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24D 24: Live 24toDouble Members Q&A – November 2018

24toDouble Members Live Q&A – November 2018

24toDouble Members Questions asked about the Pastor's Breakfast and More:

  • We have about 200 volunteers, what do we do with the “extra” volunteers once we have built out the leadership of our teams?

  • How soon is too soon to put someone in a position after the Pastor’s Breakfast?

  • Do you have any resources/policies for small groups training? 

  • Are the workbooks mentioned in the training available on the site, and where can I find information on the Growth Track?

  • Can I implement the Pastor’s Breakfast after a church service?  Would that be okay instead of a breakfast?

  • How do you make the worship guide something that is “useful” for things like announcements and information for guests?

  • How and where can I get a had copy of the Gifts and Passions profile?

  • Spiritual Gifts – Your Job Description from Heaven – Dr. Owen Weston

  • We aren’t seeing results from our Pastor’s Breakfast.  What can we do to improve our retention?



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[00:00:10] Ok guys welcome to our call today. I'm Jerry lawson. Normally we have Richard Chancy here.

[00:00:22] Richard was not able to meet with us today but I am super glad that you guys are here and eager to answer questions and just talk to you guys about what's going on in your life ministry and how it was working for you. We do have the brains of the operation is Jessica running things. So she's able to answer administrative questions and brings about the process on body image. Those questions were ready with your own. All of that stuff and you can go ahead and if you'd like to get in line to ask a question. You'll just press star six and that'll throw you in the queue and when your time comes up Jessica will say something like we have someone at 9 0 4 area code or something like that. You should hear a little prop and you know you can go and ask your question. We do ask each to tell us your name and your church is your first name and church before you ask questions. And that way we can connect. Always like to sort of tell you some things that are going on right now before we get started. Let me let me just start him say this is a fantastic time for you to be talking about giving a year and giving is around the corner. It's huge and more and more. We've got to talk about the why of giving and not the what with the new changes in the tax laws. Most people will not get any more benefit out of their living than if they gave nothing. Because I think out the top of my head I don't have that number but they've got to give a pretty significant amount of money to warrant being outside of the standard deduction so that that was a help across our country in terms of the economy. When that new tax law was changed but in terms of giving to the church it's not as important to them because giving contributions because they have some superhigh members and things like interest paid Orisa payments and giving a mouse they're going to all take the standard deduction. It's doubled. So all that means is we've got to do a much much better job at killing people. Why. Good thing we've got to inspire people people will not give and have not for a long time get them out of guilt. You're supposed to tired if you don't tired you're robbing God. You know all those kinds of arguments are just not being motivational anymore work for most people. And so when we talk about spurring on giving. This is a good time to do that. We were doing it based on our annual drive. We're asking people to make commitments of what they think they could give this next year and they'll will be turning into a card a commitment card this weekend. And we're not just passing it out and asking them to fill out that we've given it to them for three weeks and a little preaching on the subject and really trying to share the Y with them. And the holiday season November and December is a fantastic time to do that. You know we also have 24 churches that does something called First Fruits and that the first of the year they do a big giving campaign could the year we did that for several years at our church. We learned it from one of the churches. So I hope you thinking on those lines right now.

[00:03:52] And that being said almost kind of drop off and we'll start taking some questions again if you'll press star six that will put you in line to ask you questions. And Jessica if you want to go ahead and queue up the first question we'll go and get started.

[00:04:11] I've got area code A3 2 here.

[00:04:17] There we go all right. Hello

[00:04:20] this is Anthony Burks from Christian Tabernacle in Houston Texas. I'm the executive pastor and as I mentioned the last call last. Month we are shifting to our new facility. About a 15 million dollar project and we need a lot more volunteers so we made an appeal. I know that's not what you typically recommend to have a lot of volunteers come but we just need so many volunteers. And we were also trying to shift the culture. This was a culture shock for worse and we need to have a pretty broad impact without just a few leaders involved. So we've got about 200 volunteers that are coming to be trained on November 30 a two day training in November 30th and December the 1st. And my question is once we build out those those oh by the way we're only going to start with Team 2 and Team 5. We're not going to try to get them the entire team structure but just those two things to get the biggest impact I think is pass a law and I recommended a one of his videos that we're going with. But once we build out those administrator and those full leadership positions where do the rest of those people go after we give them the give profile and our training. I mean how do we how do we utilize them perhaps if they want to be in his ministry or in the worship area. And we're not really implementing those do we. We put them to work in those those teens and just build them up without everyone have a unique position in the field. That's that's the first question I have about that if you want to respond to that one first. Be great.

[00:06:00] Sure sure Anthony and Matt will be praying for you guys I know all about moving into big buildings and all that pressure that comes with that. So I'll be praying for you about that. First of all I actually do like a process of recruiting new volunteers like a growth track pastors breakfast type thing but I also like events too. So I don't think you've done anything wrong there. I like to cast multiple nets and so some people will come because there's a process and they came through pastors breakfast some people you know they'll avoid that because you know that maybe they're skeptical and they don't want to jump in too early too too deep and so later on we do this big push for volunteers and all of sudden they show up. So I like that you're doing that. There is obviously minimal room to be on the bifold pull you know your first impressions team or your follow up team or something like that. So if a person comes in and you know let's just say they're a prophetic gifted person then you know I'm going to have my first impression saying you know I might have a prayer leader but a prayer. You know and they're connecting with that prayer leader and you know they're are praying regularly over the needs of the team members you want this to be a connection for not a job. People people don't want to sign up for a job that they want to be a part of the family. And so all the things that you want a small group of gathering together you know having a Christmas party you know things like that you're going to have that and so there's plenty of room for people with the gift of serving Cleveland for people to get them encouraging you know hey we're going to have this Christmas party and you're an encourager I'm to to call and encourage everybody to be there. You know so you know just knowing what you're defining is doesn't always mean that you're going to be you know Sunline on that leadership chart or something but it's empowering to know what your gift is and to connecting with people who have that similar gift you know so they can be a helper in that area or they can just serve in their ear. Good thing that makes you.

[00:08:07] Yeah I think what you're saying is that you would actually have subthemes in each of those area of gifting right so team or encouragers entertaining for mercy those at the mercy. Is that what I hear you correctly. You can.

[00:08:20] Yeah you can do it that way. That's what you can do it is we get more services or you just have multiple teams within let's say your first impressions game you got a parking lot team you've got a cafe theme you've got a custodial team you've got a reading theme you've got an outdoor greeting indoor greeting. So you could you could absolutely take a look at who's on the outdoor team and say hey listen you have to get to encourage me and I'll try to keep up with everybody. Make sure if you know Bob overhears grandmother had surgery that you're checking in on Bob and you know you're. You got the gift of serving so you're going to get here early. You're going to get all the orange vest out and all the cones out because you guys are doing parking lot ministry so you know you can you can fly flesh this thing out. Very deep. And the one thing I would say with you being an executive pastor administrative probably in your mindset is be careful not to wear too many people down the chart geographically because we've seen that become a negative before you know people want to belong. They want to be a part of something that's fun that's changing the world and when they like they are loved and cared for. They don't want to go on the grass you know. So just just let that ebb and flow. Don't be too dogmatic with it. But if you got 200 people you have certainly gotten them for form teams and sub teams and you know we don't go too deep into that because we have churches that you know get 200 volunteers. We have churches don't have 200 people and so we kind of leave that up to your own local flavor.

[00:09:59] The question I was just and I only have three. Here is when you have these new new FTA that have gone through the breakfast and we've given them the gift profile and we're following that that kind of lay. How soon is it or is it too soon to put them to an actual sign where they're serving. I know that we've got some training to do and I wanted to find out more about what training do you actually have that would how to better explain the gifting that they that they receive back from that profile. I know that you mentioned the video that there is some additional training that you are certainly going through at Daystar. Once they have that gifting you got to talk more about what that means and how to use it effectively. But I didn't see any real training that you all are putting out here. Are we to kind of crap that ourselves in terms of that and then how soon do you want them to work.

[00:10:56] Yeah Jessica they need to help me with this but I believe there are downloadable power points for each of these seven motivational gifts that you can download in there.

[00:11:07] You know what module those are in KESK of larger and larger Okorie for download their best modules. Because a lot of people that were there asking about the good things so we decided to put them in module I thought Agogo.

[00:11:25] I didn't know whether that was the end of it or there was more more behind that. But OK so we can work with that once we've once we can develop something good I think we're going to kind of blend a little bit about our shirts along with those gifts so that we can give them both at the same time. And that to get so.

[00:11:48] And in terms of how quickly we onramp I think that was another question how quickly do we onramp them in the ministry. That would depend on what that area is. You know I'm going to I'm going to let people in team to get. Get on the board pretty quickly. You know that's first impressions your greeting and welcoming. Obviously if you're doing something you're working with children if you're in the worship ministry you know we are going to be slower with that. We have background checks Warner. We have mentoring with our worship ministry takes a little time obviously and worshipping God also the profession in your craft. So we're going to have some tryouts and things like that but give them what you might call front line ministries. Yeah we I mean now we really believed that you could visit today you could be in pastorate breakfast next week. You could be shadowing somebody in week 3 and on the team in week 4 get it.

[00:12:53] And the final question I have is that kids here because they're getting some of those will will really be a stand out for kids ministry. But because we're not implementing that teen start what do we kind of label them or what do we do with them in the meantime until we accelerate the rollout. Like I'm like a kid. Ministry Yeah.

[00:13:16] You know you want to be careful not to. You want to be careful not to let that sit very long because it's kind of like a man who's left out of the refrigerator you know got a short shelf life. And their motivation and their interest is going to wane. So I would try to put them in a spot that they could serve. And I say hey we're we're going to be you know whatever three months from now we're going to be having some children's ministry training. Would you jump on board here and first impressions which is a great catch all. You know. You know anybody can serve in that area and ask them to go out and jump on board. We're going to keep a list here and we're going to notify you when that children's ministry training happens. Because if you don't get them doing something right now that you may lose their momentum and you may lose them altogether.

[00:14:02] Yeah that makes sense. Hey I get that this one. Of course I did have the caretaking. Did I hear Passo often describe that the care starts with having them sit on a cue of a section whereas where after the usher brings them and and the caretaker member is on the on the I guess the end of a pew are in the pew. But but but it's a role and that's where it's shift to the character is that where they would kind of stay with them during the service or that role of the care team and the host. Those two are kind of fuzzed. I mean what does the host do compared to the character of those two. Penha overlap to me a little bit but what have those roles that are defined.

[00:14:45] Yes. So that that has shifted a good bit and over the years that that's had a lot of change and that really has been feeding your own context. We we have a thing called Alabi host you know where when we recognize first time guess you know we we try to shuttle them around and show them. Show them the different parts of the church and just kind of host them and make them feel welcome make sure all the way to the point of being seated care theme. On the other hand you know what what they're going to want to do is take the person from the time we identify them as first time gas and all the way through the follow up process. So you know we when we first started our team you know we would literally walk the aisles and hand you a little MTA card and if you're a first time gas and we would collect that from you. Now you know we put those first time cards in every and every worship guide and so we encourage people to drop those in the offering container and come back by guest Central and that's where the care team is going to connect with them and follow up they're going to just welcome them talk to them and answer questions. They have invited me to the pastors meal and that's kind of where the problem begins there. And you know if you're in a smaller church which you guys are not but if you're in a smaller church that might be a context where you're more personable with it and you are sitting in the same sections or things like that but really everybody has the determinant their own context what works best for them. You guys probably more likely to do it like we do and just assume that everybody who walks through the door may be a first time guest. But you make sure every where everybody gets to worship God and ever worship God has a Connect Card and then we treat like a prayer card. We invite people let's pray for them. Not now when I get a single you out now but we're going to pray for you this next week. And the way we do that is take communion fill out this prayer card. Drop it in the offering a little bit later in the service. That's kind of the way we do that and then from the platform we encourage them to come back to central. We also you know give every child and kids ministry a balloon. If you're a first time guest that's because kids like balloons. But it's also because now our care team can recognize the person guests family and go to them make sure they get the guest gift and make sure that they are filled out the card so that we can follow with them well and make sure they get the invite to the pastor's breakfast get it.

[00:17:19] OK.

[00:17:20] Thank you very much. Yeah. Good questions.

[00:17:24] All

[00:17:24] right guys so star 6 if you'd like to get in the queue and ask a question. And Jessica we have someone else just go ahead and queue them up please.

[00:17:34] Area Code Pink 27 here.

[00:17:41] Time. Yes. My name is Brenda white. I am the lead pastor at a Christian Church in Dorchester Massachusetts.

[00:17:51] I am calling my question today is about the small group. And. As we prayerfully preparing for the launch. Morehu in 2019. Some of the things that I'm wondering if you guys have those resources are things like policy ahead of time that we can share with the leaders and organizers just to sort of keep the unity and minimize you know groups becoming unhealthy and we're breaking off and doing all that other kind of stuff. Do you have any words of advice as well as any policy available in writing.

[00:18:46] Okay yeah. Brenda we do so. And Jessica may be able to help me if we've already forwarded that those forms. So we have we have leader training information training materials we have coaches that are we have coach Coach positions that are a little bit different than a leader so a leader is going to lead a small group of anywhere from three to 12 people. A coach is going to oversee multiple small group leaders so that they'd get someone to go to mount a really small charge that could be a pastor and you've got three small groups in a you know a larger church. You're going to have multiple coaches and each coach will oversee three to five small groups. So we've got all the requirements of what it has to be a small group you know for us we we're on what we call a free market system and that means you pick what your small group is going to be about. You don't wait on me to tell you. You don't ask the church to provide materials but you pick what your topic is and the small group director approves them because you know we can we can go with that. And then those groups are in semesters and the beautiful part about that Brenda is over in you know 10 to 12 weeks. And that way if there's one that's just not healthy you know it's got an end date. You know if you were ever in the old times Sunday school program and you had this on the healthy Sunday school class. It goes on forever. You know there's no end to Sunday school. But small groups on the other hand they can always reach up and go again the next semester but there's always a stop date for the holidays a stop date just for a break in the summer and so we've got all of that information.

[00:20:32] And I believe that 24 Dunmall has that material. Yes. Listen to his risk of death.

[00:20:44] JOE Well right now we've got this training manual and then that's not training for later as well and they're available to download at the bottom.

[00:20:54] Well actually give me some insight into the actual process and how to do that here. All right. So I guess we'll move on to the next question. All right let's see here we've got it looks like Maurice yes.

[00:21:20] Yes. His passport my church Swedish church we are located inSt. Petersburg Florida. So my question is and I have a couple on.

[00:21:35] The first one would be I just. Well we purchased the entire.

[00:21:42] 24 bubble program and when it does that it was a wonderful model.

[00:21:50] I have a small church. We have about 60 people.

[00:21:54] We just had a couple of your answer were six but we are now looking to roll out 24/7 in a manner that it has no impact. And through listening through the modules it seems as though we do first impression which is for then module 5 for follow up. That seems to be what people are going to be you to think of. David Bach Well I did last night actually it was for next month. My question is I know that you can't go too far down the road without establishing the five fold and also getting the access getting people ramped up to the ministry. So I just rolled out the first model with the question going forward for us in terms of a module. Probably the best after that after that. What would you suggest would it be to get to that mission while you have a hierarchy I did have a pilot that is established by the itself.

[00:23:31] Okay.

[00:23:33] So we always encourage you to try to merge what you have with the systems that don't we don't encourage you change the system but we do encourage you to you know take your leadership structure and try to you know nuance that and that's how you know because you're there you're the pastor and you know there's people you'd have to kind of make your own calls about that.

[00:23:55] So we do encourage you to get to a board or some other leadership structure to you know give those you know cast the vision let them hear the training on spiritual gifts. And the fivefold of how that how that works together and in terms of what order particularly for small church we really recommend the order that we've laid it out in modules one two three four five right there in a row because it starts off with some motivation and some vision casting where we're going. And then you quickly get to what we call the low hanging fruit. You know things that really produce a lot in the front things like First Impressions follow up and big events. And it kind of tells you also when to roll out your gift training you know we like to get past EBD at least. Everyone that is in leadership right now. And that's exciting but we don't want to test the whole church too early because then you don't have your teams ready. And you may not may not know where to put them like we were talking about with Anthony just a little bit earlier because he doesn't have always teams ready yet. You know more people than he knows what to do with right now. So but it's kind of laid out Marty's in in that fashion with this smaller church in mind that just went straight through as they're laid out and called for and he did say that he said you know this week suggests that you know unless you believe.

[00:25:36] In those special circumstances we had to you know quite a few of the conference who in the past have kind of gotten the vision portion down.

[00:25:52] You know we we we actually did experience the fire hydrant syndrome of trying to drink from Fireheart so much information. Thing that we did get is we got the Asian portion very similar to what you guys.

[00:26:13] Are laying out.

[00:26:14] So the only thing we probably have in place of this 24 bubble model is we've gone through and we believe we have a really solid citizens do believe I really have with the question that was going to be able to wait for so far only because I thought there we were really really really strong here.

[00:26:45] So I went through the first impressions. But I do know what you would do that. Yes. Even before I knew another module you believe that they have got people that are really.

[00:27:03] Good. Give them the. So that I can begin to lease established. The hierarchy with the five fold structures so that as we go forward as we look at first impressions and as we look at follow up then the figures and certainly instituting the path to practice.

[00:27:32] That Sudafed in Ansar's which is the fastest growing I can't remember honestly cut my hair.

[00:27:43] I'm just and I want to say it module three faces three. OK. OK.

[00:27:50] OK so yes. So I did. So we did hero in the and then we had first impressions and what based on what you're what you're saying is probably should give a lead or even if you don't care.

[00:28:17] As long as they've as long as they've heard or you know something taking on home the yes you know because again people people need to know the why not just the. And so you know if you've got this hey there's a you know there's a questionnaire from you know this program or what is not all about you know they need to really hear you know the training and the teaching all that and that's that's why we lay it out like we do kind of straight so that they've heard it before. You gave them to get tested.

[00:28:49] I got it I got it. So while I might do is. Oppose it to it may be that you have the leaders do model for the follow up and some already have rolled out. First question tie those two together but really start to get people at the high frequency.

[00:29:17] Would that be worth it. Yes.

[00:29:21] Well if you feel like that you've got the vision component in place then you know I would I would skip that one. But otherwise I would go straight through it as it's laid out. That's that. That would be nice to guess and just to get go straight crew if you skip module one just go to two three four five just like that. That would be my suggestion.

[00:29:40] OK. OK. All right. Great. All right. Thank you.

[00:29:44] OK thanks. Thanks so much Maurice fromSt. Petersburg Florida. And yeah if you have a question guys if you're getting on late just press star 6 I'm Jerry Lawson I'm the founder of Daystar Church and the director of 24 the devil. And Richard couldn't be with us today but the brains of the operation. Jessica is there she's she's like having Richard but much better and prettier. So we're glad she's here. So if we got somebody else on line with Jessica.

[00:30:18] OK.

[00:30:21] Hello Jerry. Couple of questions for you. While we're watching the videos I'm sorry I didn't tell you our church Lighthouse Church in McHenry Illinois. A small service like the other caller watching the videos there several times when the participants are as you're talking or Lance is talking. You referenced workbooks that they have. They seem to be somewhat more detailed than the handouts that are downloadable on the modules. Just curious if those workbooks are available for purchase. And then the second question is number 10 and you mentioned your growth track and wondered if it was possible also to look at your girl track materials just to get some ideas and see how you've structured that. And those are my two questions.

[00:31:18] Yeah. Neil so the workbooks I'm going to rely on Jessica to help me with this but the workbooks are the downloadable books that we have right now or are I believe it's about what they have. I mean there might be some things that are not remembering that we changed but I think those are all there. And also the growth track materials I believe the has just could be. Can you comment that.

[00:31:47] So we don't have actual work. So in the live training if I understand correctly Jerry was it each church or each Pastor given one book. So as the trainee. Okay so what we've done then is we have broken up into individual downloads and their interest in their respective module. So when you log into the module you'll see at the bottom you'll see the PowerPoint and you'll see the notes and the answer key and then under there you'll see the additional download available for that module. Oftentimes it's additional information on the roll like we were just saying in module 2 and 3 it is additional information on the guest. It just depends on the module but everything that was in the works is just broken down and it gets in each module. And your second question remind me of what I am saying the growth. Yes. So I have recently gotten an information available for the growth track from Nnaji sent that to me and we have not gotten that app on the site yet simply because we've transitioned recently and we just got our training on it. So that will be going up very soon and I'm going to try and get that up there. And the growth track will probably also be around module 2 or 3 as well. But it will definitely be in there soon because thank you very much. I can actually see why I can actually e-mail you that information directly so you don't have to wait for it to get up on the site.

[00:33:36] Yeah that would be great. I'm sure my e-mail. I don't know if you need anything else.

[00:33:40] I do. I think we communicated earlier in the week.

[00:33:43] Is that correct. No no we didn't know. I don't I don't think so but I can share hangnails which Richard chancy.

[00:33:52] That's fine I'll get ready now. OK great get it out and I'll reply back and get you the information. Wonderful thank you very much. I appreciate it. You're welcome.

[00:34:05] Thanks so much Neal.

[00:34:07] And we are over half way home in terms of our time.

[00:34:14] So we have more questions just just press star six and. Q And we'll take the next question. Just good.

[00:34:22] All

[00:34:22] right. So this looks like we've got area code 2 or 2 03 and possibly the name Mary.

[00:34:32] Yes. And my name is Jackie. Can you hear me Areva. Yeah ok. My name is Jackie Jacqueline Gilcrest. I am located in Stamford Connecticut. And I pastor nor stand for community church which is a two hundred and thirty six year old church. I signed up for 24 double in 2016 and was not able to actually implement it until now I have to. I had an aging church. My average age was about 18 years old. And I just was not able to put these things into place it was just not that the culture but God has blessed I've been able to take certain aspects of the program. And as we began to grow up I've been able to kind of put little nuggets there. And so now we are in a revitalization Period where God has allowed us to grow some and I have new leadership and. And they're younger and so now I'm able to really put this program into place so I really thank God for this program as I'm going through the modules and looked at different things. And and I believe this is really going to help us to go to the next level. So I thank you for this program. Reverend Jerry thank you so much.

[00:36:00] Thanks for saying that I appreciate it.

[00:36:03] Yes I have a couple of questions. I have done the vision work with the new entries that have come into the church. We have presently I have two services and the reason why I have two services even though we're only a congregation of about 40 people is because I needed to have a traditional service for my pillars of the church that are in their 80s have been there for 50 60 years. But at the same time I needed to start a service where I can implement some growth and the growth has happened through my second service which is my contemporary service. So I have been able to really work with vision and really get back into the spirit of the new congregation that is actually being able to develop. And so I've done that. And my question I have like three questions. One is for the good training. Now someone asked that question previously. Now I want to make sure I understand I'm supposed to teach on the gifts first and then do the gift training with them.

[00:37:18] Well in our process I do some teaching. I do some teaching in the year 2030 and little really starting in module zero. There's this you know some training on it. And so my main point is I don't want to give to people until they've heard some teaching on it. So if you if you follow our process starting with module 0 1 2 3 4 then by the time we encourage you to do the gift testing there's been some talking about it and you know we have mentioned to you as a pastor we mentioned some other resources that you could use to your own training.

[00:38:07] I think we just mentioned earlier on the call that we have you know we are in Marju. Forget what. Forget what she said. We have the downloadable material for you. It's also gifts. And so really Pastor Jackie used it is you could download those yourself. And Google doesn't own teaching. Well just follow the slow the process that we've laid out and then once when she get to that point where we mention that you ought to be get tested leaders then you want to get past the leaders of that point.

[00:38:42] OK. All right thank you. My next question is because we are still a small a small ministry that. That is it is growing. I will do fellowship hour. And I know that's probably an old kind of concept but we do fellowship hour after the worship service and is it possible to implement the pastor's meal at that fellowship time because I don't have enough people to actually have a separate gathering.

[00:39:19] Yeah.

[00:39:20] So your pastor would that be more like a pastor's launch some sort of a pastor's breakfast.

[00:39:26] Yes.

[00:39:27] Yeah that's fine. I think yeah that's great you know. You know in smaller churches sometimes you have to go with a monthly thing as well. But we absolutely encourage you to get to the weekly because we want to we want the excuse for the first time yes to come back next week we want to say Hey we're glad you were here today and we really hope you'll come back next week to the pastor's breakfast or pastors luncheon or whatever up with the church as a pastor's barbecue at the pastor's house even but we want it we want it to be weekly so that no matter when they come you can invite them to come back the next week.

[00:40:06] OK. All right then and then my next question is the in the worship guide you were talking about that a little bit earlier. How have you made the worship guide something that's useful.

[00:40:25] You put in.

[00:40:27] So yeah there's a folder that is you know the traditional worship guide it's just the you know the one sheet of paper turned sideways and folded over. You know that's a little 11 by eight and a half by 11 sheet. We kind of call that the folder and we put what's important inside of it. So we always have inserts. So let me talk about the folder for a minute. So it essentially made for first time guess because it's going to have the same information every week. Tell us who we are what time we meet our service times. It's going to tell things that are that are not going to change. You know it's going to tell about Pastor. Breakfast is going to tell you know what we want to encourage guests to do dress how you get dressed you know in our contacts we have of course coffee shop we encourage people there to grab a coffee and you know come on into the auditorium so that that never changes and we'll print those in bulk and there's a bunch of them and then we have a half sheet insert. And one of those inserts every week is going to be the K'nex card which is a prayer card where we ask people to fill out the card if you're a newcomer. We want to keep you and your family in our prayers. We know if you're here today it's because God directed your steps because the steps of good people were ordered by God. And hey we just want to take that seriously. We will pray for you. And so rather than give us your information because people don't want to give information we want to pray for you. And it just so happens that that prayer card has an information spot on it. So that's how we get that information that goes in there the offering envelope goes in there. You know I did that because hey I want every person to get an offering Ambala you know then we put Sarmad notes in there. And so we're kind of saying Whatever's putting your hands when you come to the door. We expect you to take notes on this arm and we expect you to give the offering and we expect you to fill out this card. Let us pray for you so whatever you put in their hand you kind of make a an expectation of what you want to see done and that's how we make that very useful for us.

[00:42:46] OK. So the folder is for your first time and then you just use the half mile of the paper that has the prayer card and offering connected to it.

[00:42:57] Yeah let me make that clear. Everybody gets the folder everybody does. Everybody get profiled. Everybody does. But what I'm saying is the information that's on that folded card you know that that that worship guide the information that's on that is essentially stuff for first time. Yes because there are regular people already know what your service time is they already know you know whatever or whatever else you put on there you know. You know what your other services are you know for us we put things like you know we want you to come back to pastors breakfast we hope you'll go by and grab a coffee and enjoy and we have children's ministry available stuff. It's just that everybody else would know. So we're not changing that boulder. You know we're not changing that that worship guide every week. We're only changing the inserts that we stuff in there. You know those things are different every week but the actual folder the worship guide that holds all this stuff is sleek it's very artistic it looks really good. And the reason we can afford that is because you know we don't reprinted every week. You know we actually we recycle it we have a recycle bin at the back door we just say drop your worst guy and we also give a pin. Every time they walk through the door we give them a pin to get our name on it if there's someone who wants to write a check in the offering and they don't have a pen. I want them to have him. So you know what time it pays for all the pins we gave away today. You know so then we have a bucket at the back door of this recent please recycle your worship guide. So when they drop that back in there we sort through that through the week volunteers come in they take those those worship guides out the ones that are not print crumpled or worn out. We just reuse them you know because they are same information every week but we reprint the inserts for you know your prayer cards in your your sermon notes.

[00:44:53] OK. Got it. All right. Yeah thank you. Thank you very much. Yes ma'am.

[00:44:58] Yeah. Thank thank you Pastor.

[00:45:02] All right guys will we'll move on to the next question that we have we'll get time for just a couple more if we have some more in the queue queuing up area code 9 3 1.

[00:45:17] Hey this is really loud. Patrick Singa Sango United Methodist Church in Clarksville Tennessee and has as much a question as I wanted to share with you that we've been doing the past three correctors every Sunday and we have never had someone come to the pastors breakfast that did not become active in our church that's great. Yes. I mean I just want to encourage people that are are trying to implement the program you're sharing with us that the pastor's breakfast for our church has been instrumental in so many families come in. I mean we're just it's just wonderful we can't wait to do it every week because we're doing it every week. But I mean every week we can't wait for the next one to come because we know the families that are coming they're getting active in our church and part of our church life folks they're serving in our youth groups are serving in our community and so just wanted to give them encouragement to keep you know and do the pastors breakfast the way it's laid out it is vital.

[00:46:26] Thank you for that Willie. Let me ask you this you guys are doing it every week.

[00:46:30] That's correct. You do it. And so what are your numbers like sometimes low sometimes how does that look for you.

[00:46:37] We are like I came here five and a half years ago and was running in the 80 to 100 range and we grew pretty rapidly. We got over about three three and a quarter pretty quickly. And then we had some we just weren't set up we didn't have the systems in place to handle that many people. And what I mean by sisters were you know we didn't have the staff to do that because there's no one pastor can only handle about 150 people effectively and we would add staff that we lost back down to actually we were lost pretty good down to probably 180 and will begin to grow again. We're over 200 and cousins and some staff on we put the systems in to handle the people we're doing the pastors breakfast and implementing this program is helping us to grow again.

[00:47:32] And how are you. How many are showing up for a pastors breakfast.

[00:47:38] Oh we have at least one and sometimes two families every Sunday. We're in a growing area. So that's that's a big plus. Every area has that many people come. But we have new business every single week. So in order to get them to come back we do share with them hey brother Willie wants you to come to a breakfast wedding next weekend so we have two services one at eight thirty forty five. And so we do the pastor's breakfast in between the services they're in there in the Sunday school hour and we have a team we call them and you know we we named our team to guest connection thing. And so we've we've added people we've got people that have come to it and they say hey I like this. Can I be part of the team and so that team is growing. We have a couple of Sunday school classes that are actually is doing the food every week and this new year we're putting it in the budget for food items. We just started this year didn't have it in the budget so people are just voluntarily coming in and doing that. So that's kind of how we handle it.

[00:48:46] Well that's great really. Sounds like you guys have a thing set up if you know any any church groups by one to two families a week is good to see some pretty significant growth over year.

[00:48:57] So you guys have a big 28 point nineteen year old but the other thing is not everybody you invite to come to the breakfast shows up. So yeah. We've been very fortunate that a good bit of them have but we've had some. You know every church is not for every person and they come and maybe they don't like the preacher. I don't know and they go somewhere else. But the fact is I couldn't be there. There's no way. And our numbers are important but what we're having is not new people so be involved. There's some impact will be going on in Iraq. Know just our community what our people are. We get a lot of people that are once a month years and they're down doing soccer and I mean you name it you just name it and they're doing that churches almost one of the things they do when they're not doing the other things.

[00:50:00] That's right. Yeah that's not regionalised. Know that's everywhere. And that yeah we're trying to we have a when I started talking over each other.

[00:50:16] Yeah. That must be a delay because I noticed that we were just trying to change mentality by talking to families one on one about it and some of them take it to heart. We probably have a good 400 beforehand to people in our church but they're not there every week. And I guess it's substance.

[00:50:37] So you know the key the key is is connecting with them online and getting people to give recurring obviously very important recurring giving because the belt and the recurring building does not go on vacation when the people go on vacation. You know they may or may not be there and may not watch online but they are there. They're giving it their recurring stays with you. And that's the key there. Thanks for calling man. We're going to see if we get one or two more calls in. But I appreciate the call.

[00:51:14] Thank you sir. God bless you. You too.

[00:51:19] All right go ahead. We're going to speed round. We got to work hard and try and get here for three o'clock. I'm hearing that area code for one thing.

[00:51:34] Right. Thank you Jessica. This is Isaac and I'm calling from Canada Toronto.

[00:51:40] Thanks Isaac. Welcome.

[00:51:43] What could that angle. Thank you Gerri. Big ones. How couple festival how can we get copies of your own Westons book on testing and test on their spiritual gifts. Because I've said that I've downloaded it from Amazon but there's no hard copy. So I just have just asking to see if there's a way you can help us like Get copies. And then the other one is the doors on the event planning team. What is the relationship between the event planning team guys and then the entire Lyca system.

[00:52:24] So who who. Like I mean what the relationship between them the event planning team.

[00:52:29] I don't see them in their 7 in the seven groups yeah that is not in the seven groups you kind of have to make your own call about that. Isaac like like we're we're the best it. So do so. If these are a big event planning for Easter or something like that obviously going to the big events category. If it's a small group type event they're planning and then they might see it more or small groups or you know children or users. So basically what whatever they're planning these events for they would be more inclined to go there that's really just a personal preference of where you want to place them.

[00:53:18] You can kind of push that we don't address that specifically.

[00:53:22] Okay.

[00:53:23] And as far asDr. Weston's book you know it's become increasingly hard to print it. West has retired. He's had some health issues. So if you can find it downloadable that may be the only way available. I'm not giving away my copy. I love my coffee. Let it they're hard to find. So for those of you that listening the book is called spiritual gifts your job description from heaven and byDr. Owen Weston and I that book it's been very instrumental andDr. Wessen himself very instrumental in implementing 24 to double in my church. But the book unfortunately is probably out of print.

[00:54:05] I haven't I haven't seen it except downloadable Well yeah.

[00:54:15] Ok I will ask question is this is when I look on the Web site is a Web site changing because it seems like that when you want to log on it takes you to a news site and then over there there is no like double speed one on it has no double speed.

[00:54:33] So I wanted to find out what is happening with that Oswell OK.

[00:54:40] There is double speed. If you're if you're watching the video you press the gear but it will it will open up and you can go to one point two five one point five one point seven five or2.0 When you're watching them I was just watching one last week. Jess could you have anything to add to that changes that have been made.

[00:55:05] We have moved to a new site called My church turning dot. That is correct. And yes just like Jerry said she can click on the little gear and you can change the speed to what you want it to be.

[00:55:19] Again will get over the weight just a little bit if you press on that little round. But you'll see it'll pull up there.

[00:55:30] OK thank you. You're welcome.

[00:55:33] And did you have a question about how to get the hardcopy and the profile. No they were not.

[00:55:41] Oh I think I liked what Jerry said. I was search on line. Don't that there's stuff to copy but I was just thinking if I could get it how does this hard copy somewhere we can buy the hard copies that because the books stores in Canada they can order it for us anyway. As Jerry said so I don't know maybe Jerry can talk to him and see if somebody's got reprinted.

[00:56:02] I don't know yes that that might be an interesting. I may check into that but as of right now I bought a few or maybe a few years ago but I don't know it's the only way I would find it at this point would be to Google them myself so I hope you can find it.

[00:56:25] Thank you.

[00:56:27] Thank you. God bless you.

[00:56:30] And we have one more that had our final power.

[00:56:37] OK. Hi this is Brenda again from the Russian Church in Boston Harbor. I am I was very intrigued by I believe it was Willie Pastor Willie who was speaking about how effective the pastor's meals have been. I mean we have experienced pretty much just the opposite. I think what our pastors meals revealed to me is that I guess Slovakia and follow up is not if not the best you know in terms of following up with the first time offenders after they have participated in the pastor's meal. But at this point it's beginning to feel to me that it's perhaps more laborious than it should necessarily be. And I'm wondering if if it's basically that kind of was getting us stuck and losing momentum instead of you know creating momentum. Do you have any thoughts around that. And if Tabitha really is still on the phone I wonder if she could she is just a little bit more about how he was able you know any any. I mean are they using people who are just extreme extrovert and really great people. How are they getting this done.

[00:58:05] Well Brenda what you do want to have is you want to have people with the gift of encouragement the gift of mercy to certainly be the people working in your guest area so that they you know they are you know they're good at communication and their full word in their in their demeanor and so they invite them to come back. And then you know through the week then that could fall on your shoulders to send them a text message or something like that. And that that's something we do. I don't know if you guys are doing this or not. But on Saturday I have my my wife sent a text message to everybody who was a first time guest this Sunday to invite them back to the pastor's breakfast next Sunday so would just say something like Hey this is this is Leslie Pastor Jerry's wife and I just hope I could meet you tomorrow at the pastor's breakfast. Gary and I are looking forward to seeing you there. Hope you can come and that that really pulls people in the right direction for us. Are you doing anything.

[00:59:13] Are you doing that Brenda. We we are following up with both one of our problems is that we're not yet doing the past near week. And part of that is due to space constraints. But I've been talking about that and talking about even if we have to use my office even if we only get one or two people it might create just the kind of intimate environment that we can actually you know get that forward momentum. Yes let me out again.

[00:59:50] Yes. And wait you know we've had to do some very creative things. You know there was gluten many multiple locations over the years but we once held hours in a restaurant across the street from our church we know we had one guy who held his in a McDonald's next door you know. So there is there's a lot of creative ways to make it happen. But when you know that your church that is the future that's a growth of your churches those newcomers then you have to be motivated as you can to find something and maybe it is your office that that works for them. Yes. And the other thing is you know I don't want to make it laborious you know if it's if I'm not real sure that a small number I'm not sure anybody to show up then I'm not going to make bacon and eggs you know I'm going to do more pastries and coffee and you know so you've not wasted a ton of money or energy. If no one shows you know. So in terms of it being overly laborious I think those are the change with the changes I would make out well here.

[01:01:01] So I hear you saying you'd like people to get the right house member to be there on the front lines of that will invite maybe participating in them to provide the follow up people up here tend to be lower corporate meetings are only useful. Sure. Yeah.

[01:01:27] And if they make a good connection there in the guest area just have that person go to breakfast with them.

[01:01:33] You know just just say you know hey I'd love to introduce you to the pastor next Sunday and I'll be there too. And so you know if you have you may in a small church only have a handful one or two people that do that and it's not going to hurt us to feed them a pastry every Sunday. If they can bring someone with them then you know by all means do it and if it's a smaller church and you don't have any any any guest this week. So you know you don't have it next week but just in time if you invite someone if you see someone this Sunday you invite them to come back when you text them on Saturday when you kind of know what you're going to have next Sunday and when you're ready for it in the worst case scenario. They RSVP that they are coming and then you know you've made a pot of coffee and you've set out a few muffins that you know somebody took home and ate them later. You know that's the worst case scenario.

[01:02:36] Yes that that says make a lot of sense. I really do want to try that. It will be of that will be about being straight down from time to time. Bell bells and whistles they do. Right now I get a fine. And I can say really took it to the nth degree and you know bless their heart is beautiful they're not producing the results but I am I am seeking out you.

[01:03:06] Yeah. And you want to affirm them. You know Pastor Brent because they you know they use their ear. They probably have the gift of serving them ready to get past the kind of thing and they did a great job and you don't want to undermine that because you want to say nobody wants to see their heart or go to commencing you want to stop this as we keep growing and we keep getting people here and we'll get back to this place. But right now we're going to scale it back until until we get more people involved in that.

[01:03:35] You know you can you can handle that went all in and feel make them feel appreciated.

[01:03:42] One thing here.

[01:03:46] OK we'll. Thank you so much Brenda. And I think that was that I think that was our last call. And I want to thank everyone for coming on out and being on the phone with us today and those fantastic holiday season and now Rick a lot of people for Jesus. Yes. Anything else that we need to add or say before we sign off.

[01:04:10] Nothing other than I just want to remind everyone that it is a holiday season and how we get everyone on here knows we will not be having today next week next week next month are next. You and I will be in January.

[01:04:26] OK. Well thank you so much. Sure Jessica for your help I think we did OK Richard probably got his fingers crossed the whole time that you and I didn't get up in a ditch. We didn't find him if he asked you tell him it was the best one we've ever had.

[01:04:44] Something was just different about this wanting to do stuff which was valid.

[01:04:52] All right well thanks to everyone for being here. God bless you. We love you. You are definitely on my prayer list. Everybody that hears my voice right now that includes Jessica and Richard and every pastor. You're all mine church you're on my prayer list. Thank you so much for being a part of 24 the devil and I will talk to you in January.



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