The Spiritual Gift Of Teaching

Spiritual Gift Of Teaching

If you have a strong desire to present truth in a way that other people can understand clearly, then you may have the spiritual gift of teaching.

Those who have this gift enjoy doing research, including validating the authenticity of the source of their information. Besides a great delight in doing research work, natural teachers assiduously avoid using illustrations that are not from the Bible. Additionally, since the truth is often subject to misinterpretations, they are also extremely patient about clarifying misunderstandings.

The spiritual gift of teaching requires a deep concern for the accuracy with which the word of God is taught. Accuracy is essential for the truth to be passed on from one generation to the next in a meaningful way, a way that provides wisdom and understanding. When truth is taught, the lives of those who hear it are transformed by its rejuvenating power.

Simply being a teacher does not mean that one has the spiritual gift of teaching. After all, a Sunday school teacher may be teaching children out of compassion. They are motivated by a different gift—the gift of mercy and compassion. Similarly, other teachers may have a desire to educate that is not motivated by a search for truth but for achieving some other social good.

7 Characteristics Here are seven characteristics of those who have a natural love for researching and presenting the Word of God:

1. They like to teach sequentially, with one idea following another in a logical way, a way that Luke called giving an “orderly account.”

2. They like to choose just the right words to express their ideas.

3. They like to research all their information before presenting it.

4. They like to know their subject thoroughly.

5. They like to acquire new knowledge and offer a new understanding based on accurate interpretation.

6. They like to be clear about the difference between facts, similes, metaphors, and practical principles.

7. They like to build upon their initial teachings by providing well-researched information that offers an even deeper insight into the truths that they are presenting.

Champions of the Truth

Finally, those who have this gift of teaching also have a strong desire to champion truth even when it is not popular or convenient to speak about it; in other words they have the courage of their convictions because everything they say is based on truth.