The Spiritual Gift Of Prophecy

The Spiritual Gift Of Prophecy

The spiritual gift of prophecy may very well be the rarest gift of all. If you have this gift, you are someone who tends to be both charismatic and persuasive because you love to speak the truth, often to the extent of being willing to personally suffer in your desire to champion what is right.

Sometimes you may be mistaken for someone who has the spiritual gift of leadership, but what makes the spiritual gift of prophecy different is that while you may be passionate about what you are doing, wise in the ways that motivate people, and good with words, your main focus is not organization but speaking and proclaiming the truth.

It’s important to note that the gift of prophecy does not necessarily mean the ability to predict the future for God’s ways are past finding out. Thus, this gift is more likely to be an ability to discern trends and discuss how things are emerging based on your own Biblical scholarship.

If you have the spiritual gift of prophecy, you may have some, or all, the following qualities:

1. You are easy with words, able to speak in a clear, eloquent, and precise way. You can express subtle ideas in a way that makes sense to modern people. You not only speak out, but speak in a way that can be understood.

2. You are an excellent judge of character. Your ability to discern the Word of God as written in the Bible also extends to understanding the character of men and women in the flesh. People, to use a metaphor, are often an open book to you.

3. You are naturally courageous. You are not inhibited when you see the truth and are willing to express it even when it is not to your advantage to lay things out in the open where all can see it. You believe in the power of telling the truth because you understand that even euphemisms tend to confuse and confound and lead to lies and betrayal of trust.

4. You are humble, willing to accept your own errors, and when God reveals your shortcomings to you, you do not try to hide this from the world. This gift of being amenable to correction allows you to grow more rapidly than others who squander their time in denial.

5. You are loyal in many ways, trusting in the Word of God and in your Christian faith, and this makes you open to correction should you err in your judgments about anything.

This rare and wonderful gift of prophecy is often expressed by those with a keen mind, an open heart, and an ability to understand how the world works and what the Bible teaches about proper conduct in life.