“The 6 Unbreakable Laws Of Church Growth”

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Jerry Lawson
Lead Pastor: Daystar Church

Richard Chancy
24toDouble Online

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[00:00:00] Why this is Richard Chancey with 24todouble and I am so excited that you decided to join us today. We've gotten incredible training called the six unbreakable laws of Church Growth ready for today. Now let me tell you where this came from. My partner in 24 to double He's with us today is Pastor Jerry Lawson at Daystar church. And over the last 10 or 15 years Jerry has learned a ton about the stop and start nature of the church and what it's like to gain momentum and then to lose it. So what I asked him to do is to sit down and talk about the times when his church experienced explosive growth. And what were the rules. What were the laws that they were living by when they were in those periods. So Jerry sat down and came out with a long list of things that he learned during those periods of time. And what we're going to do today is we're going to dive in and share those with you now. As a side note I'll tell you this pastor if you're not taking the time to sit down and write down what you've learned when you've been through difficult seasons in your church. Man you are really missing out because Jerry has put together quite a training today. And I know that this content it can even overwhelm Jerry just the fact that they've been through all this and what's going on and what they're doing and what God is doing in their church. So Jerry thanks for being with us.


[00:01:12] Hey man I'm happy to be there and especially honored for you Pastors. I know that this is a media crazed world and you are bombarded with so many other things to get your attention and I'm glad Richard got your attention because I'm here today to give you something that I know is going to help you and just break off a little piece of myself and what I have become and what I'm learning.


[00:01:35] So I hope it's beneficial to you. Thank you for your time. We will not waste your time. This is going to go by fast. There's a lot of good material here for you.


[00:01:43] Yeah. And Pastor I would tell you this and I know that people tell you this all the time you don't listen to it. Shut everything down and listen because I have gone through Gerry's notes and this and there is something in here that God wants to say to you I promise you this content every one of these things we're going to talk about are critical in being able to do what God has called you to do. So shut everything down kind of turn everything off. Make sure you got something to take notes with. We've given you a download for this video hopefully printed off and you can fill in the blanks. If not just make sure you've got a good Notepad because what God is about to say to you could have the potential to change the trajectory and the future of your church and the lives of everybody that's currently in your church and maybe you will be in your church in the future. OK I hope. I hope you'll do that. OK. So with that being said Jerry let's jump right in because this has a lot to take on today so the law number one is healthy things grow. Jerry why don't you just dive in and tell us what that means.


[00:02:40] Yeah. So you know church growth has almost become a negative word for some people because it it portends to make us think a comparison. And that's what we do we compare ourselves and that's not the right approach or the right attitude. What we want is church Silk's a byproduct of church health is growth because healthy things grow. Everything God created if it's healthy is growing in some way. And so really the first law of generating great church growth is that you're you have a healthy culture. You know your church needs a healthy culture where people are growing and people have a good spirit and a good attitude there's a positive kind of leaning forward anticipation of what God's going to do. You also have to have a healthy staff. It's very important that your team whether they are volunteer or paid staff Richard talked about our church's journey. You know I went from one my church had one employee and I wasn't quite full time in terms of my paycheck to now. You know we have about 50 employees so and we've still got way more volunteers than we'll ever have employees and so that team has to be healthy. So if you're overworking some of your team members if you're running someone into the ground. I know the tendency is when you've got someone who's faithful and someone you can depend on the tendency is to lean on them. But let me tell you in the long run you're going to want people who are there for you.


[00:04:12] And one of the things that we've learned here at 24 to devil and at Daystar church is that when people leave the dream team or they start volunteering they don't go back to the Pew they go out the door because they're embarrassed. You know they felt like they were part of a brotherhood the other team members or they're counting on each other. And if they've got this overworked overrun feeling they're uninspired and they've forgotten the why of what's going on all they are doing is the what. Be here at this time do this thing. You know meet this deadline and you're not inspiring them with the why. Then you know they're going to they're going to eventually quit that area of ministry but what's going to happen is they're going to leave the church because they're embarrassed about it. So you want a healthy core of people serving. You also need a healthy system if your system is hey we're going to bring in a big band or a big group or have some big event every other month. And that's the entire way you're church going. Well that's not healthy because if all you do is put on a big show what's to prevent the church down the street to put on a big show or the mall across town to have a big show on Sunday. So we're going to talk a little bit more about your system a little bit later but let me just in law number one remind you that you have to have a healthy system. Another thing about having a church health is setting high standards for your team.


[00:05:35] I can remember when our worship our then worship pastor he's now one of our campus pastors Ben Murray determined to set a really high bar for our worship ministry. And honestly it intimidated me a little bit because when we started this church I was the I was the senior pastor and the worship pastor and I just wanted someone with a pulse. I mean our first our first drummer in our church he played in a nightclub on Saturday night and played in our church on Sunday morning. Please don't turn me off pastor. I love the Lord don't turn me off. It is that important of what though we have really high standards. Now we've learned we've grown. And so our standards are completely different than they used to be and you know what we found out. I'll just give you an example of how it worked in our music ministry. We actually had to go through a period of time when we had three campuses because we have satellite campuses where we live. See the video we had three campuses and zero full time worship pastors. And yet you couldn't tell a difference on the weekend. And it was all because we had set such a high standard and we we maintained church hell. So if you're going through a problem you know like like a divorce or a big time sickness we ask you to sit down off of the routine because we want to pour into you we want you to receive. It takes a lot of faith to do that because you need someone to sing well this weekend which you've got to think long term and not be so focused on the moment.


[00:07:10] Right now we're in what we call the best staff ever campaign and we're trusting and believing God that we're going to build the best staff any church has ever had in fact. I heard that from Lord. He said to me Jerry if you'll build the staff and not go try to hire them from somewhere stealable from under the church if you'll be committed to building them. I'll make sure they're the best staff ever. And so you know I'm building them out. Quickly tell you if I could think up my head the eight areas that we build people in all our staff. I I work or someone on the team works with them in eight areas and they are faith family finances. Freedom freedom has to do with freedom from a bondage or addiction or temptation. Faith family finances freedom fun fitness friends. I think I said family and then. So it's a whole list you're focused area of ministry. So it's a holistic approach not just saying I want you to do this for me but saying I'm more concerned with you how you grow what God's doing in your life than what you're going to do for us. One more thing I will have to hurry Richard now but one more thing in being healthy you need to plan intimate times with God for yourself. As the senior leader here's the thing about an intimate relationship if you're intimate with your spouse.


[00:08:29] That's the most intimate relationship you have. But you're not intimate daily. All right. You're probably not intimate daily unless you just got married. All right you're close every day but there are intimate days intimate moments. I think he should do the same thing with God.


[00:08:48] Don't feel guilty if you woke up on Saturday and only spent five minutes doing a quick devotion. That's OK. Just stay close to God today. But plan an intimate moment. Plan an hour long prayer. Plan a morning that you don't go to the office and you just listen to worship music and you pray. You need to be spiritually healthy. Pastor and I was talking to a pastor just yesterday who's struggling with this because he said he didn't have enough time. I want to challenge you because we've all felt that way. You do have enough time. You're spending it on something else. So put it on your calendar and when someone asked for that time say I'm sorry. I just checked my calendar.


[00:09:27] I already have an appointment and make sure there are intimate times with God so you have a break from work and you stay healthy can't grow if you're not healthy.


[00:09:38] Let's pray and get out of here. Hi. Hi. Some of you are probably thinking that's what I needed to hear today. Hang on. Cause we were that. That's amazing. I think Jerry in the soul or the parable of the soul comes to my mind that when the saint fell on fertile soil. So it produced 30 60 or 100 times what was soul and pass or if you're not fertile if you're not healthy then you're not producing what you could produce that if that is a countercultural counterintuitive idea that being healthy is going to produce more. But you know that that's the way it works. Yeah. I mean we don't have to beat you over the head with this next one Jerry is near and dear to my heart because I think the greatest gap in ministry is the gap between what pastors call to and what they're experiencing. And the second law is this dream big and think long term.


[00:10:27] Got into that forestieri I so wish someone had told me that when I started Daystar church. From out of out of an old church and I was just 28 years old and I thought it had to be done today. Here's a fact. We usually overestimate what we can do in the short run and underestimate what we can do in the long run. That's just a fact of human nature. We overestimate what we could do in the short run and we get depressed about it we get upset about it but we underestimate what we can do in the long run.


[00:10:59] So Dream big expect huge things but think long term. Don't get so focused on what's right in front of you that you failed to think long term. The truth is outside of the ministry of Jesus nothing great gets accomplished in about three years. It just doesn't. And in fact Jesus's ministry really began in about three years and the ministry happened as the Apostles lived their lives and made more disciples. You're going to need years and years to do what God puts in your heart. So pace yourself. Here's the truth. We need you around for the long haul of ministry. You guys were in a failing failing industry. If I can do is use those terms. The church world is not healthy in general and there are many pastors who are so frustrated they got into it because God spoke to their heart. They wanted to change the world but they are so frustrated they're just phoning it in right now. They're visiting the hospitals they're doing the counseling. They're getting together a Bible based sermon but they don't have a vision for the future. They're not really still believing they can change the world but that's not you. The reason I know that is you're spending your time challenging yourself because you want to see your church grow explosively. All right. So we need you. I can just tell you I know lots of pastors and the kind of pastor that watches this webinars is the kind of pastor the American or global church needs. So take care of yourself.


[00:12:30] Don't don't think that if you don't accomplish it in the next six months that it's not going to get done. You know one of the ways you dream big is to think long term and build a healthy vision. Now everybody knows this Habakkuk Chapter 2 says make that vision big. Put it on a billboard. One translation says so that everyone may run to it. I'm not telling pastors anything they don't know a Bacchic to write the vision. Well did you ever think about what proceeds of. Do well it's Habakkuk one you know Habakkuk one says the burden of God to Habakkuk. So here's the simple lesson. Byrne procedes vision every time you always start with a bird and this is so dear to my heart because there was a time in my ministry at this church that I kind of felt like had run out of vision you know and people can't be inspired people can't go the extra mile if they're not full of vision. And so I thought to myself maybe I'm done. And God shared with me that a vision is birth out of a bird. And I said well I've got I got a boatload of burden. I mean I thought about the I'm raising daughter. I have two daughters and I thought about all the single moms I talked to and how many mistakes they have made in choosing a husband and dating and all that stuff. And my mind went over all the things that are wrong in my community that God's Word will correct and out of that birth an amazing burden and an amazing vision.


[00:14:03] And so it's easy for me to think long term because the vision God has given me for our community north Alabama where our all of our campuses are is community transformation through the love and power of Jesus. How long does it take to transform an entire region of a state. It will certainly take my whole life. It's huge and I have to think long term. So you make it huge make your vision so everyone around you could be hungry for it. Think long term.


[00:14:36] Jerry got into a little bit you just. What was the vision again community transform conservation through the love of Jesus through the love and power of Jesus Christ. He pass it. If you can't spit it out like Jerry just did. You need to work on it because it's all part of not.


[00:14:52] Not only that Richard started not that if you can spit it out you probably still had work on it because the real test is can someone who's just now started serving as an usher like he's been ushering for one week can he spit it out. Because if he can't spit it out then it's not clear enough. I promise you right now. Go. Go google Daystar church phone number and ask for any extension and ask him what's the mission statement or church. Everybody can say it or they're brain dead and we'll fire. All right everybody knows community transformation through the love and power of Jesus if you're not saying it so often that the people closest to you are rolling their eyes and they're tired of it and then you're not saying it often enough. Because here's the thing. There's somebody else out there filling up your team with their vision. They're podcasting Stephen 30. Or they're listening to Joel Osteen or somebody else has got a big plan and it's your job to overflow that message. Those are good messages but God gave you your message. God gave you your bird and it's your job to feel your team with that bird. So build that vision. Talk about it make it so big. Everybody knows we've all got to work together to make that happen and see if they're in your church.


[00:16:07] Stephen foredeck is not going to give them a plan to live it out. I mean you know we're giving people the opportunity to do something they don't get to do in their everyday life with their job. I think that's huge. And Jerry the day that people when people begin when the day they wake up and they say how do I create community transformation How do I do it through the love of Jesus Christ. I think that is a game changer when people begin to adopt the vision of the church as their own personal vision.


[00:16:37] Absolutely. You know what we say is love and power means Jesus is powerful enough to break the chains of addiction to heal broken bodies to put marriages together to you know fix your finances. But the power of Jesus will never change you until we love you into a relationship so love comes first and that's what we tell people. Your first job is to love the people no one else loves and that love is a doorway that will introduce them to God's power.


[00:17:03] And so it's very clear not only that we've got a banner that has it hanging on the wall but it is very personal and that's why you have to do Patchi you have to make it personal. My friend I know you you guys are going to hate this are not from Alabama but. But Nick Saban. Nick Saban one time I was at a conference and I asked him a question and he said something about there's no there's no i in team. He's the coach of the album Crimson Tide. So there's no i in team but he said there's an i and when and if you want your team to win you better explain to them how it's going to affect each personal individual. I never heard anybody else say that but it's true. It's got to be personal. A great big vision is no good until it's personal.


[00:17:47] That's huge. Huge. Hey this next one is big to Jerry. So the third law is to choose a model that works a model that works not in on that and then we'll talk a little bit about 10:36 when you're done with that.


[00:18:01] OK. So this was so important. One thing is certain. If you grew faster if you grew up in a church you probably have already experienced the wrong model. And that's that's a shame because there's a thing called Forward of years when when you're four five six seven years old you learn how to interact with people those are what we call formative years where you have formative years also in your faith and in your understanding of how the church works and that's whatever church you grew up in. I grew up in a church with a horrible model. They didn't even know they had a mosque but they did. It was a traditional model let me tell you what the traditional model has done for the American church. There was a time in the early days of America where 80 percent of Americans went to church on a given weekend. That's amazing. A powerful time of revival. But when my grandfather was alive and preaching 40 percent we had already lost half of our of our strength in the in the country 40 percent. Even right now Gallup survey say 40 percent because 40 percent say they go to church. But when you currently do statistics and do attendance somewhere around 20 percent today go to church on a given Sunday. Now that went from 80 to 40 to 20. And by the year 2050 it's estimated that eleven point six percent of Americans will be in church on any given Sunday. So it is if if this were the stock market people would be jumping off the top of buildings in New York City. OK.


[00:19:37] Our industry if I could say it that way our expanse our reach in our country is failing. And that's because the way we do church is poor. It's just not done well. And most pastors do what they do because that's the way they always saw it. So you need to start ask. I'm not saying to throw out anything don't go home and say well we've got to change it all. But just ask yourself why do we do this. Why do we dedicate babies. I ask myself that question and we totally changed it. We changed how we did it. And I've changed how I focused on it. And I explained to our people that dedicating babies would transform our community. And we started doing in a way that it would and we explained what it did but it changed the way we did all that. Why we have Sunday school. Why do we have small groups why do we have church on Sunday night and quarterly fifth Sunday singings and fellowships. Why do we do Christmas plays. Why did you do a summer. VB Yes. Why don't you do three songs and offering a sermon and a prayer. Why do we greet the way we do. Why do we mark it the way we do or why don't we mark it at all. Well all of those things are just you. Most of that was just handed to you. That's the way it was always done and that's the way you do it now. And here's what I believe.


[00:20:50] Ninety nine percent of the 350000 churches in America need to change their model. I believe it and it is hard for anyone Richard for anyone to argue with me because the statistics prove that something is wrong. Now the message never changes but the methods and the model of ministry must change. Jesus was the biggest change agent the world has ever known. And here's what I've realized. As much as Jesus changed our view of religion and god we have been gradually creeping back toward Farah's say ism. And so you need to back away and say why are we doing every single thing we're doing. Who are we as a church. Embrace a church wide vision and is every single thing we're doing leading us closer to that vision. We say we want. Or is it causing us to drift farther away from that vision. So there is a model out there for you. You may find it in 24 a double or there may be another way you might develop your own but if you're just doing church because you know the Bible says to do this and we always did that that's not a holistic intentional approach. It's a reactive traditional approach. We want a focused intentional approach to ministry and everybody just like the vision everybody knows what our vision is. Everybody also should know what our process is you know you can have a purpose statement but what is your process statement. How do you get the purpose to happen. And that's the thing that is so missing Richard. Our church actually grew without it just because we did traditional church better than other churches did it. And I was young and energetic.


[00:22:29] But we reached a ceiling we reached a wall that we were not going to break through until we started getting intentional about our process and our our our structure of how to get there.


[00:22:41] Well yeah and everybody knows with better systems and processes you can go farther faster and do and reach more people. I mean it's just the fact that I'm sitting here trying to play that analogy about the formative years and thinking of Pastor of you. I don't know. I mean I'm over here trying to play it cool and act like you know that's you know but that is a that is a game changing analogy. Pastor if you're listening to this and you don't realize that a big part of the way you're doing what you're doing came from somebody else's model of doing it and they probably didn't think through it that well man that's worth going back and just sitting down and going OK. How much of what we're doing is we're doing it because this is the way we do it. And I love the idea too Gerri of not. You're not saying don't do baby dedication. You're saying baby dedication with a purpose that everything has everything is a purpose. Everything's leading to the to the next thing. That's that's a that's a game changer for sure. Absolutely. If you can get your mind around that. So speaking of systems perfect transition into 2014 Double So Gerri and I've been working together for several years now with this online platform called 24 to double which is in fact how you put systems into place in your church and before I dive in and talk about the specifics of it. Jerry why don't you talk just a little bit about your history with 7:36 and what it meant to you and today's story.


[00:24:04] Yes 24 the devil's been around for a little while and you may have heard of it before but it was burst out of Daystar church.


[00:24:10] My church is our model that really took us from just a church with some gifted people that were very excited and motivated to a true system that reproduces results and growth and disciples for a long period of time and you know we worked closely with a church consultant and week. We built this thing together it was very costly is it it took a lot of time and I remember that consultant saying now Pastor you've got to share this with the world. And so because most churches couldn't afford to hire him like like we could several thousand dollars a month to bring him in and work with our team. He said let's build this thing in a way that we can share it with other people. And basically that's where 24 to double came from we said we want to teach churches to double their ministry effectiveness in 24 months and take them step by step through every part of that process and and how it works. And so we're you know you and I Richard we're the only people we own 24 to. We're the only ones who can share it. And we want to get it to as many people as we can and as you know it's gone now to thousands.


[00:25:25] So what is 11:36 1:24 a novel is a step by step plan to double your average weekly attendance in just 24 months. We call it the inverse conference model. Now don't get me wrong. Derian and Lance we love church conferences we go to him all the time in fact I lead the catalyst team for years. If you go to a conference this year chances are you'll see us there we love them. But the big problem with the conference is you go off and get all pumped up about something and then you come back and you try to look at what some other super pastor put together and figure out how do I make this work in my church. Well we all like that model and that's why we flip that model on its head instead of bringing your team to a conference we're bringing the conference to you all 24 modules are delivered through your email and our membership platform for 7:36. Each month you'll bring your team together watch the module and then take action. As simple as one two three. Each module contains video module of the training. We've got the video module as well as that same video at two time speed just to help you guys get ready. We're doing everything we can to make sure that you can leverage your time. Every module has audio of the module and it also has presentation in hand outs for that module. The actual presentation that Gerry or Lance uses in the training. Now here's what you're going to learn to do build the 17 you need to grow your church here in the 17th.


[00:26:47] Our team Well Team shocking all worship follow up children in small groups. We're going to help you build every one of those teams during the next 24 months. You're also going to be able to use our spiritual gifts and passions profile to build those teams effectively this test is the catalyst that gets people out of rows and into volunteering in your church. Here's what that looks like when people finally discover who God created them to be and where they fit inside your church and outside of your church. Everything changes and we use this survey to achieve that. We're going to teach you how to leverage big events to your church. Most of you are probably already doing two big events a year you're doing Christmas and you're doing Easter we're going to teach you how to do those better how to be better in the lead up to the execution and the follow up for those events and then we're going to encourage you and challenge you to do two more big events every year because big events are the lifeblood of a church. They are because the people need to invite their friends. People need to be able to say you should come with me this weekend. Because my pastor is printed on this or because we're doing this event. You're not going to want to miss it. Give them a cause and they will invite their friends Everything in 24 and no Will is delivered just in the way that you're watching this training right now. It's all delivered online. It's accessible.


[00:28:04] Any time you need it you can plan your meetings around it and not the other way around with conferences. You've got to plan your travel around their schedule. This way we're planning your training around your schedule. We believe the most fish that way for you to grow your church is you leading the conversation with your team inside your church 24 to that is also incredibly cost effective. Now let me give you a quick history rundown of 7:36 Dublin where it came from. The first iteration of 7:36 double was put together by pastor named Dr Owen West and now Dr Owen Weston taught 11:36 in hundreds of churches in what he would do was come in as a consultant and partner with the church for six months or a year and helped them put the systems in place. Now the upside is you've got that guy they one on one he knows what he's doing he's done it a hundred times. The downside is it was crazy expensive when Jeery partner with Dr Owen Weston for 2014 double at Daystar they pay $3500 a month for the consulting plus the travel expenses which were handed out to be about $5000 per month. With this click with Gerry and with the day support team they said hey we've got to get this to more churches. We've got to get this information in front of more pastors. How do we do that. And so Jerry sat down with Dr. Weston and they partnered together to do something different instead of consulting and going out into each individual church they put together a plan to have all of those pastors come into Daystar where Jerry would train them on this teaching.


[00:29:32] So interation number two of 24 to double was life training onsite at they start church in Coleman Alabama. Now most of you don't know where Coleman is. It's in the middle of nowhere which makes Jeery story in what God has done. They story even more phenomenal but iteration you had people coming into de store from all over parts of the country Drobny and they charged hundred ninety nine dollars a month for 24 to double but with travel food and gas we estimate the cost per month from these passes was about $540 not great but still a whole lot better than $5000 a month and that's almost a 90 percent reduction in cost. Well that's pretty incredible. Tom you can take information and disseminate it and get great results from it and reduce the cost by 90 percent. Most people would call that a win but iteration number three we wanted to go even farther. One of the biggest challenges with 24 to double was the geographic limitations that I had. If you in another part of the world on the other side of the country driving to Coleman Alabama-Florida there's just cost prohibitive. And so we wanted to be able to take this information and put it on line so you'd have access to it 24/7 365. And we did that and we were pleasantly surprised to be able to bring the cost down another 81 percent from the $540. And you can get 24 to double what you can get involved right now for just ninety nine dollars a month for the next 24 months.


[00:30:54] So if you're interested in doing that and you know that the time is right for you and your church to get involved in a program like this go ahead and click the button below and I will say this over and over again. We are not asking you pastor to make a decision to get involved in a 24 month program right now. In fact if we were asking you to do that and you did it that would be foolish. What we are asking you to do is to call a meeting and have a conversation about 10:36 with your church. Now as soon as you sign up we're going to give you a link to a page on our site. The team meeting page we've designed an agenda for the meeting that we know that you're going to have to have in order to make a decision on this. And it's an hour long meeting complete with questions and a video from Jerry. And we want you to sit down and go over that with your team and ask questions like How are we doing. Abby in the church in our community really those questions have the potential to put your church on a different trajectory. And even if you don't partner with us we'd love to know that we report part help when you have that conversation that takes you in a different direction. So if you're ready to have that meeting and get started go ahead and click the button below and sign up. You will not be redirected away from the training. We'll keep an intellectually open that page in a different tab on your browser. Here's our promise to you promise number one. We're going to give you a 14 day free trial that you're going to get an e-mail from me after 12 days that says get out.


[00:32:15] Promise number two 60 day money back guarantee. No questions asked if you kick the tires on this for 60 days. Even though we've charged you a couple of times and you say hey I can't get momentum around this or this is just not for my church right. And vehemently disagree with Rowe in my church. E-mail us we'll give you money back no questions asked. Our big promise is this if you implement 24 to double if you put the systems and the teams in place in the next 24 months and you're not satisfied with the results will reap on your entire investment because this is what we absolutely know every single pastor that engages this process with their church has significant results. It's not rocket science. We're teaching it how to put the framework in place for your church to be able to double. So that's our guarantee and then the last thing is this no contract you can cancel any time we get that question a lot. We don't want you to sign on the dotted line for something and then have regret down the road. So six months from now if you decide that hey I'm going in a different direction or I changed churches just let us know and we'll stop the payments immediately. Now I got to say this before we move on. This is who 11:36 What is it for. It is not for everybody. It's not for the easy button pastors. It's not for the passion that thinks they're going to sign up for this and it's going to magically happen. You are going to have to do something and here's the big thing.


[00:33:30] The true cost of 2014 is not ninety nine bucks a month. That's not a huge deal for most of you. The true cost of 2014 is going to be paid with the change that you have in your pocket with people in your church. It's not for the lone wolf pastor or the guy that wants to do it all by himself. That is convince that paid people do ministry. If that's you I promise this is not for you. In fact exposure to Jerry teaching this is going to do nothing but really your Aetate. So if that's you don't sign up for this. It's not the pastors that are heavy on talk and short on action. If you're not passionate about reaching lost people if you rather talk about it than do it then this is probably not the program for you unless you're ready to actually follow through on what you're saying. So if you fit into one of those three categories we'd ask that you not sign up at this time. Now let me tell you 24 to double is absolutely for the pastors that we love to partner with the Gap pastors. Now I'm not talking about pastors shop at the Gap I'm talking about the pastor that knows that there is a gap between the ministry that they were called to and the one that they're experiencing and they're ready to do something about it. And if that's you we desperately want to be on your team 24 to Nobelist for the pastor that's tried everything else. We know that there are a ton of other resources out there.


[00:34:47] We get pastors all the time in 24 to double letters saying hey I was in this networking group and I bought that resource and I went to this conference but this was the final thing that worked for us. Now here's the bottom line the secret sauce of 24 and double is refusing to do it all. And partnering with your church to reach lost people. That is the secret sauce. The reason that 10:36 worked so well is because we're bringing training into a team environment and we're coaching you and your team up on doing ministry together. And the best part about that pastor is you're not on any of these teams that we're talking about. You are empowering other people to live inside the gifts that God created them with and giving them passionate volunteer ministry and outside of introducing them to Jesus that may be the best thing that you can do for people. So go ahead and click the button below and get started again. All we're asking you to do is call the meeting. Now if you register now I'm going to throw a couple of bonuses at you if you're going to get involved. Jeery has given us eight sermon series that's 30 for individual messages to give to you when you sign up for the membership. That's sermon notes and stage notes. Jerry has done a meticulous job preparing in here in some of the sermon series 30 days to live. Got jook crazy love. Miss Fortune cookies Warrier and generosity generosity series there's a couple of others too. I just did put the graphics in bonus number two. You're going to get access to the free gifts and passions dance.


[00:36:14] That is a huge deal. We put this thing online so that you can use it easily putting people into it so that they get this information immediately and that's going to be a huge value when you try to get people out of rows and into those volunteer positions and then the last thing is we're going to give you a worship lab Bob Murray who's the lead pastor or we handle the worship team inside two of the modules in 2014. What this is is a lab specifically for your worship wiener. That's going to help them take their worship to the next level no matter what that is and no matter what your worship style is this is a great training for that. We're going to give you the church facelift Lab. This is Lance self the executive pastor next door. Run it down for you how to make your church more fresh and relevant on a budget. And if anybody knows how to do that it's based on our church and then the last one is the pastor's breakfast lab again. This is something that we cover in the modules. But this is a deep dive into specifically how you do or how you create the environment that moves people from those rows into volunteer positions and what did you do in that environment. And you're going to get all of that just for signing up for 2014. So click the button below and get started now.


[00:37:22] OK so Jerry what would you say to the pastor that's a little hesitant to click the button below because they don't know us and they're not sure that this model will work in their church.


[00:37:34] Yeah. Well the first thing I would tell you is I'm not a salesman. I'm not trying to sell you anything. Maybe it's not for you. All right. I I try to focus on being a pastor who is sharing what I'm already because a pastor who's not ready to jump in completely. You don't read the system and the last thing I want you to do is you know throw a credit card number at Richard and then sign up and not really do your work and feel like you know you're going to tell your pastor buddy Oh I tried to double it.


[00:38:03] Does it work. Here's what I know. If you work it it will work.


[00:38:08] I'm talking about it works in Baptist churches Pentecostal churches church of Christ. I'm not just saying that I've seen it it's it's worked in charismatic churches and liturgical churches.


[00:38:22] I mean it's amazing what the different kind of applications that we've seen it work in. It is theologically light very light because you've got room to believe what you want to believe and it's stylistically neutral. You keep your style. Let us show you how to expand that platform.


[00:38:41] So if you're a go getter and you're willing to jump into it with all four feet then yeah do it. It'll work 100 percent of the time. If you think that you know a credit card subscription is going to fix your church. This won't do it and neither will anything anyone else is selling. So here's what I believe. You've got something inside of you. And God didn't place it in there for you to be mediocre or average. And he puts people systems and opportunities in your path and you pray about it. This might be one of those God ordered appointments for you. That's what I'm praying and hoping you'll find out that it is.


[00:39:16] And we will make it painfully easy for you to get out because if you don't if you're not all the way. And we want you out. We say that over and over and over again. OK so let's just keep going. Dear not long before we're going to dive in a little bit into something that I talked about just a minute ago at 24 to double in on before. Develop your own team on that.


[00:39:37] Yeah. So when I started 20 when we started Daystar church I was 28. Talented good looking and even more arrogant than I am today. I had to laugh when I wrote that down the notes Richard.


[00:39:51] But it was really based on me really my energy my passion and I didn't really take time to develop my team because the church was just growing so fast and you know today I'm middle age and not quite as cool as I was probably never was as I thought I was and what I've learned is if we're going to have a continued steady healthy system that grows people and grows the Kingdom we're going to have to build the church on many different gifts and the beautiful part about that is is when we do that we get access to other people's gifts you know a book I was reading and I'm struggling to recall who wrote it but he said that when we when we access other people's gifts we get purchasing power to their gifts and abilities. And I love that that phrase purchasing power. You know we get to do some of the things that we could never do on our own. And so if you're going to build a strong church that grows over the long haul you going to have to develop your own team.


[00:40:51] I mentioned this just a little bit ago that we decided that we're going to have the greatest team of leaders in our church of any church ever. But we're going to build them ourselves around those eight efforts that I've talked about like faith. When I sit down literally and talk to team members once a month Tell me about your walk with Christ we're going to make sure they're healthy. Tell me about your finances are I sat down with a staff member yesterday talked about his finances. I'm literally doing this regularly to talk about are you having fun or are you having Sabbath. Are you literally stopping pressing pause on your life. It's not just for the senior leader. Everyone has to have that. Are you are you healthy physically healthy so that there's just something when when your boss pastor team leader the person over you says hey I'm concerned about these things. Even though they don't directly affect our bottom line or our goals. There's something about that that communicates to them that I'm not trying to use you. I'm not trying to get you to do me a favor. I'm trying to develop you into the disciple that that God has made you into. And particularly if your church is large enough to start hiring staff this is so important hire from within as much as you possibly can. You know I've hired using staffing services. You know there's I won't call any names but you know there's any number of services you can use and some of them work very hard they're very conscientious about what they do.


[00:42:21] But I personally had mixed results but when I have hired from within. Results have not been perfect but there may have been very very good because I know so many things I have raised them up. They've already bought into our church's vision because they chose to attend that church. They're committed already because they rose up above the rest in the group they're loyal they're loyal to me they're loyal to the team they're loyal to the church's vision and they're gifted enough. Let me just say that you know I'm one of those shoppers. I'm a terrible shopper because when I walk in the store and I see maybe on a mannequin exactly what I want I'll take it. I'll grab my size but I won't buy it yet. I've got to see everything else in the store just in case there's something that looks a little bit better. And I had a tendency to do that with staff. You know I would look right at a guy who maybe get saved in our church or maybe was a member of my small group and I've seen him grow up and I would think you boy he could be our next whatever on our team but I overlook him because thinking somewhere out there there's something a little bit better.


[00:43:32] Let me just tell you that the talent is the least important if he's talented or gifted enough then you can you can work on that talent you can develop his gifting.


[00:43:45] It's really hard to teach someone to live right to have good character to have loyalty and you know those are all the things that you can't prove on a you know on on a resume or by checking out someone's Facebook profile.


[00:43:59] So I would just say we start talking about thinking big and planning long term. This is the big part of it. Build your own team make up your mind that your next great staff member great team member great leader great volunteer is already in your church.


[00:44:15] One last thing. Don't overlook the fact that he might be in charge of church right now or he might be in the youth group right now because we're going to think long term and at some point you know one of the one of the striving members of our leadership team right now he is our newest campus Children's Pastor is a guy named Luke Parker and I met him on the first day he went to second grade and it was the day I was walking my first grader and his dad who didn't go to our church yet was walking his second grader up. That's how long he's been a part of our church and I've been investing in him and our system our whole church has been investing in him for all those years. And now today he's in he's going to graduate Daystar college which is a full four year ministry degree. He's going to graduate in the next month and he's already on full time staff. So we have to build our own team Richard.


[00:45:08] Man that is huge. Jerry you know I lead a high school group right now with two guys that were in my last high school group. They're both 20 years old and I'm Greenman them four divisions with us in the future. And the interesting thing about me and about this guy that you're mentioning right here when those guys when that got thinks about church he thinks about Daystar. Yeah right. And so his motto the model that he has for church is your model. And that just blows my mind that my daughter when she thinks about church she thinks about Northpoint and I still think about first Baptist Church. You know it's there's nothing wrong with first Baptist or small town and that kind of thing. But the bottom line is the impact and the opportunity is not as great there as somebody that's got a better model. Hey let's keep moving through this. Number five is kind of bleeds right into that. Next thing is empower your generals who who are you generals period specifically how do you Davian and empower those people.


[00:46:04] OK so the first thing you do is answer that question. Who are my generals. Who is going to lead my troops on the battle. And so if you'll develop a vision we talked about that cast that vision with clear communication and regularly cast it then God will always give you people who will carry your vision. OK. And those are the generals those are the people that you have to empower. See one of the big mistakes is sometimes we cast vision but there is a sort of establishment hierarchy and whether they buy in or not we keep giving them more authority.


[00:46:42] And that's that's a big mistake.


[00:46:44] I call that loading your adversaries gun. Right. You keep trying to lift him up because you're trying to buy favor with him. He's not body and you think that if you brag on him from the platform or you give him a new ministry position or you do something like that you elevate him that you're going to win his affection. That's rarely going to happen. Actually what you're doing is you're loading his gun and he's got it already pointed at you and you're going to shoot you with. All right figure diddly. So you need to just focus on casting vision cast vision cast vision cast vision passionately cast vision and the people who grab that vision the earliest those are the ones that are going to be your generals.


[00:47:20] Now there will always be people who challenge you because there are four categories. There are early adopters to change. Those are the people man you barely get it out of your mouth. They believe in you. They're ready to do something. They adopt that vision immediately. Secondly there are mid adopters. They're going to take it a little slower. They're going to judge it but they're going to be very conscientious about the decision they make. And those are great people to have on board to their mid adopters. Then you have the late adopters now.


[00:47:50] Be careful not to offend people and not to get angry with people who don't buy into your vision immediately because there is a group of late adopters there waiting to see how well it goes. Sometimes they're more wise than you are by the way. And there's a reason they're late adopters so don't be angry with them because they're going to adopt. Now finally there are non adopters and you can't do much with those people. I don't want to anger anybody I don't want to run anybody off. Because here's what I've learned that there are some people who will buy into my vision and carry that vision. Those are my generals but there are some people who will just sit in the church and they love God they love Jesus enough that they'll try they'll give and they will finance the vision and not be angry with them. You need someone to help you finance the vision. All right. But the people you want to promote the people you want to put on your elders for the people you want to put in that circle of people that you're bouncing ideas off of the people you want to elevate to new positions. Those are the people those are the generals.


[00:48:50] They have your heart and where you don't have to coach them up wherever they are you know they're going to bleed what you bleed. And so always empower your generals if there is an established hierarchy say your body into the to double. You're trying to change things. You've got a new system in place. Well you're going to have to peacefully coexist with the establishment hierarchy and you're going to pull some of those over early mid late adopters you're going to pull some of those others over.


[00:49:19] All the while there are some who will never adopt to the vision the vision you have. That's OK. But what's going to happen is as the church grows as the vision grows as the message increases you're going to raise up your generals and this old establishment is going to kind of fade away.


[00:49:35] So then if at some point they pitch a fit talk about you on Facebook leave the church while they're too small by the. They don't even matter because the space they used to occupy you have replaced them little by little with the new generals who are carrying your vision. You see that's why I said the opposite is true when you keep lifting those establishment hierarchy you're loading their gun and when they leave they're going to shoot you with a gun. Don't make sense Richard.


[00:50:02] Oh yeah perfect sense. And that's why you're watching this. I think it's a good idea in the margin of your notes to start writing down the names of those people that they come to know on that are those generals. Specifically if you're interested in getting started with 7:36. Because we mentioned we were going to give you the resources to have a meeting with your you know with the people that are the influencers in your church and those. That's the short list of people that that's the meeting that you may want to have before the meeting to get by and so that when you're going and you know half the people in the room are on board and ready to go that how does that sound very that oh that's absolutely right.


[00:50:35] Wait you know in 2014 we call that the coalition of the willing. And those are people that maybe if you told him we're going to gather together and we're going to watch the grass grow on the church lawn you know somebody would bring their guitar. You know that that's the group you love and it may be two people or 20 people or somewhere in between but yeah call those people together and charge this deal with them go do it by yourself.


[00:50:58] Awesome. OK let's move into the last one here Jerry because we've got about we've got a six or seven minutes left. Lightless. Number Six law of church growth is do not compromise. I love the fact that this is an all caps with isolation points. So what does that mean.


[00:51:15] Yeah I set aside time today. I wrote the other five just so I could get to number six. Do not compromise. I thought of as you asked me to write this webinars this teaching Richard I thought of three areas that I know the enemy guys Gaza I've been in full time ministry. It's I was 19 years old. All right. Twenty five years I've been doing I know I look like I'm 23 now. But don't laugh Richard. But for 25 years I've seen these three areas that the enemy is trying to get in on you. He wants you to compromise. Area number one don't compromise your vision. I talked early about getting a loan with God finding a rhythm of intimacy with God and in that intimacy I know God. I know God well enough to know he will give you a burden for your city your church your neighborhood your community. And if you are to develop that into a vision you're going to have something that came from heaven. Don't compromise that. And it's harder now. First of all since God gave it to you it will be challenged. What has God ever done for you that the enemy didn't challenge. So it will be challenged but it's harder today than ever before because there are so many other things competing for your church's heart. And so you've got to fill them up all the time. I mentioned it earlier there. They're podcasting Stephen fir or they're listening to Jostein on the television they're listening to Bethel worship and listening to you know the messages from their life at church.


[00:52:44] There's so many other streams which by the way God gave all those people the vision and they're communicating it clearly through books your members are reading and podcast your members are listening to. There's nothing wrong with that. You need to be listening to it too and see if it'll feel you. But for your church you have to drown out all those other ministries with a clear and compelling vision that God gave you here's what I believe. If my people are not motivated by me they're going to dry on the vine. That you call that arrogant. If you want to I am not counting on Steven Fertig and Greg Rochelle to fill my team up. You know I heard a pastor say one time that if you want to kill a dog the best way to kill a dog is to go on vacation for two weeks and ask three friends defeating because everybody don't think the other guy fit in and you're going to come home and he's dead. All right. I am not assuming the church across town is saving lost people in my community. If they don't get saved at Daystar church I'm assuming they're going to hell. Now when I get to heaven I'll find a lot of people did get saved at other churches and that's fine but my mentality is yes up to us to make it happen. I feel the same way about filling my teams vision tank. I'm not compromising my vision. Somebody is going to come from another church background they're going to say at our church we did this and you ought to do that. No sir.


[00:54:05] God knows how to talk to me. And we're going to do what we're called to do pastors say things like hey our church is a big tent there's room for everybody in our church you know what I think is a big tent Richard is like a circus. You know elephant over here a bearded lady over there. You know somebody swallowing fire over there a clown over there. My church is not a big tent. It's a big ship. You can fit as many people on a big ship as you can in a big tent. But guess what a ship is going somewhere and everybody has to go in the same direction. You might like this thing you might like discipleship more and he might like evangelism or this person might be into you know outreach more and this person's into discipleship are Bible study but we all have to move in one direction. Pastors up to you to set that vision and don't compromise second area don't compromise your model at Daystar we do four things we'll teach you this if you join 24 double We can worship growth track small groups and the dream team. That's it. We don't compromise that for anything. Somebody comes up and says hey we want to have a come serve. No we do four things. Somebody comes out and says hey we're going to have a women's day. My own wife says Hey Jerry. She does call me Pastor by the way. Jerry. Jerry I want to lead a women's conference I said honey we do four things we do we can worship growth track small groups and dream team.


[00:55:31] And the only way you can do women's conference is if you can you can does design it in a way to promote We can worship growth tracks small groups or drink tea. So she said there's no problem I'll do it in January or I'll do it in early February. That's when we kick off small groups. And so I'll sign up every one of those women into a small group. I said that's perfect but I'm not going to be the conference church. I'm not going to be the you know all these other churches that are modeled. We know who we are. Pastor you may not even know who you are yet you need to find out who you are and don't compromise that model. And here's the last compromise the most important one. Don't compromise your character. Bashers are falling around us like flies. I don't believe it's a lack of commitment or lack of heart. I believe every one of us got into ministry because we heard from the Holy Spirit and we wanted to change the world. But pastors are worn out and they are much more fatigued than they realize. And that condition makes us susceptible to the attacks of the enemy so pastors build a wall around yourself. Build high walls around yourself and that's to keep the enemy out. But it's also to keep you in. Do things like making up your mind you won't sit in a room with another lady with a woman if you're a man.


[00:56:50] Men make walls that you won't make certain kind of appointments and you won't be riding in your car with another female you have to figure out what those walls are. One of the walls I put in is I put my prayer time on my calendar and I said this is it. Nothing's going to take that time. I put every quarter up with two days that I just call Sabbath break. I don't work on those days. I don't answer phone calls. I don't check my e-mail. It's walled out every quarter. Two days I'm going to do nothing but Sabbath just me and God and relaxation every quarter. I put another two days I call reading and study break. I have a study day every day in my calendar. But I have two days a quarter where I additionally read and just kind of project where sermons might come from in the future. These are the ways I put high walls around myself so that I'm never empty. Pastor John O'Steen who I used to watch on TV before Joe was ever a preacher. He used to say I try to keep the barrel full and dip off the top. So one of my favorite quotes. He said I don't ever want to find myself having to preach a sermon or lead a team. And I'm so empty I'm digging way down to the bottom of the barrel. He said I want to keep the barrel full and just dip right off the top.


[00:58:08] That's my prayer for you Pastors stay full state full of God's presence full of vision full of energy so you can easily share with everyone else. Now we're not quite done yet. Richard needs to talk to you but I want to. Richard I just want to pray for everybody who's watching right now. And and then I'll pitch it back to you. So Father I pray for these men and women who are listening today. It is not an accident that they came here today. God it's not a coincidence that you burdened my heart for them and I pray for you to strengthen their vision and for you to give them great confidence. I know that you know the great ability they have and the potential that lies within them. And I pray that they will realize it. They'll know that they're not meant for mediocrity but they're meant for more. And I pray right now if there's anyone who's just out of gas completely he's wondering how can I take two days off behind already. God gave him the courage to trust you. I remember when you spoke to me God I wouldn't take time off I wouldn't give it up and you just basically told me I had no faith. I thought it was all about me God thank you for showing me that when I take time away I'm putting faith in you and I know it's not about me. I challenge that pastor right now to trust you more to have confidence in you and to take the time he needs to be filled by your presence. We pray for these men and women.


[00:59:36] We trust them into your hands in Jesus name Amen.


[00:59:39] Amen. Hey look let me just close with this and say this as he's talking about this last section our conversation comes to my mind that I just had with a friend of mine who's been in the men's ministry at Northpoint huge ministry in well in the know the conversation he said I want to do this and I want to do this. But right now I'm on a wall. And then he kept going and I thought wall and I came by the house and I sat down and I'm like we're on the wall and the walls are on that Jerry and our own is a church revival in your church pastor. That's the wall that we're on that's what we're trying to do. We've worked with over twelve hundred churches through this process now and the button below could be a game changer for you. Again we're going to give you an opportunity to try it for free. We give you all kinds of opportunities to get out. We're going to send you an e-mail and the title says get out after 30 days because we want you all and we're going to give you the sermon series we're going to give you the bonus trainings you're going to get teachings on how to build these seven teams critical teams like the follow up team we're just talking about this a second ago by the way Gerri the last Q&A that we did you use that analogy with the dogs. And you talked about we wake up every day and we assume that the only thing between the people that are coming to our church in hell is they start church.


[01:00:54] We had so many people that e-mailed because that idea resonated with a pastor you're not competing for other churches for people you're competing against hell for the souls of these people. So having a way to get them there and to follow up is critical so all you've got to do to kick the tires on this is click the button below you're going to get e-mails from us if you have questions send us e-mails we do have Q and A's once a month with all of our members. You can jump on them and ask questions we've answered a lot of those in the training but if this is resonating with you and you think there's any idea that this will be the right thing for your church try it out. I promise you if it doesn't work it won't cost you anything. You'll get some great questions out of it. Incredible experience. Jerry thanks for taking the time with this was when I read through these notes I knew this was going to be good but I did not envision myself sitting here taking notes and write things down my self all the way through we could we could repurpose this for any business in the world. It's just great stuff. So thank you for that.


[01:01:52] My pleasure guys I've enjoyed being with you. Thanks