The Spiritual Gift Of Giving

Spiritual Gift Of Giving

If you are blessed with the spiritual gift of giving, you are most likely to be thrifty, resourceful, contented, punctual, tolerant, cautious, and thankful. This is because you are a good steward of God’s abundance, whether it is in the form of money or some other valuable resource.

It is likely that when someone needs your help, you are likely to ask questions like, “What can I do to help them? How can I help them solve this problem?” You do this because the spiritual gift of giving is almost second nature to you. Like Matthew in the Bible, who epitomized the spiritual gift of giving, you are able to offer wise counsel about the philosophy of giving.

If you have this precious gift, here are some of the characteristics that probably come naturally to you:

1. You are wise in the ways of money, knowing how to save it, invest it, and give it in the right proportion and for the right reason. You understand how to make money, keep it, and distribute it, familiar with the inflow and outflow of resources.

2. You are humble enough to give without any fanfare, doing it quietly, anonymously, secretly because you know deep in your heart that all your abundance is the work of God’s hand in your life. You are not motivated by extrinsic rewards, only serving to please God, not man.

3.  You are confident enough in your ability to discriminate and not buckle under pressure exerted by professional people who are experts in manipulating emotions of guilt to raise funds for their cause. You do not give because you are under some kind of social pressure.

4. You are able to calculate how much should be given and how the money should be best used. You are skilled in the ways of money management.

5. You have trained yourself to be a good steward of money, understanding its temporal value, and not in love with money for its own sake or the fleeting rewards it bestows upon human life.

6. You are joyful in your giving, understanding how the money you give out blesses those who have prayed for some relief from their financial troubles. You give without expecting anything in return.

7. You are able to give with generosity, without needing to calculate a return on investment or any other such financial measure. You give with abandon, with joy, with confidence because you know that God is your financial partner in abundance and that your giving will not impoverish you in the least.

Those who have the spiritual gift of giving, do it without any egoism, perfectly content to give in secret, without hope for praise or future rewards because the understand the ways of money, as well as the ebb and flow of God’s cash through their lives.