The Spiritual Gift Of Encouragement

You may have the spiritual gift of exhortation, also known as the spiritual gift of encouragement, if you are interested in understanding how the Word of God applies to you, if you are able to recognize the truth, and if you believe that God can help you succeed in life. You may also have this gift if you can love others with an open heart, enjoy creative self-expression, and are enthusiastic about your Christian mission in life.Spiritual Gifts Logos ENCOURAGER

When you exhort others, you are asking them to stay true to the path, you are cautioning them about the perils of straying into the temptations of earthly rewards. When you encourage them, you do the same thing, except with a different method, counseling and guiding, rather than admonishing or warning. Although the spiritual gift of exhortation and the spiritual gift of encouragement are slightly different, they aim toward the same goal, teaching everyone who needs help to perfect themselves according to the model presented by Jesus Christ.



Here are some characteristics of those who have the spiritual gift of exhortation or the spiritual gift of encouragement:

1. They desire to see others mature in their faith. Faith, they remind others, is relying on the evidence of things not yet seen.

2. They desire others to discover the remarkable spiritual gifts within themselves.

3. They desire to show others the connection between their earthly welfare in life with their spiritual strength.

4. They desire to remind others of the teachings of Jesus Christ as a guide to how others can create an impeccable life.

5. They desire to show through their own example how others can develop a strong bond with Jesus Christ.

6. They desire to point out how suffering in life is a sign that someone is facing a spiritual test.

7. They desire to explain how to apply God’s Word in practical ways to end difficult times.

Developing a Relationship with God

Those who are blessed with the gift to exhort and encourage others to follow the way of Jesus Christ help those who are weak in their faith to remember that help is closer than hands and feet. Those with the gift to help others find their way back to the light are not caught up in the ways of the world, many of which are designed to snare the unwary soul. Instead they see that the path to heaven is a narrow one and it takes vigilance and caution to stay on it.