The Spiritual Gift Of Leadership

The Spiritual Gift Of Leadership

If you are one of those rare individuals with the spiritual gift of leadership, you are most likely to be loyal, determined, and decisive. You are also likely to be someone who can assume responsibility with humility. Yet, at the same time, this humility does not prevent you from having enough initiative to insist in an orderly progression of changes in the organization that you serve.

You understand something that is often missed by people who perceive spiritual character as demanding a meek disposition: that God created the universe to be orderly and he imbued human beings with an appreciation for order, organization, harmony, and balance.

If you have the spiritual gift of leadership, you may have some, or all, the following qualities:

1. You see the big picture and can leap to the end result. Rather than being mired in the details, you see where ideas and organizational plans are going. You can assess consequences long before any action has been taken.

2. You are able to appreciate what psychologists call “chunking,” the mental ability to see the parts that make up the whole. You not only discern the parts and how they fit together, but you are also able to project a meaningful plan to reach a desired goal.

3. You are eager to start, even if it means you have to take the first step. You are not hampered by procrastination, over-caution, or analysis-paralysis, but are able to take decisive action.

4. You are able to quickly assess available resources, as well as figure out how to get more resources should you need them. Setting goals, making plans, and following through come easily to you.

5. You are wise in delegation, able to discern the talents of those in your group and distribute tasks accordingly. Understanding that God is your source of wisdom, you do not have any inclination to assume excessive control of people or resources.

Finally, besides these rare qualities, if you have the spiritual gift of leadership, you are also able to handle adversity, opposition, and even contention, taking criticism in your stride, and using both negative and positive feedback to fine-tune your plans. You know that the Lord will see your plans through no matter how difficult things may seem as you strive to meet your goals and so you can cast aside human doubt and despair. When God is for you, then who can be against you?