. We can we average we've grown by about 30 percent since November. We're averaging around 135 to 140 right now. Back at Halloween we had like 12 hundred for our Halloween and at Christmas we had around 250. So I mean we're we're really excited we've got some good numbers. So that being said my question is actually about Easter because we're already looking forward to that. So our auditorium seats 300 it needs to be really comfortably it seats 300 without feeling like you know there's. Just crammed in there. Do you think it's worth doing a second service. We did two services Christmas Eve. Jaana Easter it's all about family coming together. Now that sort of thing. Is it worth it. Do you think we'll have enough growth between now and Easter. To warrant having a second service or should I just let it be on people will this year pack it out. That's my question.

[00:14:57] So what did you have in your tennis for Christmas. You got a big Christmas. What was it then. It was about 250.

[00:15:06] OK. And that was open to serve just right. You did two services. Yes.

[00:15:13] OK. All right. And did that feel a little anticlimactic wasn't as many as room not full. Is that what you're thinking.

[00:15:21] Well yeah the second service definitely was the first service felt pretty good. I don't remember the exact breakdown but it was something like 165 85 you know somewhere around there. OK.

[00:15:34] So yeah here's what I would do I would definitely angled toward two services and really push the people. Easter typically you'll have a better attendance on Easter than you do on Christmas. So I would I would push really hard for that. If you are concerned that you know you might not quite see it as full as you want to be you might think a chair. Do you have pews or chairs here. Yeah it is. OK. So you can't redo that tree. But we have been doing yeah. You know what I love to do and what I did for a long time when I first opened my first building. You know we we had room for I think 350 or 400 I put out about 175 chairs and my wide aisles and wide rows and so every week we're bringing in chairs and people are excited. And it didn't you know I already had the fix and I knew we were going to be bringing in chairs before they ever weekend came. You know and so I would when we fill that room we expand it a little bit and had us 500 seats.

[00:16:46] Then we went to multiple services. I did the same thing again went from 500 seats down to about 350 and I've realized that the psyche and the emotion is very important how people feel is going to dictate their energy level going into the community and that energy level dictates your your growth more than anything else is that level of energy and enthusiasm that they have. So you'll do everything you can to generate that. One thing I always did you know had I been at your place on Christmas Eve when we got into that second service with 80 something people said Hey guys yes what we already before you got here had more people than we had last Easter. I'm guessing that's true. You know just in the early service. So you know I would remind people regularly the incredible progress we're making you ever had sort of a low service. I know when I first started doing multiple services years ago one of my key leaders said I don't know what's happened to our church it's just like we we've kind of fallen off or we're kind of losing momentum Well we were bigger than we'd ever been. But it just didn't feel the same to them and that's sort of a light bulb went off in my head. And I decided I would really pay close attention to how it feels.

[00:17:58] And so I would I would say yes let's keep growing especially at the growth rate you're at right now keep pushing to go to a service thing on Easter and then you know you might have to make sure you generate all the energy in the House by you know clarifying how strong the numbers are and just how big things are all right.

[00:18:21] Thank you.

[00:18:22] Hey. Does does does surface time impact that.

[00:18:27] Absolutely. Yeah yeah. Here's something that's kind of dangerous but I've used this tactic before. Let's say you have a 10 30 service and you want to add whatever a nine o'clock service. Don't do that 9:00 too early. Make it like a nine thirty and an 11 o'clock and what that does is if if you change that 10 30 to something else. It forces everyone to make a decision. Just say you're having this happen with us when we were having an 11:00 service. And we had a I think we had a night we had so many different things. We have nine and 11 maybe a 930 and 11 and I needed to add an 830 service. Well what I do is I moved all the service jobs so that no one could just say I'm going to stay where I am. And I told them that up front if that hey guys nobody is go stay at the service because every service is going away. And we've got new service signs and it's sort of it's almost like rebooting your computer. You know you force it to think about what it's doing. And you know that's one. One thing you can do now which is dangerous because people only come to church you know two times a month you know some of them one time. So the word might not get out that may come in the middle of a service. So you'd have to really plan it and promote it in that in advance.

[00:19:51] But I still like the idea it's worked really well for us and especially if you can't get people to move to another service just move all the services. It makes them rethink we get a few more people willing to move.

[00:20:03] Once they open up there into those possibilities they get it. I appreciate it guys.

[00:20:09] Yeah. Hey the only thing I would add to that Chris and I get that so we can move to the next one is and you still got time. Yeah I would. I would set a goal that scares you that put your reputation on the line. And then when I set goals this is why I think the critical mistake people make when they set a goal is they set a goal and then they put an action plan together to reach the goal. When I set a goal I try to put an action plan together that I can tie numbers to. So so our goal right now is to reach 300 new churches by April 1st with 24 to double. Well I've got a plan in place that's double that number. It's a crazy plan but I know that half the stuff that I do usually doesn't work. So. So figuring out what your goal is. I mean we still have you know two full months before Easter and I think you can you know for everybody on the call. I mean you can definitely you can get people on board. You can help them understand the vision that this is an easy time of year to invite people because they want to come anyway. Most of them will come if they were invited and your friends at home on Easter they didn't come to church probably because you didn't ask them because they probably would have come. So I think if this is a good time to be talking about eastern setting those goals.

[00:21:24] Yes. You know and another thing you can do Chris and everybody that's on the call is plan your sermon calendar leading into Easter you know make make your sermon calendar focused on action items and you get to the end of every message you ought to be asking yourself in your office at the end of every message when you're typing in your notes or Haverty as you process your planning for the sermon to the end of that process you ought to be asking yourself so what. Two words. So. So I got up I got dressed. I didn't stay home and watch the NFL. I didn't sleep and I came and listened to you for you know talk to me for a half hour.

[00:22:03] So what. So what do you want me to do. So so what. For the whole month of March needs to be you know being a missionary in your city making a difference in somebody's life taking the incredible gift of Christ that's been given you and sharing with other people.

[00:22:21] And oh by the way it just so happens that we live in a culture where if you invite people to church on a special occasion most of them will come so you know what.

[00:22:29] So it becomes very easy bringing the church with them. Share your story.

[00:22:34] So if you're if your whole sermon series is leaning in that direction. Another good point leading is that Easter is the planet and you know one thing that works really well is having two big events back to back not only like 2 Easters but two reasons to come here for what we do.

[00:22:50] We had a course a big Christmas Eve service but the week before Christmas Eve service we had sort of a covert children's music thing. So we let the children sing a couple songs. Now we learned a long time ago that if you announce that you have a big children's show You can have a lot of people who don't come. We have a huge number of millennials in our church who don't have any children and they are not into cheering on your children. They will show up and then we have of course some Boomer baby boomers that don't have children and maybe not grandchildren in our church.

[00:23:23] So we do an underground push. Nobody even knows that children are going to be singing and they only sing two songs I still preach. We do the whole nine like normal but they sing two songs.

[00:23:33] But underneath the surface without even announcing it to the congregation we just we just nail all of the parents. We have the kids give us names of parents grandparents aunts uncles principal schoolteachers and we just blow them up within byes. And so all of those people are there the regular folks didn't even know this was going on.

[00:23:55] So they came anyway. We lose any of them and then hey by the way next Sunday is going to be the most amazing Sunday of this year. You can't miss. They saw a family Christmas. So you've got a big day that got more people there to turn around and do it another day.

[00:24:11] We actually this year backed it up three weeks in a row the week before that we had our huge outreach with the largest provider of food for the needy and all of North Alabama they our churches. So we provide gifts for those families on ones that the food is always given out Saturday. Put on one Sunday a year. We invited the church and they come and get Christmas gifts for their families. Well guess what that was. That was two weeks out. And so we get them there. Whatever that was the second Sunday of December for their kids to get Christmas gifts.

[00:24:45] By the way your kids can go to learn some Christmas songs today. Bring them back next week they'll be on the stage when they come back next week. Oh hey guess what. Next week is the biggest week that we're going to have because it's candlelight Christmas. So you kind of do this stuff in waves and think about different ways you can bring people in.

[00:25:02] And so in the same way now there's a lot of explanation to get to this point. But in the same way why not have a holy communion on the Sunday before Easter.

[00:25:14] And you know if that's not something your tradition does all the time you're not doing with great regularity you know or maybe you can think of some other reason or some other thing on Palm Sunday. But that's another way Chris and I and all the other pastors to kind of build momentum going into Easter and not just assume that they're going to be their.

[00:25:35] Yeah that's huge Jerry. And one thing I saw you do this week that I felt like was brilliant was Jerry posted on Facebook that God had given him the message for Easter and he was excited about it. And I think that's a tactic that we can all use every one of you guys can start posting on there and kind of start to bait your community and say hey this is common. Let me just tell you you know not not giving too much away but like getting them thinking about who is the right person to invite this.

[00:26:05] You know I think and we can do that from now until Easter. Right. And you're going to end people would get excited about it they'll start asking you about it. And I just think it's a brilliant way to put that message out there in front of them while you're preaching these other series leading up to Easter that you're you're kind of pampering your community and people that follow you with information about what's come in at Easter. Yes. All right. Let's see. Next question.

[00:26:32] Yes. This is John and I was church just moved to a new area and we're in a prime location the previous location we were at. We had access to every day where we at. Now we only have access on Sundays. And the first Wednesday of the month and the church that we are at is a big church. They put down 200 seats for us in the auditorium and can seat 400. And so I have a small congregation probably maybe 15 50 to 75 people and they cover the two sections up until we have everybody sitting in the middle. My problem is for the pastors breakfast I'm trying to figure out where I can hang out or how I can even have the passes records when I only have the auditoriums and the lobby area and behind the stage I have two small rooms there maybe three to four people can be in those rooms so we can maximize on the space to be able to have the pastors breakfasts. That makes sense.

[00:27:51] Yeah sure. So we had a similar issue in one of our buildings along the journey. And we we happened to be across the street from a restaurant and we just use a space in that restaurant every week and we were able to have it there. Prior to that the fact we have one of our campuses right now is mobile and we still do. We still do the every week pastors breakfast or growth track. But now we have also added because it's mobile and it's a newer campus. We've added a once a month pastors meal and we do it in the pastors home. Actually we started in the pastors home. Now it's moved to the members homes but it's of course hosted by the pastor. So I really like doing this thing on site every week because it gives people an excuse to come back the very next week and that's really critical in getting them to stay. But if that's not a possibility they can do these monthly dinners in your home or in another member's home where you host them and that can be very intimate and special in its own kind of way. And those those numbers were never as high in a person's home like on a weeknight as the pastor's meal numbers are. However we had like a 100 percent. Whoever shows up in the pastors home for that meal there in. By the time they come out and they met you personally feel like they've got to know you almost certainly won them. So that's another kind of plan B John if you can't find a spot in the building.

[00:29:37] OK. OK. Thank you. Yes.

[00:29:40] Good answer Jerry. That was I was a little concerned about that was a good question John C..

[00:29:47] I've heard them all. But next caller.

[00:29:53] Yes this is Kurt from Morrisville Indiana. Hi Kurt. Hey we are in March launching multiple services going from a single service to two services. So we're ramping that up right now. My question is how do I sit the pastors breakfast and our Sunday schedule. We have not started the pastors breakfast we we're going to get we're getting ready to start that as well. But I'm trying to figure out when is the best time to have the pastors breakfast if you have two services.

[00:30:31] Yes that's great. And congratulations on going to two services and being smart enough to if you're going into two services on a on a permanent basis. It's not wise to start it on Easter but it looks like you're ramping up so that you're ahead of it. You've got all the kinks worked out. You've got it all figured out. You got a few weeks before Easter comes around and so that's super smart. Now when we were doing two services and a pastor's breakfast right now we do pre services and we do lunch.

[00:31:03] But when we did the breakfast and two services we did it during in fact one of our campuses still does it for breakfast during the first service. And so at the same time that we've got the first service going on we get some volunteers and there running this running this pastor's breakfast.

[00:31:25] They get it all set up. I'm over. No I'm this is actually the same time we had a I had to go across the street to do this but I would be in the lobby greeting people just kind of hanging out talking to people walking around. And our services were 9 11 and it like it right at 9 o'clock when I heard the music start. I jumped in my car drove across the street. They had already warmed up the crowd and already met people at the pastor's breakfast and I gave a welcome. I gave a brief. This is who we are. Nice to meet you. Kind of thing. Actually let me let me correct one thing.

[00:32:02] I think I I think I've began over there. I don't think I was greedy in the building I was greeting at the pastors breakfast just to clarify what I was greeting the pastor at breakfast get to know the people a little bit. The newcomers then do a five minute talk. We're glad you're here. This is what's about to happen. I'm excited for you as soon as we're done. I want you to come and join us across the street for our second service. And then I would just step down and the video would roll which is kind of a this is based on video kind of a highlight reel and then that while their eyes focuses on the focus on that screen.

[00:32:36] I get back across the street basically missed one worship song nothing else. And then when that video stops in the pastor's breakfast you know those are volunteers or staff finish the whole thing out and so it's very well done. There's no feeling like you've missed on anything it's done professionally and done well there's no apologies that I'm not in the room the whole time. And then you know they come back over for the late service and even if they had to miss a worship service let's just say the early service was the only one that your schedule would allow.

[00:33:11] I would prefer that go to pastors breakfast over go into a worship service.

[00:33:16] That one time just for the sake of them you know them gaining what they're going to gain for breakfast.

[00:33:24] OK. Well we're looking at it not just politics as you were talking we're looking at 950 and an 11 15 start time. So we would start our pastors breakfast at 9:00 o'clock and you will see a jumpstart. Would that work.

[00:33:40] It would. Now the thing you have to ask yourself is are those folks going to hang around for two hours and 15 minutes before the next service.

[00:33:48] Well that's true. I see what you're saying. Right.

[00:33:51] Are you having a Sunday school between them or something there. No no. We're level 15. We're we're getting hostel style church. Our services are probably 15 or 20 minutes longer than the average ones. Yeah. So what are you. How long are they. 90 minutes long. Yeah about 90 minutes. Yeah yeah. So. So nine feet thing is going to get you out at 10 Berdy. Not doing that math right now. I've known him for ten forty five. And in fact that we're starting next service and I was 15. Yeah. So you've still an hour. So when you start the pastors breakfast then you know 9:00. 15 or 945 or something like that during the first steps. Well I will say you're going to be living later than 9 15 just because you've got to be in both places. Right.

[00:34:45] Well that's true in terms of that if that service starts it might be thing that the pastor of breakfast should start any later because we don't want you missing that night. The thing Serb is like any more than maybe five minutes of it.

[00:34:58] Yeah it makes sense. OK.

[00:35:01] And by the way you're tracking exactly where we were. We were 9 and 11 our services were about an hour and a half at that time. And you know just for the sake of getting the crowds in and turning over services we had to squeeze them down too. Now there were about an hour and 15 minutes. And we have a once a month encounter which is a Sunday night night of worship a lot more Pentecostal in nature a lot more free and you might check out that model and give that some thought as you continue to grow once a month to do that evening encounter. Yeah. It's once one Sunday night. That's how people love it. Millennials love it. They are crazy about. They want something supernatural and more and so really it really gives us. We're we're a passionate young energetic bunch on Sunday morning of course but it's kind of like I want to get you in the deep end of the pool but I don't want to throw you off the diving board the first day you're here so I'm going to let you get in the shallow end of the pool and work your way down there. So it's always easy answering on Sunday morning no matter where you came from. But then you can keep going deeper and deeper through different groups retreats and through this Sunday night encounter once a month. And that's kind of our philosophy.

[00:36:22] We don't feel like we're any more shallow than we you know we feel like we're as deep as we've ever been but we have shallow edges so that anyone can you know move in at their pace.

[00:36:40] Good. All right thank you very much appreciate the help.

[00:36:44] Yeah. Do you ever wonder if you want to check that out. I did a message called swimming lessons one time. And if you ever want to get that message and watch it from a church that is Spirit field in dynamic but still wants to be sensitive to lost people and non-religious. That message is really a good one and it's called swimming lessons and if you'll reach out to me I'll try to help you find that link.

[00:37:10] OK well we'll do that. All right.

[00:37:13] Hey Jerry. Is that the crowd that comes to the night of worship. Or would you say that there are probably more insider it's more insider heavy.

[00:37:24] Yeah it absolutely is. By design I mean we don't promote it we don't push it out there it's not a everybody needs to come. It's just kind of was what we had and what we do because we don't want you know we we want lost but you know if you read First Corinthians 14 it's very obvious that God wants us to be aware of the different settings that we have. There is a behavior for the New Testament church when this only believers in the house and there's that different behavior when there are unbelievers in the house. It's very clear in First Corinthians 14 and so we want to be mindful of that and so that's why we really don't usually do communion or the Lord's Supper on Sunday mornings because we are a church that is open to lost and seekers people who don't know God and so we don't want to be offering them something that the Bible strictly says they shouldn't take. And so we might occasionally like at Christmas or Easter or offer it to everyone with a clarification. But but by and large we're going to have that at the encounter on Sunday night. And that's kind of to drive firm believers mature believers to go deeper Yeah.

[00:38:33] And that seems like a great environment to have a family style conversation to hey this is what's Easter's common. And here's you know here's what you need do you're pick any part of you know who we are. You know that kind of thing in it. I think it's a much more conducive conversation in that environment right.

[00:38:50] Yeah it absolutely is. And anytime you can give people insider's information that other people aren't getting they love that I will often do the undersell for Encounter I'll get up and say hey guys we just you know we got 15 minutes of worship this morning but you know if you want more of that you want to go deeper that's been encounter but you know what this is about all you can take. Do us a favor don't come tonight. We just you're not ready for that yet and probably the best for you not to come. Well that makes them want to come more you know. And then the the ones that are they are they really feel like they are part of a privileged kind of group and they're there deeper and they're more on the inside and that's that's all good leadership practices yeah that's awesome.

[00:39:35] OK let's keep moving we got about five more here I think.

[00:39:39] I think this is Christina. Hello. Oh not Christina sorry. My wife put my name out there. A lot of Blue Island Illinois suburbs of Chicago. Are you doing good. I'm excited. Been on module 11 and my leadership has been really active and ready to go. We kind of dwindled in numbers as far as leadership that actually wanted to do this program. We've been really just. Trying to catch vision just within them. And as you've taught you know the kind of weed themselves out and came came to a bit of a crossroads I a couple of questions. What. For one how do. Fivefold that high school when you ask that again last year for a second. How do I establish. Who should be in the Pfeifle. Is that by. Highschool also some profile for us.

[00:40:55] Well it's a little bit of both. All right. So when you when you establish the fivefold let's be really clear we are not saying that you have apostle's prophet of angels pastors and teachers all in your local church probably don't. OK. Those offices. What we're saying is they are diverse gifts they correlate very closely with the Romans 12 good and you know. So we're going to we're going to find a person who has prophetic in nature and have them hold the prophet gift. We're going to find a person who's administrative in nature and have them hold you know that role you know the Apostle role. So with that being said you can get an idea from those gift test sort of where where they're capable of serving them and then what I ask people to do is I say hey I need you here on a temporary basis.

[00:41:47] You know we're building this thing we're going somewhere. And listen I've been doing this for a really long time been at my church now I'm in my 17th year and I'm still on the Tipperary basis you know hey we're doing this thing.

[00:41:59] We're taking a new step. What that does is that gives me the freedom to step out of this and walk up to a guy who maybe he wasn't performing like I wanted him to. And I can say hey I want to thank you for this. Yeah you know I asked you a few months ago to do this temporary thing for me and I want to thank you for just being willing and just jumping in there and let's talk about what you could do next. And that also that's your way to transition them out of a role is not working for him. And so that's that's the best way to try it is just I mean don't drag them up front don't start handing out you know name badges that says you know I'm the apostle and I'm the parent you know but just slowly give it a try. And then you can always go back and go you know what Bob. We we thought this would be temporary but man and you are just killing it. You know why don't why don't you just lock in here. And how do you how do you feel about it. Tell me how you feel like it's going in that way. You've got freedom to you know to back up if you need to but to press on the and this is going well. Yeah I definitely hear that and I've been the one of the problems I ran into was the person that scored the highest and peace for.

[00:43:13] And is very well minded leadership does not think that we should be going after the 18 to 29 year olds. We all have. Been watching these videos and she's the only one on that team that's kind of not been at every single meeting. She has a daughter who's disabled so it needs to be home sometimes and I provided you know often catch up on the videos and stuff like that. But as recently has told me that she doesn't feel that modern contemporary music not all but most does not have an enough I don't know how else to say. But it's not enough and we are basically my church is 70 years old this year. And my pastor is 77 years old. My social pastures are in the 60s and I am the pastor's grandson who pressed play for these videos and have turned into running this poll. I've been praying about it and it's accepted that this is my ministry to run with and I'm not not discouraged whatsoever. But how do I deal with that. Obviously I don't have the authority to excuse her. But Pastor is on the same page with this as far as going after the 18 to 29 year olds. And really you know trying to focus on that. And so yeah.

[00:44:58] What's the pastor's level of participation in 24 to double the training that you're offering.

[00:45:05] I principally I pass up the papers. He's in the back of the room watching the videos with everyone else. I try to provide the videos ahead of time some months and other than that I given the floor at the end of the video to see if he has anything else to say or add onto. And he's never really had anything negative to say about changing he you know backs it up under present OK.

[00:45:34] Well you know unity there is the number one most important part of any program of any church anything any effort if you're trying to do something new. It all has to start with unity. And so I would say the lady who is not able to catch the pastor's vision which is we're going to reach 18 to 29 year olds can't be in leadership now. We love you. We want you to come along the side you know because you have you have early adopters and you had Mitt adopters in the late adopters and non adopters and so maybe they won't adopt the change as early as you want her to. But but later on she will adopt the change but you cannot have her in leadership if if she's not on board with the pastor's vision and that's you know that's so simple and you don't you have to argue that you know something like 83 percent or 87 percent of millennials are far from God today and they're the most right mission. You don't even have to argue that you can just say hey we have to be in unity and this is what the senior pastor wants. And so that's you know if the senior pastor wanted to reach out to senior adults then we had to do that because that's you know it just there's zero chance it works without unity. You can have the best strategy plan the most talented people. But if they're not in unity there's zero chance it works. And on the other hand you can have a modicum of ability and not even the best strategy but because you're in unity.

[00:47:02] God bless it and it will work and so I can't think of anything I'm not going to tell you anything smarter. I don't know anything better than unity if she can't bow you unity. I can't use her on my team at all.

[00:47:16] Absolutely. I agree. And that's something I've been praying about. I asked her Please go home and pray about this because she scored the highest end because right now she runs our and worship right now which consists of three people one month. And then we have we switch every other month we have one of the teenagers runs the prison worship. Put that person will be going to college soon and some kind of a catch 22 in the sense of I'll have no one else to lead except then my next question along this is that all of which I think is great. The people that scored the highest next are teenagers. I have a girl that's 15 years old. They scored the highest in Team 6 and she works awesome with children. But some of them also like this OK. So we really have to be at least 18 or what have you and I just talk to her doctor parents. I said hey you know this is a lot of MBBS first but you should pray about this and really just you know ask the person.

[00:48:33] Now when I do those two is well what I would say is we we do a lot of younger people have leadership positions that are Churchville what we do it we sign them a mentor and we tell them upfront you know this is this is too big for you. You can't do it alone. Well we're going to put someone alongside of you. And so they may not be a talented musician or whatever that person's family they may not have the same talent but they understand leadership. They can be a sounding board for them. So that's where I lead I would I would use that person. But at the same time give them a mentor to help them out.

[00:49:13] Look it's just been definitely a struggle for myself because I have a bilingual church and calling all of these meetings I have everyone in the room that represents the English side of the church there. I have no representation on the Spanish church and my series when we launched is the Spanish side distilling that there left the home because they're not including anything that were doing. Not that it matters in the sense of how this pogroms Bramblett. You know how am I going to be able to do anything in the future when we grow to provide them to build their side of the service. You know if I could provide a second service not only in Spanish and one in only English. Right now everything is cut down the middle. It's you know it's preached once the preacher pastor sits at some English and bouncing some spangles. So it's not about doing two services. I have not I wouldn't have to have the team for learn songs in Spanish. And that that's impossible. The Spanish side of my French is more comfortable bringing food for potluck than they are participating in any church function. Yeah and that yeah that's just a part of it. So you know I've been really just talking in the past and social passions. We need them to be a part of those kids you know to take ownership of this church and really wanting to be a part of it. That is.

[00:51:05] One of the think that would agree. I think I'd be a great goal and just a prayer focus for you. Really. To just pray into that and ask God to make a way. He has people out there and you know make it a major focus of your prayer. And I think that's something you could definitely say got loose on your behalf so why don't you make that prayer. Stay there. Can you see what God does.

[00:51:29] You know I mean I'm excited. I know my God is bigger than all these petty things. And he's going to move. So I'm a Hedayat. Well thank you so much.

[00:51:42] Thanks Derek. OK. Hey we've got nine minutes and three questions left so we're going to listen to some speed round so if we can get these questions concise we can get all of them I think. I think this is Anthony.

[00:51:58] Hello my name is Anthony I'm in Indianapolis Indiana. I've got a question. So what I would like to know is is my all my outreach team. And we have our assimilation team. And then we have I created a growth tracting OK. And the three people who are administrative in nature have gotten together and what they're wanting to do is part of the Grow track after the pastors breakfast what they're wanting to do is the foundation class and then hard next grow track is we call life classes which is you know they live in freedom every day and then after that we do like a purpose driven life class they help people identify with their purpose. What they're wanting to do is they wanting to do two things. Number one they're wanting to make these classes available to online course through like a WebEx and to be honest with you I'm kind of confused as to whether or not Ossur allowed him to do that because that Karen to Me speaks for part because keep inviting people to come back to church.

[00:53:23] Yeah well you're right the audience you know inviting people back to church has we know the effect that that had. We know that you know they come back to back to back. We know we more likely to lock them into a habit.

[00:53:39] Now can they form a habit at home and interact online. Well I don't know. Does your church have online like an online campus there.

[00:53:53] Yes. That second part of my question. The second part of my question is like Mark Personnaz administrative in nature on our outreach team. That's what they're wanting to do. OK.

[00:54:04] So let me give you a couple of thoughts about that. We do.

[00:54:07] Now we we we strained our services online for a long time before we had an online campus. And that's a completely those are two completely different things. And I would first of all I would not encourage any of this stuff to go online before you have an online campus because we're training them for something. And as you rightly said Anthony we want to get back into your church on on campus so they grow to make interactive connections and things like that. And until you get an online interactive canvas and you go to Daystar Church lives serve as soon as you log onto the site welcome the Daystar gear. I'm glad you can't you're going to have to be interactive with the chat while the service is going on. Someone is going to if you want prayer you click this button go under a prayer and you tell them what you're praying about the prayer. Counselor Heitz out of prayer. So they make those interactions not to be honest with you. I'm still not as crazy about that as I am. Being there in person I feel like that interaction is not better.

[00:55:17] But at least understand a lot of people can't do that or they prefer to do something different. But your your point I would say listen to them I think it's a great goal but you got the car ahead of the horse.

[00:55:31] I think what you need to do is start working toward live interactive campers not not just the live feed but a on line campus. And with that point being moved and start talking about whether or not we or maybe other classes available online.

[00:55:49] OK just one quick question when you say a on line campus what does that mean. That that was the difference between our like campers into streaming live on Facebook.

[00:55:59] Well what is what I just said earlier that you know you've got to have the interactive interactive ability or message chat to be going on and you've got a volunteer team. First of all you need to have a soundboard where you mix the audio so that it sounds good because however your audio sounds in the house and not the sound all right. So you got to have a different sound technician you got to have somebody to manage the signal and make sure it never ever ever goes down. You've got to have a different team one to our team to the wild team to greet and welcome people as they come through the interactive door. You've got to have prayer teams that work that so that when someone clicks on the button that says I will pray someone prays with them you've got to be ready to take online giving. And so when the pastor says if you only give can you click right here. All the things that we think are essential to being a disciple.

[00:56:56] Here's a question what do you think is essential to being a disciple. And can they do every bit of that online.

[00:57:03] And if they can't then you don't have an online campus and you really shouldn't be putting people to make that choice because we're not in the business of signing up people for small groups or growth track or signing up or are getting more eyes on our sermons. We're in the business of making disciples. So if we can't make disciples online that can't be our focus yet.

[00:57:25] Thank you. I appreciate that. Thanks. All right. Two more Hey good afternoon.

[00:57:33] This is Pastor Ray Ungerman from the shepherd in the panhandle of Florida near Fort Walton Beach near Destin Florida. They were branded 24 to double our search council had our first team meeting last month. And one member got so excited they paid for the whole membership. So we were excited about that. We have we have two Sunday morning services and this Sunday we plan on launching during our adult classes. We have five classes we're bringing them together and our fellowship hall to watch modules Eero and I know every community is different but I have two questions. Number one how much time should we allow for each module and the Michu when is really the best time to show the modules each month.

[00:58:15] All right me let me come in all when's the best time and I'll let Richard talk about the he knows a little bit more about which time he's going to need. But so you want to make it simple on people as you can make it as easy as you can.

[00:58:28] So you know Sunday nights Wednesday nights there's still a lot of flexibility for Wednesday night. I would say those kinds of times you know work well whatever time it is on people to get there. Now you got a lot of volunteers serving in some other area on a Sunday night or was it not. Might have to be more creative about that. Richard can you speak to how long that night. Yeah.

[00:58:59] Yeah just so you know we when we and I started this thing a lot these things were originally done in a live format. So some of these modules were an hour and 45 minutes long between. You know Jerry teaching a little bit in the beginning before he got into the meat and then with Q and A on the back and so we we've gotten those down to the average videos somewhere in about 43 minutes now. Right. So we feel like you can watch the video and then have a 30 minute conversation that needs to be very focused on a single action item or two. So. So you're the biggest challenge for 24 2014 and it's better now because the videos are short short. Jerry and Lance cover so many great ideas that you feel like walking away that you've got to execute on everything but your job is to pick out the one thing right. One thing if we do it in there everything else is going to be easier or unnecessary. And so you want to come into the conversation obviously know when the content well enough that you can lead that part of the conversation and come out of it go on. OK here's what we're going to do.

[01:00:00] OK.

[01:00:03] So go back to again what the format of what because we have so many people we have a contemporary light service traditional early service and sun is going to tweet. So they'll tell us we'll have an hour and 15 minutes between services for Sunday school. Is that not enough time or is that OK. Because we know we can get more people to that education hour than we can like on a Sunday night for example.

[01:00:27] So yeah I like our 15 minutes is great. You know you would want to be thinking about which people you need to target. I know that some of your people are some of your top leaders are going to be serving. I mean obviously if you're if you've got that that second service coming in and you know you've got everybody in leadership crammed into an hour and 15 minute training who's greeting you parking cars and all that stuff so I have to get creative in that. The good news is you know we do one module a month and you've got four Sundays a month so you can get a little creative. You might even show the same module twice a month and sort of you know get half of them this time and have them the next time you get a little creative with that. But I would just say be careful because it's going to be your key most important leaders have to go through this with you. And so if they're busy doing something else they're going to miss out. So find a way to do that. I like that like the French you probably would get more people than what you might have to run it multiple times so that you make sure you got everybody on board.

[01:01:36] OK. Thank you so much. Appreciate it.

[01:01:40] OK. Let's wait for this last one quickly. Jerry and you can be on the move if you need to be.

[01:01:46] I am Bikila and my husband and I pass a church in Farmington Hills Nestico and we've been go on about three years and we just find out for 20 quite a bubble in the last two months that we're just fine we just said Magowan and we're about to go to my. So my question I've already been answered but what we did with my goal was we looked at the video with about 50 minutes long and we only have like a hour and 15 minutes for our meeting and then we pop about a little bit but there wasn't enough time to really get into that. Then the next month when we had our meeting we did set up a crime project brainstorming. I didn't say that we already had a statement but I didn't say no it's really long we're trying to export it. Is that a good way to run the meeting.

[01:02:40] It really is beaky. It's just a rumor. We're going to be doing ministry of your church is going to be there in Farmington Hills until Christ returns. It doesn't have to be perfect to the next 24 months so don't don't get into a hurry. Don't run ahead. You know you go at the pace that you feel like your church can digest this material and produce you know what the next steps are so I completely like that approach. I don't have any problem with it at all.

[01:03:11] Okay wonderful. And my next question is from one of the training you would think that the amount of volunteers you have you should have like four to five times that amount of the people standing near church and at our second floor like disease is about 55. And are the people coming to the training we open it up are all volunteer serving. We're getting between 18 to 24 people who are with that 24 people who are serving right now but we're not getting four times that amount of people. What do you what would you suggest we do.

[01:03:55] I just keep doing what you're doing that's a great indicator you're going to get to that point. That's a great indicator that growth is in your future because they have a purpose and a reason and they feel apart. What happens is those volunteers their conversations that used to be about football or you know shopping or politics or whatever they normally we're talking about work or school. Now they're talking about this and energy level is going to create the growth and so it's not like every single morning you walk you there's 20 volunteers 100 in attendance. But that number will work toward that number. And so I would be very excited about this. You're having close to 20 people were somewhere around 20 people I expect to go to 100 within a short period of time I'd be excited about that.

[01:04:46] OK. OK wonderful.

[01:04:49] Hey Jerry I'm going to let you jump off. Thank you so much for your question Jerry. Go ahead and jump off. I want to expound on that that principle for just a second. Thanks guys.

[01:04:58] It's great to be with you. Talk to you soon and get on the YouTube channel and like it and we'll talk to you again soon.

[01:05:06] Hey so just to finish that idea. Pastor what Vicky was talking about is the Pareto principle Jerry talks about this and I think Magia 1 module 2 and several other times throughout the training but it's basically this 20 percent of the people in your church are going to do 80 percent of the work if you've got 100 people in your church you probably got 20 people volunteering if you can stretch yourself and put systems in place that drive that number up to 30 people what you're going to see is your church start to grow. When Jerry talks it that being a leading indicator it really is because churches that have systems that drive people out of rows and into volunteering and out of rows and into a community those are the churches that tend to grow they grow from the inside out. So one of the things that we're trying to coach you want to get you to do is to focus on the system that gets people to take action and think through OK if somebody in a row and we need student ministry volunteers how do we get them to move with 24 to double. That's the pastors practice but what he's talking about is hey we got more than 20 percent of our volunteers intercept. Well Jerry saying hey that's that's an indication that you're getting ready to do something incredible. Thanks so much for being with us. Again we'll see you next month on the third Thursday of the month if you have any questions for us otherwise.

[01:06:20] Shoot us an e-mail at 24 to double its support at 24 to double dot com and just one last reminder you can find that ghostwriting from Geria 24 to double dot com Ford slash goals or if you need information about 2014. 24 trial dot com.