Can I Upgrade To A Gold Membership After I Register?

YES. You can upgrade to a Gold Membership at anytime during the 24toDouble process.  If you decide to upgrade during the first 60 days of membership we'll credit your gold membership for the payment(s) you've already made.

Am I Committed To The Entire 24toDouble Process & All The Payments?

NO.  You can cancel your 24toDouble membership at any time during the 24 month process, and you'll immediately stop being charged. We're looking for Pastors and Churches who are really ready to engage a process that will grow their church.  If you aren't sure you're ready for the process, we don't want you to pay for it.

Is There A Syllabus For 24toDouble?

YES.  You can find the syllabus at 24todouble.com/Syllabus

Can I Share Access To The Site With Members Of My Church?

YES.  In fact, we encourage it.  Once the process begins, you'll rarely have everyone present in your group meetings.  You can share access to the membership site by giving your team the login information.  We only ask that you limit the sharing to your own church.

Can I Download The Video To Watch Offline?

NO.  Unfortunately our licensing agreements only permit use of the content in a digital format delivered through the site.  The videos can't be downloaded or offered for sale in DVD format.

How Long Is Each Module?

48 minutes on average.  You can also click the gear icon on the bottom right of the video to switch to 2 times speed and to shrink your prep time.

What Comes With Each Module?

Each module comes with the video of the module, the PowerPoint presentation of that module, and a handout for your team. (Although it saves trees to email the .pdf to your team.)

How Does The 24toDouble Guarantee Work?

60 Day Money Back Guarantee: The 60 Day Guarantee is a "No Questions Asked" guarantee.  If you try 24toDouble for 60 days and for any reason decide it isn't for your church we'll refund your entire investment.

24 Month Guarantee: The 24toDouble 24 Month Guarantee works like this.  

If you engage the 24toDouble process by 1. Reviewing the modules with your team. 2. Implementing the big event strategy 3. Putting the teams in place, and you aren't satisfied with your results after completing the 2 year process, we'll refund your investment.  

This is the "Some Questions Asked" guarantee.  You'll need to provide documentation of your effort with the big events you've held and the teams you've developed, along with an explanation of why you are requesting a refund.  You can find additional details here.

Silver Membership

With the Silver Membership you get immediate access to:

  • Module 0 (Course Overview)
  • Module 1
  • 24toDouble Labs ($299 value)
  • Bonus Webinars
  • Monthly Q&A Files ($97 Value / Month)
  • 8 Free Sermon Series (34 Messages $599 Value)
  • Facebook Members Page

The Silver Membership is great for churches who want to take their church carefully through the process step by step. The investment for the silver membership is just $99 per month for 24 Months.  (total Investment of $2,376)

$99 / Mo
15 Day Trial for Just $7

Gold Membership

With the Gold Membership you get immediate access to

  • Module 0 Overview
  • Modules 1-24 (All Access)
  • 24toDouble Labs
  • Webinars
  • Monthly Q&A Files
  • 8 Free Sermon Series (34 Messages)
  • Facebook Members Page

The Gold Membership is great for churches who want to move quickly through the step by step process. The investment for the 24toDouble Gold Membership is $299 per month for 6 months (total investment of $1,794) You save 25% over the silver membership:

$299 / Mo
15 Day Trial for Just $7