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24D 19: Live 24toDouble Members Q&A – April 2018

24toDouble Members Live Q&A – April 2018

24toDouble Members Questions asked:

  • About 24toDouble – 24trial.com
  • TextInChurch
  • What steps did you take using 24toDouble to transition into Life Groups, and what is the best time to do that?
  • Crazy Love sermon notes
  • RightNow Media
  • ARC – Association of Related Churches
  • Sermons.Today – sermon messages, notes, audio, video, and graphics
  • Do we really need to read all of the books mentioned in the 24toDouble trainings?
  • Simple Church – Thom Rainer
  • http://facebook.com/cityhopefamily – Resource for church planting
  • What are some of the best things we can do along the way to keep church members motivated?
  • Is it okay to start with Module 2?
  • How do you market your church?
  • How often do the 24toDouble members small groups meet?


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[00:00:03] Why pastors This is Richard chasey with 24 the devil it has always I have got my partner Pastor Jerry Lawson on the phone with me and I've also got my Amazon letter going off in the background to tell me that it's time to start recording the call. So I apologize for that. Hey a couple of things today if you're new with us to get into the queue you hit star 6 on your phone and then you'll be prompted when it's your turn to ask your question if you don't mind just say your name and your church name is and it's always help when everybody else if you'll see how long you've been in 24 double that kind of thing and then just ask your question. If you're listening to this after the fact which I always forget and paid a lot more people listen to this after the fact and they do while we're on the call and you don't know what 24 to double is everything you need to know is on the way. 24 trial dotcom that's two for our AOL dot com you can go there and find out what everybody else on this call is asking questions about this to your search growth program that we affectionately call 2040. So Hey Gerri thanks so much for being on today. And as we talked about before we got on well you welcome everybody and then kind of dive into an Easter recap and what you guys are doing to make the most of that big event that they star. Yes thanks Richard. And thank you to everybody who is with us right now across the portable network.

[00:01:28] So glad you guys are on board today and really just glad you're part of our team I hope you know that you are always in my prayers. You're always on my mind. My team is praying for you. I hope you guys had an incredible Easter. We have the biggest Easter and they saw that we've ever had. We last year was our previous high attendance ever. We actually we actually broke our old record at over twelve hundred people so we were floored at the response. We did some pretty creative marketing and getting the word out there. And that was really cool and now we are in what we call insane follow up mode and this is something that I increasingly find out that pastors don't do as well as maybe they could. And that is you know we on how we see Easter as a finish line of sorts. And I don't I don't think so at all. To me you know April the first Easter April the first was about the midpoint of Easter for me. You know you have this big time cushion and a lot of ideas and big time Paris. Lot of pressure building teams is have so much opportunity around Easter. But then once the Easter service is over that's when the real work follow up begins. And so we're doing that right now. We had an attendance of six thousand three hundred and twenty for Easter and that we surveyed the entire congregation. We had every single person to fill out a just a brief survey and corner and a couple of things we did was all about follow up.

[00:03:13] Now you know we got to date information on all kinds of stuff which is good and helpful. Very important. We do that once a year on Easter. But the real purpose of that survey was to be able to follow up. Well so if everybody's filling out the Connect current survey and then then we have a lot more data we can tell who is a newcomer today so we asked people a few questions. One of those was we asked people what is the number one thing that overwhelms you in life. And we promised them that the next series we would be teaching on their responses whatever they were most overwhelmed with. That's what we'll be teaching. So that's what we're doing right now. You know we are we're doing a series called Overwhelmed and we're we're hitting different topics that they were most focused on. We knew be near their heart and gave them that reason to come back. And you have a big day like he should. You got to know what's the reason why they would come back they came because it's Easter and Easter just kind of pull people out. Why would they come back. And so we did that and then also having all of those Tonette cards thousands of cards. We literally text messaged personally every person who came. Now we use a text system called text in church that by the way if you use texting in church you need to really think about the way that they plan on using. I like the I like the automation that's involved. I like the the way it does some things for you automatically.

[00:04:59] So the technology it takes in church is good. I don't like their philosophy and how they roll out follow up. We we we use the technology we completely do it in a different way. But that being said for each follow we didn't we didn't do text in church we other than the same way we always do it every week. But in terms of this massive number of every single person that came to Easter we text all of them just quite organically just like you would with your phone. And we've got a lot of staff and volunteers to work with us on that and everybody got about we had a large number of staff volunteers on board with this. So everybody got maybe 40 people they communicated with. And I really think that was a major reason why are our follow up attendance has been much much higher for Easter this year than it was last year. It really bounced back really strong probably up about 500 from what we were last year. So now what does that mean to you. Right. You didn't do maybe a survey. Maybe you didn't take every human that you could. You still have a way to be breasting hardnosed social media about what you're doing and you still should have gotten a lot of information from people and it's still not too late for you to have a campaign even if you didn't get everyone hopefully you got some guest attendance. They should be in some kind of a campaign where you're reaching out to them if mature smaller church you can reach out to social media and be very very personable. I think that's really great.

[00:06:41] Everyone can follow up with things like e-mail cards in the mail. We did not get letters. Nobody likes to read the letter. So with all of these all of these first time attenders we did a personalized handwritten card also on our also on our survey was we asked people I think we had about 303 decisions for Christ. So we followed up with them and Pressfield heavily for baptism. So yeah it's just really working really hard Richard making sure you leave no stone unturned or where else all this amazing opportunities that you get for Easter is kind of it's kind of wasted. And so we're in that mode right now with pushing really hard to to capture all the momentum we can yeah. And before we get to questions I just want to point out a couple of things. Pastor if you're not here if you haven't been with it the last couple of months we talk about Easter a lot and I did that intentionally because it's so important that you see how intentional Daystar areas in what they did before Easter when they do during Easter and what they do after Easter which is one of the big things that Jerry and Lance want to go to double is just be intentional not just about the day and what the message that people are going about the day but in the entire season and then we're challenging you to do that four times a year. So that's a lot of work. But I think that's what you have to do to be able to leverage these big events that that we have in the church that you agree with that Jerry Yeah we do.

[00:08:22] I mean you think about just the simple math of saying you know we want to double our attendance four times a year and we want to increase our retention rates 25 percent. That would mean that in four days the retention of guests they come on four days a year you have doubled your church. It's simple math. Twenty five times four means it's 100 percent. Now that that's not always going to happen obviously. But but you are you know if you're working toward those numbers then you should be seeing some substantial growth. Yeah the way that I look at that and in trying to reach out and bring passers into what we do I'm always reminded of Wayne Gretzky's quote that you miss every shot you don't take 100 percent of the shots you don't date and the more effort that we put into it it's not going to be perfect. It's not going to be perfect but you're going to get more people falling out than you will by not falling out. That's for sure. Absolutely. All right. We'll have. Ahead. Let me let me just one more thing you will possibly have some pushback. We have we've had some pushback over the years. We've got I think one person even though this Easter a follow up season that just felt like a little over the top and they didn't want to hear from them that much. You know we respectfully do as they ask. But you can't let you know when one little bit of negativity caused you to drop the ball. All of this opportunity so you have to be ready for that.

[00:09:50] Be wise. I mean be careful in how you're texting people. Obviously you think that through the coach your team up on exactly what is OK what what is not OK with the idea. It is a solid one and the potential is certainly there. Yeah as the guy that's in charge of the marketing for our organization I'll tell you if you don't have some people that are a little bit irritated with you from time to time you're not pushing hard enough because in the end you just have to realize it's faster that not everybody that comes to your church wants is going to be it's who God's called you to serve. Right and you can't put at risk all those other people because one person might push back. I mean you should see the comments that people make on our Facebook ads. I get them from pastors man and nothing will make you question what you're doing like a pastor upset with the way that you name the web or didn't watch the web or you know just didn't like the way you name the 11 or so challenged your commitment to Jesus. That it happens and you know it's just part of what we are committed to in this process. Sometimes people are going to be irritated with the idea that we feel like we're called to keep the church alive in America and we are both 100 percent okay with that that we're going to irritate people from time to time. Those are not the people God's called us to serve. They're the guys that are taking the time out on a Thursday afternoon to get in here and ask some good questions.

[00:11:17] So with that being said if you've got don't white which looks like what did few of you did start on your own we'll get you in the queue. It's pretty empty right now except for my good friend John Niros so John welcome. And I've been on here every month like clockwork. Hey you're on your way. June 5th to be at your church hopefully connect up and are excited about Easter when we often get increase. Pretty much almost double. We had three services back to back. We had some really bad weather up as well. So we had one thing we had to cancel. So we met there Third we cannot connect it even more. So we're excited about that. My questions are twofold. One of them is concerning life groups and what steps you take to transition strictly into cell groups. Did you have something like group link or what was it. And then what was the best time to maybe start that as well as what did you do for summer. That's one question I have right now for. OK. OK John let me be careful there. And often to hear about what what happened at Easter. Looking forward to seeing you down in June. So a small group. It really depends on who you are and we give one quick disclaimer before I move on. If you are a more traditional church and Sunday school do that big deal at your church.

[00:12:48] Be very careful how you transition please don't don't go in there and blow things up you know and throw away Sunday school and tell everybody that they're old fashioned and then when the church blows up on Facebook 24 will ruin my church or I don't do that. All right. And that's anybody that got a super traditional church. I do believe we all will. We'll need to move towards small groups. They're fantastic. They're much more personal in life were vulnerable in small groups. So many more things that can happen in small groups. So to the direct question of how that transition I think the best time to transition is in the fall around a unified curriculum where we say we're going to all do small groups together this semester we're going to all do this 13 week small group and you know there's Francis Chan has some small group digitally video based material. There's some there's some stuff out there. Rick Warren of course is the father of all this stuff. So that's a good way to get it going. Now if you want to preach a series that kind of goes along with that. I think that's great. We did a years ago we did France's Chan's book Crazy Love. And I did a sermon series that kind of went along with it. And I just named it Crazy Love. In fact the rich might have that it might be on the Web site sure but I think that's a great way to do it.

[00:14:18] Our our long term strategy is that we are a free market small group system and what that means is I'm not called on to prop up your small groups free market it's kind of like that and you feel like that's a grilled cheese sandwich shop will work in your neighborhood. Why open up a grilled cheese sandwich shop and we have a free market any you know thousands of people believe in it then you don't have a very successful grilled cheese sandwich shop. Nobody likes it then it's not going to work out but the government isn't going to make people buy your grilled cheese sandwiches. That's the same thing with our small group. So you're not going to come to me and say Hey Pastor Jerry I did the entire property group can you get some people show up to it. No I'm not going to be announcing your end times prophecy. Your job is to go out and recruit your own small group within the church outside of the church and for the free market group means. Now our small group pastor or volunteer leader with the senior pastor is going to have to approve you're correct and make sure that it's OK. But by and large you make up your own small group plan and we work with it on a semester basis so we have a fall semester a winter spring semester and a summer semester and that that's kind of a quick brief overview. We cover this and then over an hour training session in 2014 that's a quick overview about small groups and like a group of black folk 7 practices for effective ministry and they have like a in between transitioning class to person from the front door to a small group or nextstep. Do you ever employ that or do you have any of that.

[00:16:11] No I mean really what we do is we have a massive push three times a year for every single person to be in small groups and at last count we have about 80 percent of our Sunday Morning attendance is participating in small groups. So we feel like we we've got a pretty good push and you know it's just what we do. And that little phrase is very intentional. It's just what we do. If you go to Daystar you're in small groups because everybody's in small groups. Now pastors if if you're doing 50 different things then you're going to have a hard time getting traction over things that really really matter to you. So for most churches the most important thing you need to do right now is go home and figure out what not to do. You got to decide you know we're just not. For instance we do worship for things that Archer. Our staff knows it or are drinking. No we didn't. We can worship. We do small groups. We do growth track and we do serving or drinking those things. So if someone comes to me and says Hey Pastor I want to have a youth rally. Well it's not one of our things doesn't mean we can't have four things we can't have a youth rally but the youth rally has to support one of those four things. So coming out of the youth rally you're going to sign up kids in the small groups or you're going to have the youth rally on a Sunday. And that's going to increase attendance. That we want to have a southern gospel concert. Well we do four things. We have the southern gospel concerts for one of those four.

[00:17:53] Think what probably does is we probably won't ever have. You know so it's those. Those are the things that you do now. If you're if you've got your people your people have to come to church on Sunday morning and Sunday night and they're going to be a choir practice and they're gonna come on Wednesday night and you want to add to that we're going to be small groups are going to have a hard time gaining traction because people are more busy than they've ever ever been before. So what we try to do is make it so easy so simple as about a month. January about a month every fall where I'm just preaching nothing but small groups. Sign up today to be a leader. Next week sign up today to be a leader. Next week. Here's the gross. Here are the small group options sign up today. Join next week Hey Rally Day there's 75 small group tables out there go around pick a small group for yourself. So you just have to throw so much energy behind it. If you're just going to add small groups to you know something. You know another thing on your list of 50 things that you're doing. It's never going to gain traction. That's why I encourage passion not to start small groups until you create space for the average member to be able to actually add one more clock. Quick quick one is as your author calls or you have about five to 500 people come to you to formal or you kind of change to informal you got larger. And I'll let you go with that yeah. The great white.

[00:19:28] Let me get one with me. Give them one thing about small groups. This resource I haven't even checked into yet. But a 2014 pastor told me about yesterday it's called right now media and it's pretty cheap and it's something that you can find your whole church up on. And you can do small groups like Francis Chan is one into one of the authors on here that you know they can stream through like an Apple TV or a Roku device or something like that. Some heating and do small group and it's like this. This church is a charge of about 200. And I think he told me they pay you know maybe maybe 150 dollars a year and every member of their church can be homeless. So that's just a cool resource. Now now usted that I forgot the question. Are you still with me John. What was that last question yes in the office was that off as you get larger did you go to a formal hey come to the altar or do you do an informal somewhere else most of time or just left by the Holy Spirit in terms of what to do. Yes so we really try to we try to maintain spontaneity of the Holy Spirit in how we do that. We will often do. Raise your hands if you want to make a decision for Christ and we're going to pray this prayer together at your seat.

[00:20:52] But often during worship we will have a general invitation while worship is happening our elders come forward if you need prayer and we want you to come up and be a part of that because we value the Connect Card so much that we want to connect card in the offing to be almost the last thing that we do. You obviously can't go off the Canet card and say that I made a decision for Christ until after you've made that decision. We asked for decisions at the end of service so we have to push all that to the end. So if there's extended prayer time at the end people tend to slip out. We don't have time for offering it enough and prayer and connect car. So we tend to try to do the invitation earlier in terms of prayer moments for healing or just you need God to do anything in your life can poleward during worship and then later on anything and it's just a foundation call from your seat. Sorry to take so much time guys. That's all right John. Of course those questions just all right let's keep moving here. We got a big government here now because hello can you hear me OK. We got you. OK great. My name is Kim Kuly. I'm in Louisville Kentucky. Got a background about 18 years in ministry. I'm 50 years old on. That makes a difference and anything but my approach is I feel like I've got one solid shot to do this right for the rest of my ministry days and I am endeavoring to plan a new church. I have been in the past so engrossed with ministry and about 4 different assemblies that just my description of that experience was I couldn't see the forest for the trees.

[00:22:44] So I have kind of stepped back over the last probably eight months and I've just visited a lot of area churches that are doing church planning. And then about February of last year I stumbled across Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Church that was recorded on YouTube back in the year 2000 and had like 30 videos and I just like started listening to it and it was awesome. And so they steadily progressed and now as I research more and more into this vein of things I went through Thurso Cocina through Nelson Cerci and then I've gotten into 2014 double and it all seems like it all streamlines and connects together. My question is I mean you started church and lots of church Toukley. I have a building that we're demoing what are the steps ahead. If I want to begin weekly services in October are scuse me monthly services in October and weekly services and Easter with everything that I'm digesting from 24 to double and I'm really really going over it. How should I step forward. Where I'm at now and just keep moving forward. What do you suggest the things ahead. OK. Jim do you have a covering church a church that is supporting and helping you yes I do. The church that I was attending I went there for about two years and nine months that's probably the shortest window that I attended any assembly. And we were involved in ministry there. But yes that pastor is still actually just cut from the team probably less than an hour ago. And then I have another pastor who is into their fourth church plant just across the bridge in New Albany Indiana and he's fully aware of where I'm at and what I'm doing too.

[00:24:55] So between those two I'm getting a lot of support and coverage. What's great. That that's that's huge. And I believe that the premier church planting plan for the actual launch of a church is Ark. The Association of related churches they do church planting. In fact one of our staff members just just completed that training he'll be with we will be playing a church with him in January. Now the difference between art and the church planning model they have an 124 to double does is art is going to kind of give you. You know how to lay it out when it should launch. And we're going to show you what the church is supposed to look like moving ahead. How you have big events small groups how you build long term growth teams out how to put together everything from you know outreach all the way through first impressions and follow up and everywhere in between. So you know there are some things there and if you get off line with a church plant or someone who's done it before I can connect you with the pastor on our team that is that is planting a church right now. He can give you a little bit more of the timeline you know but essentially you're going to want to have a small groups meeting in your home as often as possible you're going to want to organize a 501 c3 and let those people begin giving. It's going to be relational at the very beginning you're going to come around and have some previous services before Easter if Easter is your launch date.

[00:26:41] I would kind of call the Sunday before Easter my launch day. And I would have previous services leading into that. But it really is something that someone would need to take you step by step through to the process as we've we've launched a number of churches and campuses that they are. And you really need someone who's donate regularly who's done it before to walk with you through the whole thing and help you lay out a really good timeline. Sounds like your timeline big picture is good that you're going to you know start having some groups or some kind of meetings in the fall and not launch until spring. I think all that's really good. It just you want to lay out every single step along the timeline. Yes I agree. Is there a 2014 double church or a person that would be kind of familiar with the path that I'm taking right now that that's set in close proximity of a level that I can maybe start a dialogue with. That's probably a question that I'll answer. We have got asset lock in early on because we're such a small crew here early on that just so you know my background before this was in church construction so I want to speak into that for a second to when we get done. But it's just going to basically run the guts of 24 to double and play trying to put people together into groups like that or connect people was way more work than we could do early on track and what people were doing. We partnered with 22 under church a little over 22 hundred churches in 2014.

[00:28:29] And there just is no way that we could keep up with all of that. You know are very familiar with the art network as well. They are they have got a ton of free resources that are helpful for people like you. The one thing that I that I need some clarification on is did you say that you guys are building out a building right now. We have a building that I have a 3 year lease on. And then I have the option to renew. And if I mean if everything went belly up I can get out in 12 months if I need to. But we're intensive Yeah. And we've already demoed one side of it completely open it up and two that's already about 60 auditorium. But you know we've got to put it all back together. And do you have a group of people that you're launching this where you already are there. Are there people in the church. So as so right now it's just my wife and my two boys. We have about three to four families that we've already have connected with that we had we just recently moved into the very area that we're in charge. Just a couple of months ago so we just got moved. So during that whole moving process. We pause things for a little bit. But everybody knows that we're gearing back up to to start visiting again with one another. And we have about four families that were communicating with because and I hope this doesn't scare you but maybe if it does and you just need to pray about it. But it feels like that step is not the first step for buildings.

[00:30:12] Most of the time and I've worked with a lot of church planners over the years I've built six churches total construction before and oh. Here's what I would encourage you to do. Don't get in over your head financially before you. You see if you can make the church or this work. God is with you. And I think you've got to trust that God is with you and you've got to trust in him to do ministry inside of margin. And if I was on your board and you were building out a building for church and you didn't have a law group with you other 100 people or so. Man I would be put. I'd be pollution. The pause button on your hard for that because it's going to put undue pressure on your ministry and it's a pain in the butt. You know I've done it in quite a few buildings. It's a pain in the butt it takes 100 percent of your focus when when you need your focus to be you know a launch launch party. So right. Yes. And I'm with you on that that's well received. And we are switching gears right now. We just did a demo of the bill is basically all we got. And so we're planning on shifting gears to really build up the launch team and then bring them in as we start to put things back together. And I've got I'm in I'm in the construction business as we speak. So I'm comfortable with kind of what we're doing and the pace that we're doing it and not getting overextended financially. I've got one more question what about.

[00:31:39] Okay some of the pricing messages that Jerry does. I know that we can get the notes and everything like that. Are we and we get transcripts I believe or we can what can we get the very audio to those messages because the influx of you know the way the message is delivered I think would be really helpful in knowing how to really follow exactly what he's communicates. Hey you're setting me up man. And here's why. We were about to launch a platform called sermon sermons not today. I mean I've seen it. We have. It's not up yet but I've had we thought it would be done by now but it's not. And we're going to start putting a lot of Jeri's content on there. And so when that happens not only are we as you'll have the audio the video as well as the bumpers and all that kind of stuff. So we're and we're trying to figure out how that hits together with 24 2040 double. But for the messages that were given away for free we'll make sure that that content available to you. I want more question. Yes I know that in all of these modules you know in this window of time that I got with the first tasting of 24 to double and everything I've been kind of trying to crunch through all the modules just to kind of digest them as much as possible when I'm on Mazal 13. But each one each one sometimes brings up a different book.

[00:33:03] Is there a is there a resource that really lists all the books that you all are recommending us to read or do we really need to read all of the recommended books. Is the module's really breaking down the books for us. And do we need to go back and read them. Let me let me jump in there. When I was about that Jim is I wouldn't try to get a reading list and jump on it that way I would take it as it goes. And most of the time when I recommend a book you know I will talk about you know the big takeaways of that book and then I'll say you know for further personal growth in this area read his book or sometimes I'll just say hey you need to read this looking like for instance I was talking about small groups and how crowded calendars and schedules are and how many things churches are doing and why it's hard to gain traction. So I always tell everyone you need to reach simple church. And so rather than then tell you here's this long bibliography thing jobbery. Just take it one session at a time and listen as we lay it out. Let me give you also Jim one resource of a pastor you should connect with has been through 24 today. Well he's been on my staff. He's launched a Daystar campus and he's launching a network church called the church. And you can reach him on Facebook and you'll go to the Facebook dot com slash city hope family OK. We hope you will. And that's your got to talk to about all things church planting what my next steps are. He can really help you because he's done it one time already.

[00:34:45] He's doing it again right now. OK great. Sounds great. Guys listen thank you for your time. And we're just going to keep on keeping on. Appreciate it. All right. Thanks Candy. Hey engines. Just as a side note to Gary and I don't know if they still do this but I know years ago arc if you if even if you got into their process they would actually give you money to help you launch. I mean there was a payback over time over a long period down the road they would yeah. Let me let me tell what that is. So you know you can go to art training some people go just for training. You know you learn their model and then some people want to be an arc church. And so in that regard they will put you through a process where you are your gaged and you're either approved or you're dispar if you're approved then you've got to go their process you're going to launch how and when they want to do it but they will match you up to 50000 thousand dollars if you raise 50000 they'll give you 50000 for or you pay that back. And then after the payback you know they're really good to work with you it's a slow payback after the payback you pay a regular percentage back to arc for the lifetime of your church and of course you change your mind after the payback if you don't want to stay and are. You can drop out there not a denomination they're church planting organization.

[00:36:16] So it's not one of these things where you know you know giving them a massive amount of money I think it's 2 or 3 percent of your total. And then it all goes to church planting. They don't have any denominational headquarters none of that kind of wasted money. So yeah it's a great organization that's why we use them a lot to train our new campus pastors when we launch campuses and we use it when we launch in church awesome. OK. Just keep moving. When Anderson. Hey guys. Hey you do it. Good how are you doing. Good to hear from you I think the last time I was on I we were talking about the to services that time is approaching as we're looking at September as our top two services launch. Here's the thing. The year are doing some vision casting in the numbers that the dream team was coming up with was something that is outstanding and it's exciting. And then somebody in the group realized that there's no way that the amount of people would fit into our one service. And so it kind of organically alleged to have organised to host the services. Now I'm not really feeling like the team is really digesting the prep work that's going into you know preparing for two services. You know I'm a little worried that it might be. You know I need to be more encouraged united to have a better strategy to be able to lead better in this area. And quite frankly I'm I'm I'm a little lacking. So I just wanted some steps to help my team know dream a little bit and get on board with figured out what services are the best networkers. It's crunch time now.

[00:38:14] I mean we're at work right now so so at what time are you planning on doing motherhood. When are you planning on going to services. September of this year. Did you do multiple Salvati yesterday. I mean this is out of necessity. I mean we can't we can't we cannot send any more people there. You know I mean we still have we don't have enough seats booked. OK. So. Yes. I mean you've got the you've got the wife right there in front of you. And I think volunteers can sometimes do to borrow from what Jim said earlier. They don't see the forest for the trees. So you have to remind them of the why often you got a pastors of the same way you've got to remind yourself of the why we don't want to go to two services because we just need to have more people and not even just because there's not enough space for the people. The reason we want to go to two services is because you know someone's eternal destiny depends on it because there are families living in generational sand just bondage one generation after another. And somebody need a parking spot or a seat available so that they get to hear that they can change can be broken you you've you've got the lead as the leader. I have to eat drink sleep breathe and bleed this mission. I've got to pour out the and out of my pores of my skin. So it's got to be so obvious that every time my people see me they're excited that we know we didn't have a church service.

[00:40:03] We changed the world this weekend. We didn't lead worship. We ushered people into God's presence so they don't see themselves as having done a job but have you participated in supernatural things. And you know I can speak from personal experience that I can't lose the personal passion about all this stuff because I get so tired so worn out and I'm staring at budget numbers or I'm staring at you know your number of volunteers that I lose sight of the line. I'm just focused on the walk. But but it's also I've got to take time away. I've got to not wear myself out. I've got to be refreshed. I've got to take pride. Just a couple of weeks ago I just cleared my schedule to two days went on a two day impromptu prayer retreat to be to be refreshed and Elm during that prayer retreat. I took my up off of the preaching calendar to Sundays. Within the next six weeks I just knocked off two Sundays. I'm not going to preach. So I know I have to manage my own personal enthusiasm my own personal passion because no one will be as passionate as me. It's like I'm the high watermark and everyone else falls in line somewhere underneath me. So I want the whole organization to be more passionate. I've got to make myself more passionate. And that's a lot of responsibility. And you know you have to you have to just be you be your own. You have to own that for yourself.

[00:41:40] You can't wait on the board to understand that you can't get your people to understand you just happened know within yourself that you've got to take that time and be away and come back and be passionate because I mean you do you're doing all the right thing. You're growing you're filling all the seats. There's a reason for it. And if they can't see it either you're worn out they're worn out or you're all worn out and there's not enough why you know being homeless or worn out for sports for the sake of habit that's for sure. I said I don't mind being worn out for the sake of having one of the indicators that we were. We're going to have to do something is we have taken every available space that's not be used. We took boxes out of spaces to be able to do more children's ministry. Now we have a deficit of children's workers just like the worship team and the children's ministers are like we need some help. What we got to pray for the calm people a time and was just give your degree track and qualified people as they come through it. God God will do that. The last thing I'm sure of that when they just did. Now do you feel like. Who. Who is it. That's not quite ready that your top level of leaders is that you know is it just the whole dream team as a whole that you feel like it is not quite motivated. Or did I hear you right. Some people are not quite motivated to launch multiple services so it shows a push.

[00:43:20] Yeah I think maybe it's a top down issue now that you mentioned that the last couple of meetings that we've had have been the dream team and then the executive board meetings have kind of been just right back to back where we do the executive board meets work you know legal filing nonprofit reasons that work for reporters like that. But I think that might be might be the overlap there. It seems like when they were they were coming up with ideas on how to do multiple services and reach different you know more people or allow the doors to be open for more people. It was more like to come and see mentality versus we have to go and be to attract them in verses like let's do to a Sunday night service. Let's do a Wednesday night service. And I'm like what. We start out this we put all that away because that was the traditional mindset that wasn't working for our people. And since we got rid of Sunday night service and Wednesday night services it went into a small group mentality. Our average age is like 32 with a lot of families. So it almost sounds like to me when they were when they were like that mall I was like I'm here hearing old traditional stuff come back into play and I'm I I got super discouraged. I'm like wait a minute. So that's kind of the point to me that I'm going how do I really move this thing forward and get back audition and you know with the momentum we had going in not knock it off track. Yeah. And I'll just feel like what everybody feels like it's just more work. No no. We've got more work.

[00:44:56] Instead of having to be at church from 7:00 a.m. until 1:00 o'clock we're going to be a church on 5:00 to you know 2:00 I'm thinking if people are save Florida this is awesome and we will change our culture be the best that we can. So you know some of the people are on board. They're like let's let's go on. Those are the people. So well here's here's thing too that happens when when you have a big a big growth. What happens is the entire organization changes. And the saddest fact and it's so painfully true but it's 100 percent true 100 percent painful. The people who got you to where you are will probably not be the people to get you where you're going. And that is true of your board your elders your staff your highest level of volunteers. So you've got to always be taking that new up and coming volunteer and pushing them to the top. The organization no. Who do you have right now who needs to be on that Elders board that are there pushing you there every time that you know somebody on your board is going mad. No no we're going to have to be here too long. I mean I just don't know that's going to be more complicate. Who what young boys. Can you put on that board that represent the heartbeat of where your church is now going and start pushing that up.

[00:46:19] And you know I right now as I'm telling you this I'm seeing the faces of people who used to be you know high level leaders in my church and now some of them are sitting on a pew are not even in the building anymore in the church anymore. But we could not go to where we needed to go with that same mentality. I'm not talking about problem people. Listen. The thing about Daystar is we've never had any problems. I mean nobody. No we've never had. You guys think I'm making it. We just have always had unity. No problem but we've had some people that didn't quite have a fire under them and they didn't quite have the passion. And I guess slowly and methodically rotate those guys out and rotate in stronger Emerging Leaders younger always almost always younger emerging leaders so when you see your leaders really struggling with having someone to come alongside them and to build their team you know the healthy team and we want to have the fivefold ministry appropriated of each team. If you're seeing them struggle with having you know getting to jump in and assist you have you. I mean what do you look for somebody who can jump in. I mean I've kind of been doing that like you know with a tough place. Yeah. I come in on my it to be honest with you. It's been one of my failures is that I'm too quick to jump in and and get the thing going. It's kind of end up with my plate a little bit over. I was just meeting with a ministry coach yesterday he was telling me that you know you keep doing this but if something's not gaining traction I'll jump in for a brief period of time just kind of get that get that thing roll. Yes.

[00:48:11] It's a true fact that it takes four times as much effort to get something started as it takes to maintain it. So you know I'll throw my shoulder to it get it going recruit a couple of people if you're the senior leader it's going to be easy to get a few emerging stars on board with whatever you're doing and so I'll just kind of pull some people over toward that and you know get that get that cart rolling and give it one good shove and then jump back out again. You have to be careful not to do that too much and stay too long when you do that. Right. OK I appreciate that. Yes that's tough stuff. Thank you for joining us with all right. We're running out of time. We got three more people in the queue here. This is Bruce Bruce. Yeah thank you Mike. My question sort of gets back to the cell was speaking before about making concessions were just news starting in here on things getting wrong. And one of the quote we had was who on network had to learn from each other. Who who else might be in our area who's using 2014 double and or even on our own that yeah. And I don't know you caught this earlier Bruce. I answered that question earlier we don't have we we don't have the staff to keep up with F with all 22 hundred churches at that level.

[00:49:36] One of the things that I found when I was doing church construction consulting was we were the company I worked with was an incredible company but what would happen is we get rebuilding a church and we would start parading all these other churches that were thinking about building through these churches and what happened is we took a client that loved us and turned them into a former client that hated us because we were constantly touring. And one of the things I learned from that is that not everybody wants to hear from us after we built a building for him. Same thing with this. We don't we are running an online training platform it's an incredible. I didn't even understand how incredible this opportunity was when Jerry and I started partnering together. We were actually bringing a conference into a church just an incredible opportunity. The downside to that is we're not rubbing shoulders with you guys. If we do that it's right here on this Q and A this is the most live interaction that we have with you guys and so we don't. In order to connect you with a church in your area it would take several back and forth between us and that church to be able to get permission to connect you guys with thousands of churches. We simply just don't have the resources to do that. I wish we did and maybe in the future that will be possible. But for now we don't have that Jerry and I keep talking about doing another live conference with 24 to double to be able to bring you guys together give us the opportunity to create some new content. But so far he's super busy. I'm super busy and we're trying to do the one thing that's going to get us 80 percent of the results which is staying focused on 2014.

[00:51:13] And now I know that not got a satisfying answer. I hate that. But that is reality and that can't be outsourced if you like. What's that I got. You're breaking up with Bill bros perspective. But let others know hey we're doing just fine. Less than that accurately and likely don't have to manage necessarily just that. So yeah yeah. And even if we have a Facebook group that we were promoting early on but even managing that in the comments on it was it would take a whole time person and you know how this works. When we add extra services like that and extra people that we've got to drop that call stuff and one of the things Jerry and I were committed to was keeping the costs down so that within the reach of end of every church in the world. And that's that's what allowed us to partner with so many churches in 21 countries might add. So so man there is a lot of stuff that we could do that that bandwidth and focus and really calling don't allow us to do so. And again I know that's not a great answer. I wish there was a better answer maybe in the future there will be. It's pretty fun. Yeah like he was. Was that it or did you have another question. You know I'm I'm looking at here as we sort of get the ball rolling and you know we're from the best things that you know that we can do along the way. Keep that fire and that spark rolling with people you know.

[00:52:59] We've got a C group that you well that just stopped meeting weekly and then we're gearing up to launch but you don't just disseminate out that spark. Keep that in Precinct 4 for that. Maybe it's just a general question. But yeah it's one of those things where we're praying about it. We're taking a little bit of time with it but at the same time 24 goes by really fast. Well we don't want it we don't want to sit too long we'll want to keep things fighting so yes. So let me jump in there. Bruce I would say you know celebrating the wins is something that pastors sometimes don't do a very good job of. You know we were so focused on what we need to do next. That as soon as one good thing is done we just kind of move on to the next thing. And that can lead our team kind of empty and questioning you know what was this worth it. Yes. And so I'm constantly asking myself and my team you know what can we celebrate out of this last thing we did. You know let's let's let people know hey you got we get a homerun here. And here's how here's the result here's what happened. And so that means constantly taking pictures videos taking down stats and data of what the event was and then just of course spiritually delivering that not as a state of the Union address but as a spiritual motivational talk that hey guys we're making a difference at this church we're not here you know the world community would be a much different place.

[00:54:40] And so that's why you have to be so full of personal motivation because you've got to pour out of everything shake your hand and got to feel the motivation. And so that's why it's so important for the pastor to take care of himself and make sure that he's full of vision and the why of what we're doing is much more obvious in his life than the what of what we're doing right now. Appreciate that. All right. Thank you. Thanks all right this is Chester Sampson I believe. Praise the lord brothers I I thank God for you because I was in prayer about something. Unfortunately my past the past and now the third three years and God moved me before they even had an interim pastor to branch out and start a church. And we definitely want my prayer. But it's been two years now. Now I've been praying. Poor something to help us to move this church to the next level. And I ran across 24 to dub I thought in seven dollars for 14 days and the board approved everything and we are excited about moving forward. I'm have a meeting this coming Saturday morning at 9:00 with some of the leaders in the church. We are small. We're right now less than about 30 35 but we have some energetic people willing to move forward. My question was we do have division which has already been set in place and I think it's pretty good. This is what it gave me. Building the family of God by being fruitful and multiply. Now and I definitely believe in evangelist but 24 to double have given me some tools to work with.

[00:56:52] I'm thinking about starting with modules and to show them that this weekend them as the question is would that be fine. Sure. Chester I mean you can do that. But here's the thing. I would say don't assume that because you get that you get something that the rest of your team gets it. And what I mean by that like you understand Beijing you understand how foundational it is you understand how important it is don't don't assume that they get it either. And if you've if you've gone through the whole process of establishing a vision statement you're happy with it you're passionate about it. It's not a big deal to start with with module 2. I just don't want you to go over through the process and just kind of cherry pick and go out of order because particularly for a young small church going straight through one to 24 it is very important. If you went through to through 24 that would be great to be fine just don't go through and skip a bunch of them and get them a whole lot out of order. Now if somebody is listening to me and you're a church of two three 400 it might be a little different for you. You might have some more established teams that you you know want to take out of order but especially if you're young you're new in this thing take it Take it one at a time. Sounds good. All right. I appreciate appreciate your passion. Sounds like you're excited you've got some things moving. Hey think about it. Put. One thing before we move to the last caller Jerry Chester one thing to remember there are two things.

[00:58:42] There is a module zero so module zero. Jerry does a big overview of 2040 double. I think that's critical as you're starting this process. The other thing is that you haven't seen it. There's a team meeting page on our site. You should find it in the first it should be on the start here page 24 did that one like it right now. But what that is. It's an hour long agenda for that meeting with your charge to introduce the idea. There's a 12 minute video from Jerry talking to your committee it's we put it together because we knew that you were going to have at that meeting. We want you to have that meeting to make this decision of the church so that resource is available on the membership site for you. All right. And this is our last one Jerry. I don't know who this is. Yes my name is Adam Meyer and Ben and Tony for them for a little while now. My question is really kind of twofold. You know I'll give you a little background of our church is on churches of about 150 people on a Sunday morning. Right now there are two temporary in nature and a few such as here. And my my question is how do you market your church. Currently what I'm doing is I'm using Facebook ads and Facebook. This is primarily targeted by every single week of some capacity. And that's been our primary means of marketing our retention rate for visitors has been fairly high if not as high as I would like it to be.

[01:00:19] Like you've stated My goal is around the 20 to 25 percent mark and we're currently sitting around the 15 percent retention rate. So I think we're getting some room to improve there but one of our problems is reaching new people. So I wanted to ask that question about how do you market what are you guys doing and am I being on the right. Thanks. Okay. Yeah Adam. So marketing church marketing is is so important and you really have to know your community a little bit to to decide what's best for your community. Facebook marketing is really good because you can be very specific on who you want to reach. You know what age group what community. That's all really good. We've done billboard marketing we still do billboard marketing right now that's very expensive but also very helpful particularly in the areas where we have a new campus. People don't know us as well. Now the big thing is though Adam like for you as senior pastor for me as Senior Pastor I've got to own the marketing strategy you know so I can't expect anybody to really be passionate about this marketing our church any more than I am. I've got to be the highest in the barrel at all times. So Mark the most effective marketing there is in the world is a personal invite. Always has been always will be. It is not even close. All the other morning combined is not as powerful as one's personal inbox. So what I'm doing is I'm constantly I've got a fistful of invite cards whether it's Easter or Christmas or just normal every day. Cards come to this service.

[01:02:13] I've got a fist full in my console in my vehicle everywhere I go. I'm handing it out talking to people. One of the things we do is we do this twice a year right before Easter and again in the fall. We will print up little magnets. They're about a dollar each. And when you come to church one day every car has a new magnet on it. And we tell people if you're not a magnet Guy take it off put it on your refrigerator pray for us stick it somewhere else. Whatever but we've put one on your car today and that's that's one of our ways of marketing. Well here's what I do. I go put 75 magnets on my truck and I drive all over town for the last two weeks leading into Easter. And people are taking pictures of me Apelt. Tell me please Miss Sunday and didn't get a magnet. Take one off my truck or just people randomly at a restaurant taking the magot off and putting it in their car. And so I'm just I'm just almost almost a running joke about how passionate I am about inviting people. And so the testimony of you know one young leader in our church he's probably about 24. He's fantastic young leader. You know he recently got up and he said you know I really didn't get how important this invite initiative is until now. I just kept seeing where I turned around the pastor inviting somebody every time I you know looked on Facebook or Instagram there's another picture of him in by and and they will absolutely catch it from you.

[01:03:46] And you know personally I am not a salesman by nature. I'm not a get out there and flush press the flesh kind of guy I'm a get in front of a thousand people at one time kind of guy but I know I can get anybody one American president said. Leadership is like a rope. You know you can't push a rope anywhere but you can get in front of it and you can pull it anywhere you want to go. And so pastors have to do that in every way a great leader has got to be if you want people to give more you got to get more money wise and time wise whatever you want people pray more. You've got to pray more if you want people to invite more you got to invite. And so here's the way I look at every single thing is a lot of pressure. That's why you keep hearing me say you got to take off laughing. But you know every time I see something wrong with my church well my church says and pray enough well it's because I don't pray enough. Well there's not enough in the budget well it's because I don't give in. Well there's not enough. You don't want a spiritual cause I'm not spiritual. I mean I take ownership of every single part of my church. And that way I can't sit back and go Well you know I curse just doesn't do this. They just know I'm the reason they don't do this and I'm going to set a standard for myself.

[01:04:59] And yes it seems a little bit self-serving and you know a little bit promotional that I'm promoting what I'm doing but how else are they going to know that I'm doing it. And how else will change or do you have high five. Don't let them know. And that's kind of I've been trying to push that as well. As far as personal invite and now I've been trying to do that for I don't know at least about a year now. Periodical what I do at least four times a year. No no. Little bit more than a to. Another push at Easter I put out the invite cards. About a thousand of them or so. Give them up to every single person in the church every single Sunday. Like he said you know I just have a city full of them and I'm constantly doing this as well. Now what I'm noticing is that I'm primarily the only one doing it. And that's the way that they talk to me. Let me let me throw something at you to Adam and Jerry. They just do this for Jerry for a. Probably get to this in a second. The four big events don't miss the teaching about the four big events a year. People need a reason to invite if if if people don't know what you're preaching on this Sunday they're not going to invite their friends or no because you should come Sunday because if you're doing big events there's a natural because it's going to be fun you need to come because you because of that you don't make it you're going to miss out. It's bomoh right. And what Jerry teaches in 2014.

[01:06:28] There's always the next thing is coming the next big event is coming and you can you can ramp up to it hammer it and follow up on that. That is the basic tenet of 24 to double for how to grow your church. Get ready. So Paul what works. Yeah and I think that we're we're doing pretty well. And in that area as far as the big events go and trying to do that even only people know where we're go when I'm not playing my sermon series out roughly about a year out. So I'm pretty well I'm planning and we all still try to promote them like at Easter. You know we're promoting Mother's Day. We're also promoting the next sermon series like in the middle of a sermon series right now called the race about how we're in danger of a race in the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit driven message. But we're promoting that you know and so we're pretty well established in that area as far as promoting the big event. We are working on adding a fourth big event. Primarily we've only done two big events here and we're starting to just added a third this year and hopefully we're going to be adding sport as well. We're using our V.B. ass as one of the big events this year which we haven't done in the past. You know so I would say we're a little shy on the big events but we're trying to we're trying to get there maybe because our church was not used to doing any big events and it is the other thing I would add Adam just could say that build it to build culture.

[01:08:10] And so you have to do it for a really long time to get to the place where you. It becomes a part of the normal normal culture a future. So you know you have to keep hammering the way that they won't just do it because you spent the first time but after this Easter and you get a story of somebody who you invited and they came to faith all of a sudden you've got a wife you've got this story dispell bracingly. And so you have to keep hammering away at it and will get there. OK stop now. That's great. And then the second question. Now we currently do not have sluggard. I tried locking them about a year and a half ago. And shortly after I arrived here at the church and what I noticed was the last sentence is we had a ton of interest and we've had no leaders. And so I had leaders picked up picked out prior to launching the small group ministry. And most of them are back. And so what I found out through this again I was new at the church. I've only been here about a year and a half and I wanted to try to move that direction. After about a few months of being here lots of lots of interest no leadership to be able to pull it off. As far as to leave the smallgoods go. So we ended up taking it and I'm trying to do another push now about two years after the fact for small groups. Nobody knows how to have an announcement yet.

[01:09:38] The phablet team and what I've done in the interim period is between that two year period that are going to be focused heavily on leadership development because what I found as a newscaster coming in is that there was a lot of Infinity's spiritually in the church. And so I try to focus on leadership development to try to raise up of leaders to try to be a Palach starting with maybe five small groups. And so the question of small groups was really twofold. How do you think that plan is going to work. Managing it and secondly how often you guys meet weekly or monthly to attack the DNA of the church is to take over and that that kind of defines the the meaning of it. My thought my plan was to do it like kind of next to masturbate still a couple of different semesters at about maybe 12 weeks apiece and then do one and then you have a break for a little while then you do another one. But good that way. I don't want to fall into space like I did last time. So so the way I would do that at home is I would start small groups in my house as the pastor and I would select the people that I think would make good leaders. And so the first semester would just be one small group. Just my house and they would be so amazing I would have those guys posting and tweeting and putting stuff out on Instagram about it all the time so that everybody in the church is like hey you know why. Why didn't I get to be in one of these groups.

[01:11:13] And so you get this massive push from the ground up and sort of from the top down to your top down approach is much more difficult years trying to talk everybody into doing something extra whereas a bottom up approach is just a bunch of people wanting it. And you're saying Man I wish I wish we didn't. We wish we could do another group right now but we don't have the leaders. You know so you've got more wanting you've got leaders and then you're slowly building your leaders through your own small group. And so you know if you have a small group with about 10 or 12 people in it then maybe the next semester you know you've got five small groups. But here's the thing I'm always there in small groups but I'm I made this decision. I don't know I made this decision when we when we launch small groups over. I get 10 years over 10 years maybe 15 years ago. I said I'm going to be in small groups some of the leading groups as many as I can. And this semester I'm in three small groups this semester and I just don't ever quit pushing. And so that's where a lot of our small group leaders have come from. And even today where we'll have you know nothing for us to have 150 groups a semester. You know I'm still pushing pushing pushing like my it's going to die. And so you can put down your own personal momentum. What about now. Again we're a smaller church. You know what. You know 120 130 to 150 you know good Sunday for us is about 200. You know like our Easter services but what area that I'm blessed at.

[01:12:54] And this is one of the area that I've worked at is we have we have three actually four. We've got four pastors on staff at the church right now. And so one idea that I had was to launch them launch four of them strong with those four pastors leading the small groups in their homes. That's a great idea. If they know what a small group is now. OK. I. I wouldn't assume they do. So I would probably let them launch a small group but at the same time you should have a small group just with your staff and maybe a few key leaders so that they know what a small group is supposed to look like. It's not like Sunday school it's not like the kind of groups maybe they grew up with. So don't don't assume that they know it. You know how to do it because it does sound wrong then it will not grow organically. OK. I appreciate that. As you know when we try to launch again I just want them to be successful. And you know I tell them some are from a church of small groups as well you know and so I know we had about a church that was on the staff at my home church. They had 140 small groups. You know consistently in. So that's kind of a level level. I'm passionate about them. I see that there are little less giving and I want to see them take off. But I just don't want them to fail. The last time we just had a real lack of leadership.

[01:14:32] I think we're in a better spot leadership wise than we were a couple of years ago. So we'll see how this goes. Your staff knows how to do it either. I mean training staff is such a big deal and I was slow to figure that out. I just thought they would be hungry and feeders and they would get it figured out and I made a mistake. It will be used by not training them. Yeah I'm noticing that too I said that I probably spend and probably say that 25 percent on my workweek is Duvall's to training staff right now because my my youngest my oldest staff pastor is 22 so that's a negative. But they're they're green. They're awesome men but they're that green. Twenty. Twenty three to one just 23 22 and 21 are the staff pastors so. But they're good guys all right. Hey thanks. Thanks Adam. Hey Gary. Thanks again. For everybody else. Thanks so much for being on the call today. If you're listening to this after the fact and you want more information about 2014. Just go to 24 Troutt dot com. You'll find everything that you need right there Gerti you have anything that you want to say before we call it a day. Now guys just keep on doing what you're doing and know that we're praying for you. Thanks for listening into that thanks a lot.

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