The Spiritual Gift Of Helping

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Those with the spiritual gift of helping provide an invaluable contribution to their fellow human beings.

They are able to see the troubles others face and are able to provide practical help. Often, too, they are able to help those who are too discouraged or frightened to ask for help.

They are able to free other people from their burdens and limitations so that they can achieve their goals. Sometimes all a person needs to be successful is a little encouragement to believe in themselves, and sometimes they just need a few resources to convert talent into a measurable skill.

They are able to help tirelessly. Sometimes problems require patience and endurance, like helping someone get to work for days or weeks on end because their car has broken down or helping nurse someone during a drastic illness.

They are able to say yes often, even if personally inconvenienced by the request for help. Many times, the cry for help occurs at the wrong time or requires extraordinary effort, but those who have the spiritual gift of helping are not discouraged by times like this from providing a valuable service to assist others.

They are able to see others attachments and aversions and assist them in the best possible way. People are complex, and a helper needs to learn how to get along with them, even when their likes and dislikes appear irrational or exaggerated.

They are able to enjoy the company of other, and provide encouragement, appreciation, and approval. Human beings are social creatures, and words can warm the soul. People may get stuck in following the Word of God, discouraged by a series of adverse circumstances, but a strong helper, someone with the spiritual gift of helping, can turn things around by saying just the right thing.

They are able to act promptly, proving help just when it is needed. They are not burdened by procrastination, but instead are eager to advance God’s work as quickly as possible.

You may have the spiritual gift of helping if you have these characteristics. You understand that by expressing this gift you are not only enriching the lives of others but also becoming all that God wants you to be in your own life, too. Ultimately, then, the spiritual gift of helping is all about serving God’s kingdom here on earth. This role of service on behalf of God’s will on earth require humility, courage, patience, and endurance. The spiritual gift of helping requires that you nourish your faith in the Lord to help you to help others in their time of great stress and unexpected troubles.

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  • Vetrica Young

    Reply Reply November 7, 2017

    Thank you for clarifying what I thought was my gift.

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