24toDouble Members Live Q&A – March 2018

24toDouble Members Questions asked:

  • What do you do with your Wednesday night service if your small groups are branching out into individual meetings outside of the church meeting that night?
  • How do you get people back for the third visit after the Pastor’s Breakfast?
  • Is there anyone we should not include on the teams as we get started?
  • How do we get the older generations involved?



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[00:00:02] Well hey everybody this is Richard Chancy and I wanted to say thanks for being with us today. I've got my partner in 24todouble members past or Lawson with me and we're going to rapid fire questions. You've never done this before. The way it works is if you hit store six on your cell phone or your telephone you'll be put into the queue and when it's your turn to ask a question all you've got to do is listen for the props it'll tell you then if you would just always mention your first name and your church name. And then if you can kind of tell us where you're at in the process I think that's helpful context for everybody that's on the call today. So we'll try to remind you to do that as well. So Jerry thanks so much for being with us today. Yeah thanks Richard and thanks to all the pastors and staff and volunteers that are on with us today. Hope we can really add some value to you and what you're doing for the Lord super. Hey Gerri before we got to start answering questions which again There's people jumping into the queue. Now I want to make sure we have time for that but we're just a couple of weeks away from Easter what's Daystar. What are you guys doing in these last couple of weeks before before Easter knowing that this is the time that a really kind of reach out and grab people who are actually going to show up. Absolutely. And I could take our entire time just talking about Easter.

[00:01:25] But let me focus on what you what time you've got left. You've got about three weeks. And so you know it really boils down to three words for you leaders listening to me right now. Be the change you. Be the change you want to see. You know pastors tell me all the time people won't invite anybody. People don't know when he lost people. Church is not an outreached focused church. Well you're telling on yourself when you say that. I mean really. Because like John Maxwell says Everything rises and falls on leadership. And so we have to be the change that we want to see. And so what you ought to be doing right now is setting an example you ought to be doing everything that you want to see your church members do for Easter. We want to double our attendance. We want to see more people exposed to the Gospel. We're going to you know we're going to write the greatest. I have made up my mind. I will write the greatest gospel message that's ever been written. That's not arrogance that's aspiration. OK. Between you and me I know I'm not the best sermon writer but nonetheless that's my goal to write and deliver the greatest gospel message ever. Inspirational creative energetic passionate. I'm going to do that. OK. But all along the way I'm going to set the standard to what I want my members and my leaders and my staff to be doing and I'm going to make it very public. You know so I've got a right now as I sit here I've got a pocket full of invitation cards.

[00:03:04] I've prayed over them and asked God to give me purposeful interactions with people. I've been inviting people we've hosted events around town that gives us an opportunity with feeding people lunches. I'm handing out these cards and I'm I'm being public about it. Here's here's a good thing that you could do. You could follow me on Facebook. I just deleted about 150 Africans. I do some missions and work in Africa and I've got forever Africans that I don't interact with a whole lot but they follow me so I just cleared up about 150 spaces for people to be friends with me on Facebook and if you'll if you'll scoop those up I think they'll get about 30 vacant slots before I'm at the threshold. I can't have more friends. But if you if you if you will follow me there you'll see the way I do live Facebook. And the way I use my Facebook page for every weekend as well as for inspiring what I want people to be doing. And so that's something you could be doing right now. You can set the standard by how you live. I was just talking to a young leader in our church young guidance about about 23 years old and are actually heard I'm kind of telling some of our leaders that you know he never was a great inviter until he heard me and he saw how I was inviting and inspired him. And this kid has got ten times the charisma I have. I mean he's so good at it. But he was like this incredible talent sitting on a shelf until he heard me talking about it talking about what I'm doing.

[00:04:49] And guys let me just say this this sounds a little bit braggadocios when you do that you've got to get past that. You're inspiring people. I'm not going to do Facebook Live video that says hey guys because I'm so holy and I'm so close to God and you're not I'm inviting people to Easter I'm buying someone's lunch right now I'm praying for a stranger and you should be doing that. That's not the way of doing it. But I'm finding creative ways to inspire others to do it. And you know you have to show them how it's done. And I learned from a stewardship expert that you know a guy who will come into church and teach you how to raise funds that you're the most likely person for your congregation if you're the senior pastor you're the most likely person for them to personally connect with. So your personal stories your personal examples is how they'll connect now as a pastor. I wish I could just teach bible and I could teach the parable that said go to the highways and the hedges and compel them to come. I wish I could just teach that story. And you know that that would motivate that. But you know I've got to pick that story and I've also got a model and I've got a show with my own life. So you know that's what you can be doing right now. You can also be sharing the why. So if I'm giving you two quick pointers for Easter right now. Be the change is point number one. Number two is here. Why. Like why are we doing Easter.

[00:06:22] Why is Easter such a big deal. Why do I need more people to volunteer and serve and why do I need to you know have the spirit of excellence like never before. So you get to go around to those teens your worship team your children's ministry team your first impressions team. Be very very present in front of those teams and inspire them with inspirational stories of what Easter has meant in the past and what it means to you personally and just break off a piece of your passion and share it with them. That's something you can be doing and I can back up four points one in two and just say you've got to personally be convinced that Easter is the greatest man in human history. You got to personally be convinced that you have the greatest opportunity of any human being. You get to tell the story of the Son of God coming to earth dying for your sins and our all the world's sins and rising again for us. I mean that's the greatest story ever told and you know if you're just trying to I know nobody's faking it. But if you're so busy and you're so worn out and you're so discouraged that you personally don't have a fire. Can I challenge you to press pause doing what you're doing. If only for a day you get along with God and let God remind you why you're doing what you're doing. And when you are convinced of the why you can convince other people of the why and your passion will spread like wildfire through a prairie.

[00:08:05] And that's what I'm praying for you guys today that Easter this year is the greatest event your church has ever had. So that's a quick thing Richard a quick wrap up of what I think we can be doing in these last three weeks leading into Easter. That's awesome Jerry. And just for the pastor that has just been so wound up when everything else is going on in their church right now getting a message already taking care of just a normal day to day ministry business where two and a half three weeks out. It's not too late right to take advantage of some of that right. No it really is not. And it begins with you getting your engine revved up. And don't underestimate how motivational you can be when you are personally on fire and don't underestimate how much being overworked and tired and discouraged affects you. You know I thought for a while that you know it really matter how how how worn down I was and how beat up I was because I can flip a switch and you know I wasn't being fake I mean I was just giving my all off at life even if I don't feel it right now. I know this message is real. And so I'm going to turn the switch on and I'm going to go out there and do it whether it's in a meeting or a personal interaction or a sermon. But when I started taking Sabbath breaks true one day a week Sabbath one weekend a quarter Sabbath one week a year truce Sabbath breaks.

[00:09:39] I realized how much stronger and more energetic and more passionate I came back and so and the people the people it was almost like they were complimenting me. But to me it felt like an insult because they said Wow you mean I can tell you been with God which you know as a pastor I felt like wow you know two weeks ago I must not have looked like a house with God but I was fooling myself. I thought that I could flip a switch and go in there and perform for Jesus. And I've come to realize that you know fake it and do what you have to do to make it done OK. There's value in that. But there is a level that you can't get to without true Sabbath and without being filled and refreshed and so pastors. There's still time in this you know just three weekends there's still time for you to press pause and get along with God. So I hope you'll do that. Yeah that's good stuff to hear Pastor if you're just coming on which point of view are you doing here the last couple of minutes. Two things to get into the queue to ask a question at Star 6. We've got a couple in there we're going to go to you in just a second. The other thing you may not know is we actually put all of these Q and A's up on a podcast after the fact. So if you want to check out older Q and A's that we've had you can feel free to check us out 24todouble members on your favorite podcasting app OK. Let's dip into some questions. I think our first one is our friend John.

[00:11:05] Hey guys I'm so excited to be on at the time I get a chance. Thank you very much. And I'm John calling here in New Covenant in North Carolina outside of Charlotte. We've been involved with 24toDouble members for almost a year almost a year and a half and we're 15 16. I put it on hold because we're working real hard for Sunday Easter. We have a theme for the Palm Sunday Easter's rescue. We have two big days that will lead into Easter and that's that's going require a lot of work. My other questions are too real. We're going to appreciate the time. What do you do with your Wednesday night charity service and then growing up your small groups. And what kind of changes occurred and who stayed in the church then as you branched out into a small group ministry outside of the church. The second question is what other ways do you use to get people back to the next week and the third service other than pastors meal. Thank you. OK. Good questions John. Always good to hear from you man. We were praying for you and new covenant and you guys reached Estonia for Jesus. So we did make a very slow gradual move from Wednesday night service to small groups. And so right now if you come today start on a Wednesday night there will be a class for adults. It's very small you know maybe I don't know 25 to 50 adults not that small of a church. You know 4000 members. But it just one class for adults. And then there's a lot of stuff for children and there's a big student ministry that happens.

[00:12:56] But the way out about you know the last time I checked we were close to 80 percent of our Sunday Morning attendance was in small groups. And that is a super high win for us. We never had 80 percent on Wednesday night and way back when we had Sunday school. We never had 80 percent. And by the way that's why you're in 24 right now because they said Our church is the same kind of church. Many of you are. Well you know we started out with Sunday school ribbons Sunday School led Wednesday night programs. All this stuff a lot of the churches that offer training and they began as a different kind of church than in your church did you know and so there a new church plant as opposed to what most of you are doing is what I call church revitalization. You know and so these are the kinds of questions that you may be dealing with. So what we did we slowly started making Wednesday nights look less like a worship service and more like small groups. Now let me just say this small groups on the church campus can be effective. But in my opinion they will never be as effective as small groups in people's homes because people let their guard down. They open up they build better relationships. And by the way the homeless are all them somebody else's mortgage not your mortgage so you don't need somebody classes you don't need to expand and build all that kind of stuff. But what we did is we changed from our Wednesday night service to what we called community connection and that we were building community.

[00:14:32] And so we started in every room that we could use. We started having different groups classes really as what they were. But we would still have a Wednesday night worship experience and then you know things started growing I started having a small group at my house on Wednesday night. And you know people would drop off their kids for Wednesday night stuff and come over to my house you know and that became sort of the cool thing man and other people who live close to the church would do that and I recruited people and asked them to do that. And then before long we just slowly developed into a culture where there are groups you know literally every day every night of the week there's always day or small groups going on. And when we still have people who say hey you know I drive 20 minutes 30 minutes to get to church I want my son at youth service can I come in here and just get bible study. So we'll have you one maybe two small groups on the church campus even as they call them small groups because it's not the same but that was the way we transitioned and I don't know that you know John we lost anybody or anybody got upset about that we just did it in a slow methodical process. And but we didn't try to keep pumping and promoting. One thing you've got to be careful. Wednesday night classes Sunday school classes if you're not careful they will cannibalize your small groups.

[00:16:05] And if you want to get to small groups what you start doing is you just promote small groups you preach about small groups like that's the greatest thing there is and you continue to have these classes but you put all of your energy and all of your passion into the groups and what will happen is that groups will rise up and the classes will kind of fade away. Now if you're trying to expect your church members to come to church every Sunday morning come back to church every Sunday night. Come to church every Wednesday night and go to a small group. Let me just tell you it's not going to happen or you're going to have a church of 50 people who you know that's their lifestyle they'll do everything you ask them to do. But if you really want to scale you wouldn't grow. You want to reach a lot of people. You're going to have to decide what really matters to you and throw your energy behind those things and let the other things just sort of die of natural causes. You don't have to kill it you know but just slowly let it dwindle. And if 10 years from now you've still got a senior citizens group meeting on Wednesday nights at 6 o'clock. Well that's fine. That's OK. They can call them a small group if they want to. So that's kind of the way that transition happened. Now to your second question John you know how do you get people back. I think this is what you said when they come the other way. We've used new allies pastors me on it. You know we almost got working that way wasn't successful US I'd like to see where get injected again.

[00:17:39] It's not if it wasn't for everybody so other ways that you implemented maybe you know not everybody wants to come to a day. Yeah. OK. So a couple of the things we do we have a little cafe and so we offer a free latte. You come back bring this card drop it off at the cafe. That's really huge for us because then we know who you were. We know we can we can update that you have come two weeks in a row and then we can push you further toward the pastor's breakfast. Our growth track or something like that. So that's really good but I think maybe one of the most effective things and I'm not sure I taught a whole lot about this in the teaching that you guys see but you should be you should know every Sunday why people have to be back next Sunday. OK. So I am trying to know where where I'm teaching what I'm going to be teaching on next Sunday. And I just kind of start down that path. Just a little bit I'll start something about. Gosh I cannot wait to tell you about this Bible. It is going to blow your mind. It is so liberating. I just can't wait. But now that's next week you're going to have to hang on. You and I have I mean I know you've got to go on vacation. You had other things to do. So if you're visiting churches trying to find the right fit for you do all that what they'll do next week next week. Yeah. Got to be here for this.

[00:19:20] And by the way that's what's going to happen on Easter on Easter. We start a series called overwhelmed. And I've already been putting that out there on Facebook. Got a lot of shares on Facebook Live video. I will hand out questionnaire on Easter. That says Tell me the things that overwhelm you and you turn that in. I'm going to preach on that starting next week and I'll already know on Easter Sunday. I've already done some online stuff with Facebook so I've already got like a top 10 list. Truth of the matter is I pretty much already know what our subjects will be in this series but I want them to write their answers down maybe they put something in there that I didn't think of. But I'll say something like You know I know that the first thing people are most overwhelmed with right now is you just don't have enough time I've already been hearing that. Next Sunday I'm going to tell you what the Bible says about how to get your life your schedule under control and you're overwhelmed in that area. But hey right now what overwhelms you. And over the next four weeks I'm going to preach on all those things that you share. I do that every year at Easter. Why do you ask for it. Thing one time I said. Next Monday we're going to teach on. You've been asking about gay marriage. What does the Bible say about gay marriage. Next Sunday I'll talk about that. So we always have a teaser on Easter because we know we have so many people who have no intention of coming back next week.

[00:20:47] I've got to convince them and in a smaller way. John I do that every Sunday literally every Sunday in the message I communicate why you've got to come back so that's more of the Bible. Why. To come back and then we have the more logistical side. You know pastors breakfast in this car back for a year. Those kinds of things. Thanks so much guys love you. Yeah thanks John. That was that was good stuff the great questions John by the way. All right let's jump to the next one here. Can you hear me Jerry. I sure can. OK. I think this is Bill. Yes. We're just starting this is Bill White. It's kind of the church in Akron Ohio. We're about 70 in the congregation. And I'm really trying to figure out a few things the question my one of the people in the church as leaders. Is there anyone we should not include on the team as we get started the ones that are watching the videos and doing those and the other one is how do we get like old timers on board. OK well hey welcome aboard Bill and thanks for calling in. Those are normal questions. We get that a lot. So let me start with you not include. I really I designed this teaching so that everybody should hear it. I don't I can't think of anyone you should not include.

[00:22:25] And here's why because I tried to speak some harsh realities that you may not want to say like you want your people to hear it but you don't want to be the one that says it. And so it gives you an opportunity to walk back some of what I'm saying. So I made the you know you wanted to say on a scale of one to 10 in one subject you want to go all the way to a 6 and I went to it 10 and so you're able to say hey you know what guys you know this is this is Jerry. He's a good guy I've spoken to him but we're going to we're going to not go that far. We're going to do this. Whereas your congregation you know they were out for and you want to get them to six. Now you seem like the hero. If I'm making sense to you you're kind of you know pulling the reins back a little bit as opposed to having to spur people along. I'm going to go overboard and with a little hyperbole press the issue maybe even farther than you want to go so that I've done this spring and you get to sort of moderate you know where you're going. So that's why when everybody there. And that of course includes the old timers. But the thing that I try to do is get old timers more traditional folks in in life. I kind of look at them as those who are at ease the desire to use a biblical phrase you know they are like is blessed they're in a Christian nation. They know the Lord they're probably not living a life that is destroyed by sin and addiction and you know they're at ease in Zion they're living in the presence of God and their egos.

[00:24:05] So I try to sound the alarm to them with some statistics of how the church is failing the capital C big church in America is failing. You know how great their grandchildren and children even are falling away from the faith and just sort of raised a red flag that they haven't noticed because they've been going to church forever their friends all go to church and that's no real reason they're not probably as acquainted with the drug problem in their kind of heroin and crystal meth and you know so many young people leaving the faith you know just grab a few statistics which just share some of that in the training and just sound an alarm that says hey something has to change. You know if you're an old timer you may have grown up in a time when four out of 10 people came to church on a given weekend. Right now it's less than two out of ten going to church on a given weekend. So hey we cannot we can't abide that much of a fall off any more. And so I try to sound the alarm and cast a vision for a new Bible in America and that you know we need your wisdom we need your support to make it happen. OK is there is there anything we need to look out for during the first few months of 2014 double that you can give a recommendation or keep things simple some of the pitfalls are we sometimes will get ahead. We want to do things too fast. And that's it. You know this is 24 to is a response to many churches having problems.

[00:25:45] My church included going out to a one week or one weekend conference somewhere three day conference getting a year's worth of work and trying to cram it into you know a month. And what we've said is it takes 24 months to really put this thing together and so you know we laid it out in an order that we feel like we'll bear much fruit early on. And that's by design because the biggest answer to the question of well why do we need to do this. Why do we need to change that. People don't like change OK because they're motivated by fear and change raises the fear level. And so it's designed to have the low hanging fruit first you know things like big events first impressions they really make a big impact and it creates a buzz and you want to be. You want to be the guy who leads the charge for positivity and you want to motivate specific leaders in your church and tell them hey we're changing things and some people are not going to like that change. So I need you to be 100 percent out there be a cheerleader for this thing. And so sometimes churches get it out of order and they you know they feel like there's you know they've got a different path they want to go down and I would encourage you to stay the course. Don't get ahead. Don't jump around and do the easy things first that really produce a lot of fruit so that your congregation will get behind you early on because change is difficult in the church.

[00:27:15] This is more of a housekeeping thing but I got an e-mail that the 49 line upgrade for the gifts and passion stuff runs out today. But if we are great to the gold we still get that ready to go in 60 days. Yeah you bet that's a good question. The Free Pack gets some patients past is always part of 2047 no matter what level you're at it. Volunteer test. There's a custom upgraded version. We had pastors that kept calling us and saying hey how do I make it where we can get the results for this. When somebody takes a test and so we created a version of it to be able to send you that. So that's what that offer is but is that in the gold the great in the gold we upgrade within 60 days or not. It is. It is the custom version in the gold. Yeah. No it's not. It's not part of the same process because honestly at forty 99 we're we're a little better than break even on that from the just pure golf that the Appliqué got yet not including the people time. Good question. The answer to that question. Yeah. Thanks Bill. OK. Thanks Bill. Hey. Star six if you want to get in the queue. If you don't know you snore it gets in the queue and then you can ask it questions like the one you just heard Bill ask. We've got a lot of late comers today which is not not usual. Let's jump to the next question here Gerri.

[00:28:51] It is time from Chaparral Valley Colescott and we have a very small church about 27 people want to know the difficulties of going ahead trying to do this program against a church OK Chippewa Valley. Thanks Tom. When when I when I took my church we had about 65. So we were were little better off than where you are but I understand small things God spoke to me when I first started and said despise not that they have small things for the Lord rejoice just to see the work began. And so that was a quote I kept reminding myself of when you're in a small setting like that unity in every setting. Unity is very very important. But you can take unity on as a personal challenge you can make sure that in a congregation of that that number that you can get around to every person I mean literally you know we were in a transition at our smallest based our campus right now it has a attendance of about 200 and our executive pastor has gone up as interim campus pastor. He's meeting with every single family literally in their homes or are going to dinner with him. So in a church that size you can really forge unity yourself and stay close to the people so that's the beautiful thing of that communication is usually not as big a challenge. So focus on unity. I would say one of the biggest challenges to this is the money part. You know just when you when you really start to see some progress there's some things you're going to want to do. You know I mean small things you're going to want to you know spruce up the facility you're going to want to buy name tags and lanyards to go around their neck.

[00:30:49] You're going to want to maybe have some kind of signage change or parking things are you going to add video or something like that and with a small congregation that can be very costly and you know so you know if people buy in division they're a lot more likely to be sacrificial. But you know I would I would say that and you know in a church that is small and if it's been small for a long time you might even find that you have people who don't want the church to grow. Now you may not have anybody who tells you they don't want a church to grow. But when you start doing the things that will make the church grow and you start actually seeing growth they may start to complain about. And you know we saw some of that early on where you know well why are you focusing so much on the visitors. Why. What are you doing for the new regular church members because they thought that church was a country club and that they're tied with membership dues and that it bought them the right to get certain privileges and they didn't know that it was they you know it was a staging place would come to church to stage ourselves to go out into the field and change the world. And so you have to do a lot of re reforming people's personal mentality and you have to accentuate the positive because they can get negative really quick. So those are some things right out of my head Tom that I think he'd have to look out for what matter where do we start with Majozi module. Yeah.

[00:32:23] The era of zero is the vision module that people altogether and start working on a vision statement that really is in everyone's heart speaks to who you want to be. My last question as we watched the match of all of them within a month we do everything that that module says and then we watch the next Bargewell the following month. Yes. So what you do. That's exactly right except for the phrase do everything. So some months you won't be able to do everything. OK. So you'll work towards it. You'll you'll put some things in place but you won't quite be there. So it's a little bit like going to college and going to school. You know you haven't necessarily done everything you've learned but you're learning everything that the teaching lays out. And so you know I had one guy at one time told me he said we're all 36 to Delva. We just can't keep up the pace and it's going to take us 36 months instead of 24 months and that's great. You know we learned the modules grow if you even want to pause and one time watch one twice you know or just you know have a planning session for one month where you just keep working on it. You know that you make those calls yourself. But that is what you do. You take one module per month you learn and you implement that stuff. Those those next steps as as rapidly as you can and still make the changes you want. I often say that you know your church is like a big ship. It is not a speedboat that you can turn on a dime.

[00:34:03] It's it's more like a cruise ship that if it's 50 knots you try to turn it left on a 90 degree you're going to dump it over and all the people are going to fall out. So keep being mindful of this the pace of change. Not too fast. OK great. Thank you. Thank you super. OK. Well still to the next question here. I think this is Dickie's. Hi I'm Becky love I'm not lead a Lutheran Church on Parmi Camille. We're a small church. We started like three and a half years ago. Four years of all we've got. Right now we're averaging about 55 on a Sunday. My question is where we is my model for me and my God talked about the pastor black male thought well we decided to do was to implement that the week after Father through with a lot of promotion to try to get them there on Easter. And then you mentioned in that that we are cue up the pastors black as we give them gifts or surveyor pastor or whatever. And so my question is do I give that to everybody the visited and my team that passes me to some of the team members are saying asking could they get that early. How do you recommend we do that. Yeah. So what I would say is you know when you when you first start this you're certainly going to have you know a lot of your old church members that have not taken a spiritual test. So I use that as a carrot.

[00:35:46] You know every everything you try to get people to do from first time attendees all the way to your elders. You know you've got to have some motivation. So I use this beer to get past kind of like motivation that hey I need you to I need you to come out. And when you're trying to get it going you know in a church 055 you may well actually in a larger church even a church of 500 you may have some Sundays where no guests are willing to come back for the pastor's meal. So you know you will have church members you want to run every church member through the pastors meal because you want a spiritual spiritual get past everybody you want them to hear your vision for the church and know what your heart is for the church. So that's a great place for that to happen. And hey and you also want to learn how to do it. You know the first time you do this you won't be quite as good at it as your other with time and so you know if early on you're doing it every week and you're running your own church members through it you know along with some guests then that's great. And that's kind of the way we started it. And you know some of our smaller campuses have done it started it even monthly before as much as I preach do it every week do it every week. You know honestly you may have to do it monthly at a smaller size.

[00:37:10] Yeah that's what we were to do we're going to start our mom thing because we don't want to wear the people out right now with the same core group of people who are basically every part of the volunteers that we don't know where I'm out. Sure sure that's fine. It started out that way and hopefully you know you get to a point where you know even when our church was probably six seven eight hundred we would still have some Sundays where there was just one person come to his meal and we'd have you know five or six volunteers to run it and we'd have a video presentation and all this kind of stuff. And because we might have 25 you know so what we would do is just on the fly. We would just make the pastors breakfast literally one table even we would dismiss all the other volunteers and just just I would start. We were doing multiple services so I couldn't stay the whole time but I would come over sit down with them drink a cup of coffee to them for about five minutes and then one of our key leaders would sit down to have breakfast with them and just talk Hey. Yeah we just would make it just a little table and just sit down and talk with them so we adjusted on the fly based on how many people can we. We planned for as many as 50 to be there and sometimes we'd have one couple you know and that that's fine. Would you sit down with them and just like we're going to have just like if your husband and my wife and the four of us sat down and had a meal like that. Oh OK wonderful. OK. But we are getting in on that.

[00:38:44] We opened it up to everybody in the congregation we announced that everyone will come to our 24 hour training but we've been getting on average about 22 to 24 volunteers coming. They're great I think part by the church. And so with that many people coming how do they can't tell you still recommend profiting at all that same day. Or how would you do. Well what you might do because you might you might stretch it out and you know just invite them personally or you know through a personal car or a card through the mail where you say we're going to say you know a greedy people with their last name begins a third is going to be this month next month it's going to be through H or you know whatever you kind of spread it out over maybe six months. That that keeps it energetic and energized as opposed to just boom one day you give tests 30 people and you don't know what to do with them you know. Now you know pastors meal next month doesn't look as full and you know you lose that momentum. So maybe you spread them out a little bit. OK. OK. And then I heard you then the other thing was that my 3 and then model 2 there is a lot of other teaching out there of PowerPoint on the fivefold ministry with their whole layout of how that Bob with the twenty point five percent profit. When do you teach them both power points or how how. How about hear like that. Well we on different months we will. We'll lay out you know how how we see the fivefold the gifts and the reasons for gifts and how they line up with different teams and that you want.

[00:40:42] You want all gifts on every team. And so we actually pepper that throughout the whole 24 month it's not just one time. Then there's a resource page on the website where you know some of those power points are available for download. You can use those in any other teachings that you want to do so that stuff is available out there also. I don't know exactly which month it you know because it would kind of cover it locked in several different months. We'll be covering it all day so I don't necessarily need to do something with that PowerPoint right now. You are right that both of the other models. Yeah. You don't have to do any of that kind of stuff. I mean we're going to we're going to do that for you. And the main thing that you might really want to do is there's some speech to give training that we have out there those power points are very helpful for you to share with teams so that your teens understand but like right now you know you're pushing it. You've got about half of your church showing up for this training so they're going to get it straight from me. And you don't get any of that other stuff unless you just feel like you've got some new Wednesday night class or something you want to share it in. OK be for that. OK. Now the next question I heard you talking earlier about small groups. How did your conversation start. Like right now we have a we do have a Wednesday night life bible study but it's really like it's not a worship service.

[00:42:14] It's more of a roundtable discussion and we go by birth. The Bible is really a small group because we really rarely get more and more like 12 or 14 people so I don't know. But I mean that it's like a Y group. It's only when you start small groups will begin the process here together. We've got it toward the back simply because there are so many changes you're already making. We don't have to urge you to try to do small groups until you know you've really got some of these. Again the low hanging fruit the easier changes that produce big results. Right on the front end whereas small groups it's more of a long haul. Takes a while to see that change. So I encourage people to put that on the backburner or simply be unless you're us a brand Newchurch you know if you know if you started as a small group church that's great but you know I would kind of push you toward the back. OK. I wanted to be clear on law. OK I promise. Thank you I'm enjoying the program. Thank you. Yes. Thanks Nikki. I'm old Kigo and Jerry because we got three more questions and about enough time to answer them so I can press through him. We'll talk fast. OK. Joe Shelton from LaPorte Indiana. How are you guys doing today. Great Man super. Well I want to ask a couple of questions. I actually this is my second time going through 2014.

[00:43:51] Well we did it at a church that my wife and I planted in 2006 with a man named Steve Brown. He came up and taught it to our state. And so we we've implemented some things there and we had a different building and now we are in a different area. And the first question I have is the vision part of it I've already kind of sat down with some of the core people the team without knowing your module zero. So we already have our vision. We already have all of our graphic work and stuff like that and we've been presenting it ever since. Pretty much the beginning of the year. So would it be cool to go ahead and just bypass that model zero. With my when my team meeting and go into module one or should or should I just go start at the very beginning with vision even though we already kind of have that. I think it's a great idea to start with module zero and here's why the things that my teaching without sounding pious it bring some credibility with it in having started with the Church of 65 and grown into a megachurch. And so if there's something you've missed. Well there's really value in hearing that buddy. If I'm saying the same thing you've said it adds credibility to you. Hey Pastor he's on pace with this man. He knows this but he's done it before. So I would just started module zero for those reasons alone. OK. Second question I have is about the pastor breakfast. We we've gone to two services actually after the first year we got here just because we are building as we can see about 120.

[00:45:30] And our first Easter I think we had about 160 people who were totally overwhelmed. So we went to two services the next Easter and we've been doing that ever since. But our issue is we don't have. We've actually had to turn a bunch of our offices in the nurseries and classrooms and things like that. So we don't have a space to do the password reckless between services like I did and whenever I did it at the other church I was at. So I guess my question is I'm just trying to think of good ways to be able to have a pastors breakfast. Without having the space I make that. That is a very very ordinary question. Get that on a whole lot. We had the same problem. We had to do it during. I'm asking this. Do you have space if you did it during one of your services. No the art our church is basically a big box of sanctuary and half of it upstairs and downstairs with now the downstairs only has a nursery and a preschool class available because we've had open everything up to 4 year because the church is growing and we just don't have room. And we're doing two services. So we've had to open things up to accommodate for when people are coming and going. Yeah. So what we did we were in a little box early on to you know we were bursting at the seams. We had one acre of property. That's all we had we had. Gosh I think we had 67 parking spots one acre property and we averaged about 800 on one acre.

[00:47:10] And you know we we drug up portable trailers you know and underpinned them and use that that's an option. We used the restaurant. There was a restaurant across the street from us that had a little meeting room and we were most successful when we went in there and we just got a special deal on the on the breakfast buffet and our guys that back room and we did that. But I would just say it's so incredibly effective. I mean for us every time we have pastors breakfast somebody goes to church. I mean I can not Allender I cannot over emphasize how important it is so man think outside the box. Do you have to do get creative. But for your church's benefit you're going to want to find a way to make that happen. Right. Well and that's the thing. We've got plenty of room. We've got 16 acres. We're rural. We're out in the country. So there's no real places to be able to do like a breakfast thing like that. But we have plenty of room. I never thought about bringing in the tree where it might be. You could do that pretty cheap you can even rent those if you don't want to buy them. You can rent those. We bought some we bring it some before but you can make them look pretty nice on the inside. We kind of it behind the building so it's a little bit hidden. Yeah that's what I would do. OK. I appreciate your time. Thanks for everything you guys do. Thank you. Good luck. Yeah thanks a lot.

[00:48:49] All right thank you. Next question. Pedro yes this is Pedro Maldonado from Columbia South Carolina. I just recently started his program and I'm going to answer your question because I just started doing it with my staff. But to suggest that I should do it with the whole church absolutely. I do ok that clarifies it. So I'm glad I caught it in time and I really appreciate you guys because this has really helped me see what needs to be done differently than past for law. And I really needed to make a change and listening to you talk Pastor Jerry it really helped me to see that I can really do this strain and do it to more efficiently. And based on the scriptural basis you've given us. So I want to personally thank you for helping a pastor realize it can be done. Well hey thank you. Pedro that it really makes my day. And you and your staff still may want to say hed like you may want to watch the training ahead of your church so that you can kind of wrap your brain around it. You don't want to be in there you know hearing something that's new to you for the first time and it's also new to them. And then as soon as the video is over they look at you and go past. What does this mean. What do you think about that.

[00:50:16] You haven't had time to process it so I would say if you started with your staff stay ahead of it just you and your leaders and then when the hope when you share it with the whole church you're kind of ahead of them and you're ready for any questions or follow up they might have. So what you're telling me is I'm understanding correctly. I said go to my house staffers and go to the church or can I just go ahead of them. OK let let's play with your staff. You watch it on the first whatever what first whatever day of the month. And then on the third week of the month you watch it with your church. That way you had a couple of weeks to process it. Think it through and then. So you're not you know you're not going through the whole thing ahead of time but you're at least a couple of weeks in front of them. OK. Well I once again thank you guys and I appreciate all that God is doing me to dance to help us. Thank you. Thank you. That's a big deal. Thanks Pedro. You don't you don't know how much it means to us their pastors that are using this and they're sorting accounting. If nothing else the mentality and the hope of being able to go and reach people that are right outside the doors of your church if that mentality changes everything else seems to follow suit pretty quickly. OK. I believe this is the last question I think Bill is with us again. Hey Bill. I heard somebody say or you say that Billy was doing 36 the devil and I wonder how does that work. Within 24 months are you. You really are. It does continue. How does that work.

[00:52:03] If you go longer than 24 months this is hey let me get this winter because this is like a favorite question and it's you have access to 24toDouble members for as long as 24toDouble members exists. So if you finish the program that you whether you do the silver plan where you're paying monthly or you pay upfront once you're paid in full. For as long as we have 24toDouble members you're going to have access to it and be able to get back through that process. One thing I was just telling Gerri before we got on the call today as we drive this whole platform with two systems called impudence and customer and customer was a really good solution four years ago which is the membership site. Now it's more middle of the road and they don't they're not updating it so sometime between now and the end of the year we're going to be transferring to a new platform for 2014. And if you are in the process we're done with the process when we transfer to the new platform you will still have access to 24toDouble members and all the bells and whistles. The other thing that I said when Pedro was getting on the second to go for is for Spain and one of the things that we did on this platform was we added a version of Jeri's teaching at two times speed it's at the bottom of every module. If you didn't know that you can go down there and listen to it at two times.

[00:53:24] Now the cost to that is Jerian are both in the south and if you listen to this at two time speed it's very very difficult to go back and listen to us at one time. So just keep that in mind but the whole point of that was to allow you to get prepared and half the amount of time. So that's just a couple of things about that. So yes you get access to it forever thank you. That was it. Yeah that's been one of the things that Aegerion and Lance decided early on is that we really are. I mean we feel like we're called to help the church stay alive in America and we all know that though the world is against us in that effort. And so we want to do what we feel like as the best that we can do to help you guys move forward with that. Jerry. Thanks so much for this today. I think this was awesome especially a few minutes a few weeks before Easter. Just the kind of fuel to finish this race going through Easter as you said thanks for being on today. Yeah. And though this pastor's my team is praying for you. You are one of the major initiatives for our church is you your growth and so we are praying for you for Easter to be amazing. We're praying for our teams and we rolled out Easter Prayer Ministry last Saturday. And so we officially are in Easter mode as of last Saturday. We we pray for our church and we're praying for you. We're praying for volunteers for visitors. We're praying for newcomers. We're praying people say you have the greatest sermon ready to worship experience ever. All of the things that we're praying for us we're praying for you.

[00:55:07] So just know that there's power in prayers of agreement. And we're standing in agreement for you and your service is also thanks again we'll see you all next month on the third Thursday at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.