What Would Happen In Your City If You Had A Proven Plan To Reach Lost People?

Watch the video now to discover the 3 simple steps you can take to build the church you were born to lead.

  • How A "Whole Church Discipleship" Model is the cure for a declining church
  • Why you must stop doing ministry alone
  • The fastest way to build the teams that will grow your church

If You're A Pastor With A Declining Congregation Keep Reading....

There’s something special in the air when two great pastors with often differing opinions can come together in total agreement on the way to run their church.

It’s something that’s been gaining momentum over the last 8 years because it’s been working for churches of all denominations in regions all over the US.

It’s something that is restoring hope to pastors and bringing communities together in a way that hasn’t been seen in America since the 1960’s.

It’s something that’s available to you, and it’s not going to cost your church money you don’t have.

If Your Church Is Declining…
You’re Not Alone

Of course you're never really alone – God is always with you.

But sometimes, when you look out at your sanctuary and not many faces are looking back at you, it’s easy to feel like you’re failing.

The sad thing is that this trend is becoming more and more common.

All across America, the last 40 years have been marked by a steady decline in the amount of people regularly coming to church.

Pastors everywhere are struggling……

Which means you’ve got less resources…….

Which means you’re reaching even fewer people.

Grow Your Church Without
Breaking The Bank

Check in now to see if any of the following situations are similar to your own…

  • You currently have 200 people in your church. That might not seem too bad until you look back at the attendance when your church was at its peak. You know if something doesn’t change, the next 5 years will kill your church.
  • Your church is large enough to have too much work for you to do alone, but not large enough to hire some real help. Resources are thin (as they are everywhere) and it’s overwhelming taking care of everything now – let alone focusing on growing the church.
  • You feel the culture at your church is becoming one of death and not life. The biggest swell in attendance happens at Christmas or Easter, and you only wish people would attend at other times so you give them real hope instead of just a religion aspirin.
  • The number drop is starting to make you lose faith in your ability to lead. Surely, if they liked what they were hearing – they’d come, but other commitments tend to take importance for your church members.
  • You’ve been to a whole range of different church boosting seminars. You’ve read books and studied on how to grow your congregation, but so far, the only constant at the three churches you’ve led is YOU, and you’re starting to wonder if it’s all been worth it. Or, if you were even “called” to ministry at all.

You Feel Hopeless, But Admitting It Seems Like A Lack Of Faith

Leadership is a challenge that’s been given to you by God, but that doesn’t make it an easy path to walk.

There are times when you fail to understand why things are the way they are. There are times when you need to surrender, and trust and there are times of great loneliness.

If you’ve found yourself in prayer over the lack of attendance at your church, then I have some good news for you.

The time for change is here, and the time for decline is over. There’s something very real and tangible I’ve discovered that can help you to restore your church to numbers that you likely haven’t seen in your career.

Start Dreaming Again.......Picture Yourself Standing In Front Of A Large Community Of Excited & Passionate Members

Just imagine it, how would it feel to be busy and to feel alive with God’s message again? To look out and see people laughing and smiling and connecting with what you’re saying?

  • Looking outside to find the parking lot full.
  • Realising you need to order triple the amount of coffee.
  • Seeing the children’s ministry full to overflowing.
  • Having extra money at the end of the month.
  • New friendships being made between church members.
  • Hearing stories of true life change.
  • Leaders from other churches asking your advice about growing their churches.
  • Seeing people greet each other with love and building community.
  • Knowing you’re doing what you were put on this earth to do.
  • Reaching the people God created you to reach.

Sound Crazy?
You Can Double Your Church In Just 24 Months!

Welcome to 24toDouble

Leaders across the country are calling it a church operating system – an online program that teaches you to strategically double your attendance in less than two years without using up financial resources you don’t have.

It’s delivered in monthly modules to step-by-step guide you through the process, and it has been working for churches of every denomination across America.

How Do I Know? I’ve Watched It Happen.

My name is Jerry Lawson - I’m the Pastor of Daystar Church in Cullman, AL.Jerry Lawson Lead Pastor Daystar Church

In 2006, I hired Dr. Owen Weston. He’s the founder of the 24toDouble model.

The 24toDouble model revolutionized my congregation allowing me to grow it from 250 people to over 650 people.

We now average 2,400 on Sundays because of the 24toDouble process. (That’s not our Easter attendance, but our Average Weekly Attendance.)

When I first took this church, my denominational leader told me that this would be a good place for me to get some experience, but it wasn't a long-term home.

That was 13 years ago.  Now we're launching another campus to deal with our space issues.

Seeing The Success At My Church Inspired Me To Take This Program Nationwide

So I made an investment and purchased the rights to the 24toDouble process from Dr. Owen Weston. Together, we began to do live trainings every month and trained over 400 churches. Leaders from all over the country were driving or flying in for a one-day meeting each month.

It felt like we were doing some real good until I saw the costs these leaders were outlaying to come along.

It was then I realized that I needed to do something to reach more churches in a way that was affordable.

For many leaders, a lack of financial resources is the only thing standing in the way of progress, so I didn’t want that to stop anyone from having access to the program.

That’s when we decided to bring the conference to you instead of bringing you to the conference.

What’s In Store For Your Church With The 24toDouble Program?

Most church growth resources are specifically for the pastor. 24toDouble is for the entire church community. I call it a “Whole Church Discipleship” model.

The first thing I ask you to do is to call a meeting. Too many pastors tend to do it all because they’re the one’s getting paid. I’m anti the pastor “doing it all”. And, I’m going to show you another way that is more successful than anything I’ve seen.

Doing more isn’t scalable. Doing less by getting people to help in areas where they are gifted and passionate is scalable, and it inspires people to get on board and become part of the community.

Most churches are stuck for a reason. By inspiring church members, we teach them to not only join the teams that will get your church unstuck, but to lead them. This is an end-to-end solution for church growth.

24toDouble Will:

  • Train your team and ignite their passion for personal ministry.
  • Create church staff who feel supported and re-motivated.
  • Grow your church with more people, more love and more God in the house.
  • Give you, the lead pastor, renewed hope that your church can reach new people.
  • Help you ensuring the security of the church for future generations.
  • Break down the wall of being inward focused.
  • Turn your church into a magnet for young families.
  • Show you the pleasure of generating more funds and achieving goals.
  • Create margin for you to live in your strengths.
  • Increase the annual giving in your church.
  • Help you build the ministry you were created to lead!

24toDouble Will Help You Build
The Church You Were Meant to Lead

We’ll teach you how to:

Re-Engergize Your Vision With Your Team.....

Hold Big Events to get un-churched people onto your campus.....

Build 7 Teams Using the “5 Fold Ministry” model.....

24toDouble Helps You Build 7 Teams
Based On The 5 Fold Ministry Principle

  • Team 1: Outreach
    The sole purpose of this team is to engage your community and find new ways to get people to visit your church. Imagine new people showing up to your church every week and someone else made it happen.
  • Team 2: WOW
    This team’s purpose in life is to make people feel like they’re right at home in your church. From the parking lot to the pew, from the front door to the nursery, these people serve to make sure every first experience is an excellent one.
  • Team 3: Shock & Awe
    Your focus on Sunday morning has to be on what God has called you to hear not how it’s being heard. This team is responsible for preparing the environment for worship. Leaders on this team organize everything from facility care to lighting, technology and drama.
  • Team 4: Worship
    The right leaders on this team make sure that the worship is relevant to the message and prepares your members and visitors for the message.
  • Team 5: Follow Up
    One of the most overlooked teams in the church is the team responsible for getting people to return after a visit. This team focuses on reaching out to answer any questions visitors have and make them feel welcome to return.
  • Team 6: Children
    Children’s ministry is the lifeblood of the church. This team focuses on preparing the next generation of Christians through vibrant children’s ministry.
  • Team 7: Small Groups
    Everyone wants community with other people at similar life stages. This team’s focus is to involve everyone from Jr. High to Senior adults in active community groups or Sunday school classes.

2 Ways To Invest

Silver Membership

With the Silver Membership you get immediate access to:

  • Module 0 (Course Overview)
  • Module 1
  • 24toDouble Labs ($299 value)
  • Bonus Webinars
  • Monthly Q&A Files ($97 Value / Month)
  • 8 Free Sermon Series (34 Messages $599 Value)
  • Facebook Members Page

The Silver Membership is great for churches who want to take their church carefully through the process step by step. The investment for the silver membership is just $99 per month for 24 Months.  (total Investment of $2,376)

$99 / Mo
Try It For Just $7

Gold Membership

With the Gold Membership you get immediate access to

  • Module 0 Overview
  • Modules 1-24 (All Access)
  • 24toDouble Labs
  • Webinars
  • Monthly Q&A Files
  • 8 Free Sermon Series (34 Messages)
  • Facebook Members Page

The Gold Membership is great for churches who want to move quickly through the step by step process. The investment for the 24toDouble Gold Membership is $299 per month for 6 months (total investment of $1,794) You save 25% over the silver membership:

$299 / Mo
Try It For Just $7

Special Message From Lead Pastor &
24toDouble Trainer Jerry Lawson

People Are Talking
And Here’s What They’re Saying.

Malcolm Carter III, Temple Baptist Church

"In a Matter of 17 months our church went from 350 to over 800 (Now over 1,700) and even more importantly the involvement level of our people increased dramatically. The excitement level in our leadership about getting people involved and getting them into areas of their giftedness has completely changed the landscape of our church. We are forever more grateful to the team at 24toDouble. "

Joey Elsky , Lead Pastor Prattville, Alabama

We grew our church from 60 to 1,200 in seven years using 24 to Double.

Steve Brown , Director of Evangelism, North Georgia

I’ve used 24 to Double in Georgia and every church that faithfully applied the program has doubled in size.

Michael Shreve, Mountain West Church Of God

Since we started the journey with 24toDouble our church has more than doubled. We went from and average of 160 to 382. We have more people involved in ministry than we’ve ever had before who are finding their purpose and passion and it’s been absolutely incredible!

Dr. Gary Sands , Lead Pastor Dallas, Texas

We just started 24 to Double a few months ago and we have increased our attendance by over 50%, particularly using the big events component.

Jerry Lawson , Daystar Church Cullman, Alabama

We have more than doubled our weekly worship attendance, from 800 in the Fall of 2008 to 2,400 in the Fall of 2014, using 24 to Double.

Joey Turman , Lead Pastor Mobile, Alabama

In just one year, Pathway has grown by 50% from 600 to 900 worshipers in attendance using 24 to Double.

24toDouble Has Worked In Too
Many Places To Think It Wont Work For You!

It’s time to join us by clicking through to one of the $7 trial links below.

[Join the mission to restore church to our communities.]

This way you can get a taste of what’s involved and introduce your ideas to the community before making the commitment to the whole program.

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Can I Upgrade To A Gold Membership After I Register?

YES. You can upgrade to a Gold Membership at anytime during the 24toDouble process.  If you decide to upgrade during the first 60 days of membership we'll credit your gold membership for the payment(s) you've already made.

Am I Committed To The Entire 24toDouble Process & All The Payments?

NO.  You can cancel your 24toDouble membership at any time during the 24 month process and you'll immediately stop being charged. We're looking for Pastors and Churches who are really ready to engage a process that will grow their church.  If you aren't sure you're ready for the process we don't want you to pay for it.

Can I Share Access To The Site With Members Of My Church?

YES.  In fact we encourage it.  Once the process begins you'll rarely have everyone present in your group meetings.  You can share access to the membership site by giving your team the login information.  We only ask that you limit the sharing to your own church.

Can I Download The Video To Watch Offline?

NO.  Unfortunately our licensing agreements only permit use of the content in a digital format delivered through the site.  The video can't be downloaded or offered for sale in DVD format.

How Long Is Each Module?

48 minutes on average.  There is also a gear icon on the bottom right of the training video so you can adjust it to 2 times speed and shrink your prep time.

What Comes With Each Module?

Each module comes with the video of the module, the power point presentation of that module, and a handout for your team (Although it saves trees to email the .pdf to your team)

How Does The 24toDouble Guarantee Work?

60 Day Money Back Guarantee: The 60 Day Guarantee is a "No Questions Asked" guarantee.  If you try 24toDouble for 60 days and for any reason decide it isn't for your church we'll refund your entire investment.

24 Month Guarantee: The 24toDouble 24 Month Guarantee works like this.  

If you engage the 24toDouble process by 1. Reviewing the modules with your team. 2. Implementing the big event strategy 3. Putting the teams in place, and you aren't satisfied with your results after completing the 2 year process, we'll refund your investment.  

This is the "Some Questions Asked" guarantee.  You'll need to provide documentation of your effort with the big events you've held and the teams you've developed along with an explanation of why you are requesting a refund.  You can find additional information here.

<< $7 - 15 Day Trial >>