The Spiritual Gift Of Mercy

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If you are someone who has the spiritual gift of mercy, you are probably inclined to be gentle, yielding, and sacrificial. You are most likely to be attentive to the needs of others and sensitive to their limitations and challenges. In all your dealings, you try to be fair, as well as express compassion for the struggles that others experience in life.

People perceive you as someone with a big heart, someone they can trust, someone who will listen to their woes. You are the epitome of kindness and grace. Like the apostle John, you recognize that love is the glue that holds the universe together and you always remember that one of Jesus’ commandments was for us to love one another.

If you have the spiritual gift of mercy, you may have some, or all, the following qualities:

1. You are able to quickly discern how others are doing, often reading people’s equanimity or distress, joy or despair at a glance. You are excellent at discerning the emotions people feel, even during those times when they are in denial about how bad things have become for them.

2. You feel as if you were the other, understanding what they are going through because of your power to feel empathy and sympathy. In a world where many people have become numbed out due to the prolific nature of bad news broadcast by the media, you remain sensitive to the suffering of others.

3. You are eager to help, to do something that will ease the pain and suffering that others are going through. You have no patience with judging, condemning, or gossiping about others. Instead, you want to help, to heal, to make a positive difference as quickly as you can.

4. You are tactful about what you say, knowing that harsh words can sting like blows. You are keen to avoid hurting other people’s feelings by making callous comments or even making jokes at their expense.

5. You recognize that unconditional love was the real message of Jesus’ life and you try your best to open up your heart, even when you detect the hypocrisy or insensitivity of others.

If you are someone with this gift, this spiritual gift of mercy, your life is not an easy one; it requires that you be steadfast in your faith that the Lord will provide. You enjoy the company of those who are determined to make a positive difference in the world and often spend a great deal of time doing volunteer work to help others better their lot in life.